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Use Fynzo online survey builder just the way you want them!

Create personalised surveys with Fynzo online survey maker. Browse through the vast collection of ready-to-use survey templates and customise it as per your need for higher response rates!

Easily implement jump logic

Now respondents won't have to skip irrelevant questions because with this feature - they won't see it in the first place!

Personalise your survey

Put your company's logo and customise your background image with the design tool on Fynzo online survey software

Select from 20+ question types

Select the question types which best suits your need.Fynzo free online survey tool also provides location & audio recording type questions

Distribute surveys to get quality responses

Circulate the surveys you created with this online survey builder. Distribute it among your target audience via different channels.

Analyse Survey Results

Now you can receive insighful real-time reports for all your survey types. View powerful statistical reports in rich graphical formats with the help of this online survey maker.

Export Reports

Download survey results in multipl-formats like XLSX, PDF, SPSS from this survey software

Share Reports

Share your real-time survey results and encourage your staffs & teammates to take action.

Schedule Reports on emails.

Receive timely data by scheduling your survey reports on multiple emails.

Fynzo Survey Creator Exclusive Features!

Enhance your survey building experience with Fynzo Survey’s unique offerings.

Available on Android, iOS, & Web

Create a survey , distribute with audiences, analyze results on multiple platforms anytime, anywhere. Collect responses with App even without internet only through Fynzo online survey creator.

Easily implement jump logic

With Fynzo Survey's jump logic feature, you can draft smarter questionnaires. Ask more personalised questions, skipping irrelevant ones.

24 X 7 Support

Stuck with somethings? Have a quick question? Fynzo's awesome support teams are available round the clock.

500+ Survey Templates

Enjoy the vast collection of survey teamplates. Select the template which best suits your need & complete your survey building process within few minutes.

100% Secure Data

Data security is our top most priority. With Fynzo online survey creator, you don’t need to be worried about the security of user data; it gets the best care.

Easy Integrations

Integrate easily with the apps you love: Google Sheet, Slack, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Zaper etc. With Fynzo free online survey tool make surveys that automate your work-flow and eases your decision making.

Essential Tips On Creating Surveys That Deliver

We have put together a few points- to keep in mind while designing and sending your surveys for observing a spike in your response rates.
Keep it short

Focus on the main goal of your survey while composing the questions on this survey creator. Include only those questions which are absolutely necessary. Keep it short, simple, and to the point.

Provide incentives

Adding gift cards, discounts and many other benefits will make your customers take up your survey. Make sure that the reward is of significance to the target age group.

Make it sound personal

Try adding a personal touch to your survey invite by mentioning the respondent's first name. It makes your receiver feel more acknowledged and they would take out some time to read what the company has to say.

Offer a survey through multiple channels

With Fynzo online survey software, you can broadcast your surveys via email & texts. Try attaching your surveys on your social media sites or embed them into various marketing pages for more views. When your target audience sees it the second time they would be reminded to fill it up.

500+ Survey Templates

Enjoy the vast collection of survey teamplates. Select the template which best suits your need & complete your survey building process within few minutes.

100% Secure Data

Data security is our top most priority. With Fynzo online survey creator, you don’t need to be worried about the security of user data; it gets the best care.

One Survey Maker - Multiple Solutions!

Fynzo Survey’s customised solutions pave the path for the ultimate survey building experience.

An ideal survey maker for healthcare industry

Send out hospital surveys and patient feedback forms for meeting the fast paced needs of the health care industry.Schedule appointments, monitor progress of your patients and maintain patient data in one place for better healthcare outcomes.

An ideal survey creator for retail industry

Increase your customer retention rates and brand recognition by sending out customer satistfaction surveys.Gather powerful insights on your service and products and strive towards an overall brand improvement with this free online survey maker.

An ideal survey builder for market research industry
Market Research

Explore and analyse your target market for making impactful decisions. Figure out where you stand and keep up with the changing needs of your customers with this free online survey tool.

An ideal survey maker for hospitality industry
Hospitality & Travels

Deliver a world class holiday experience that your customers will never forget with the help of clients satisfaction surveys and online reviews. Get to know their preferences better.

An ideal survey creator for education industry

Encourage student and teacher feedback for improved educational outcomes. Access the quality of your employees frequently and boost your student engagement rates with Fynzo survey creator.

An ideal survey builder for event industry
Event Planning

Ensure the success of your event by getting to know your attendees expectations before hand. Gather insightful feedback from your guests post-event and maintain your brand image.

Fynzo free online survey builder brings a number of pre-designed survey templates to look out for

Customer Survey

You can get the feedback of customers through the questions given in the templates that let customers give their views by rating on the different aspects of the store.

Hospital Survey

Hospital feedback is the questionnaire given to the patients who have enjoyed the service of the hospital and about the medicine and doctors.

Restaurant Customer Survey

Restaurant customer feedback forms are the ones that collect feedback on food, atmosphere and more.

Hotel Guest Survey

There are a lot of aspects in hotel services on which feedback can be collected from people who have stayed in the hotel.

Automobile Cleaning Survey

This question template concerns servicing of automobiles of the customers.

Salon Customer Survey

Customers can be asked questions or views on the hair and makeup services offered by the salon.

Frequently Asked Questions on Survey Maker

To collect insightful feedback from your customers, online survey maker software is the best option for you. Here actionable data is collected with the help of online surveys or forms. Most survey maker provides a collection of readymade templates that can be used to create surveys in a short span of time.

From traditional research methods like typing out questions on a document and asking people to fill them out, the survey maker has evolved a lot. They are faster and take less time to create. Online questionnaires are a cheaper alternative, easy to analyze, and more accurate. It also increases your survey completion rates as it becomes easier for your customers to fill out.

Fynzo Survey Maker is not just a survey maker but an exclusive survey experience. It’s an advanced yet simple survey maker which helps you build personalized surveys in minutes. The online survey builder comes with powerful features like skip logic, ready-made survey templates, themes and many more.You gather actionable insights by sharing survey on every possible device. Data security is the top-most priority of Fynzo and with this survey maker, you don’t need to think twice about data collection from customers all over the globe.

With Fynzo Survey Maker you can easily create surveys in a matter of a few minutes. This is because of the presence of many survey templates, question types, advanced features, and customization options. Create online surveys just the way you want and share them through multiple channels like social media, email, SMS, or even via QR codes. After receiving feedback you can even analyze the responses with the help of reports and download them in multiple formats.

Just follow these simple steps:
1. Login to your very own Fynzo account.
2. Click on “Create New Survey” on the dashboard.
3. Enter a Form Name of your choice and press submit.
4. Click on “Add New Questions” to add a question to the survey.
5. Mix and match the type of questions like MCQ, NPS ranking, text, etc according to your needs.
6. Flip over the “Required” button if the question is compulsory.
7. Submit your form to save the question.
8. Add more questions on the subsequent page.
9. After you are done adding questions, share your survey on social media channels, by email, SMS, or through QR codes.

If you want to accept payments through surveys, payment type question is available. You need to add payment type question in the survey and respondents can take your survey and make credit card or internet banking payments.

Fynzo online survey maker offers a 14-day free trial where no credit card information is required. Apart from that, its paid plans, (when billed yearly) are:
Starter plan- $19/month
Standard plan- $32/month
Premium- $79/month

View full pricing here.

Yes, you need to have an account for creating surveys here. Sign up with your Gmail,Facebook or via email to enjoy the advanced survey experience offered by our survey maker.

Many customization options are available with Fynzo Survey Maker. Pictures and videos can be added to the question along with text.

Yes, of course. After you finish creating your survey, you can preview it by opening the survey url in browser. You can make changes to your surveys if you don’t like what you are seeing.

See Survey Creator in Action!

No credit card required. No String Attached. Book a demo.

See Survey Maker in Action!

No credit card required. Book a demo