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What is Fynzo survey software and why you should use it?

Fynzo survey software unique features!

Make the survey your own with Fynzo online survey software.

Customize your survey with your logo and background image on Fynzo survey software

Personalize your survey

Select the survey type which best suits your needs. Embed your company’s logo and customize it with the design tool as per your needs. This online survey software also gives you the feature of inculcating location & audio recording type questions in your survey.

Share and collect data

Use different distribution channels to float the survey among your target audience in order to receive quality response. For instance, you can float surveys across different social media sites, through emails, SMS, QR code or embed them on websites. 

With Fynzo survey software share your survey across platforms
Use Fynzo software for surveys to analyze the responses

Analyse Results

With the help of Fynzo online survey software, you can generate highly integrated statistical reports along with rich graphical insights. You can share real-time reports and have them downloaded in multiple formats like XLSX, PDF and SPSS. You can also receive timely data by scheduling your survey reports on multiple emails.

Easily Implement Jump Logic

Having irrelevant questions can be irritating and time-consuming but this feature of Fynzo online survey software will help you with both as respondents will not be able to see any irrelevant information in the first place.

Apply skip logic with Fynzo survey software
Fynzo NPS Software integrates with multitude of apps

Easy Integration

You can easily integrate your surveys across various apps like Google Sheets, Slack, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Zapier, etc., as per your preference. 

Available on Android, iOS, and web

Create surveys, distribute to audiences, and analyze results on multiple platforms anytime, anywhere. Not only this, but Fynzo online survey software also gives you the feature of collecting data without any internet connectivity.

Use Fynzo survey software across platforms

One survey software with multiple survey tools

Be thorough with the audience

For any data collection and analysis, the first and foremost step is to know your target audience. The more thorough and aware you are of your audience, the more customizable surveys you can make and the better quality data you will receive.

Highlight customer’s incentive

Nothing comes for free is a very old saying and it is applicable for surveys also. While filling out a survey, a person will be spending his/her time. They will not give a thought to your survey if they do not see any incentives for responding to the survey.

Keep it concise

Do not include irrelevant or unnecessary questions in your survey. Keep your survey short and to the point. Following this practice will ensure that the customer does not lose interest in the incentive.

Be attentive with survey design

Make sure to design your survey keeping the target audience and the purpose of the survey in mind. For a formal survey or elderly age group, keep your survey proper, and to collect data for an informal event or from students you can customize your survey to have an informal tone using Fynzo survey tool.

Use tools like Likert scale, NPS software

To accurately gauge the intensity of your audience towards the survey topic, use tools like the Likert scale, NPS software, etc. These Fynzo survey tools can help you get an in-depth insight into how your audience feels without asking open-ended questions.

Time your survey delivery

Presenting your survey in front of your customer at the right time is very crucial as it will increase the chances of more people giving their feedback. Along with the right time frame chosen by you to deliver the survey, also consider the customer’s preference on the best time to send the survey.

Test your surveys

Everyone is different and so are their preferences. In order to know in what ways your audience is responding more, create multiple surveys and float them across to know which survey design is getting you the best response. You can customize accordingly with the help of Fynzo survey tool.

Choose the right distribution medium

When collecting data from surveys, we believe that floating it across as many platforms as possible will help us collect more data but that is not ture. In Fact such practices can have a bad impact on your brand image. Just like your target audience, you also need to choose the best medium to reach your target audience.

One Survey Tool - Multiple Solutions!

Fynzo Survey’s customized solutions pave the path for the ultimate survey building experience.

An ideal online survey maker for healthcare industry

Send out hospital surveys and patient feedback forms to meet the fast-paced needs of the healthcare industry. Schedule appointments, monitor progress of your patients and maintain patient data in one place for better healthcare outcomes.

An ideal survey creator for retail industry

Increase your customer retention rates and brand recognition by sending out customer satisfaction surveys. Gather powerful insights on your service and products and strive towards an overall brand improvement with this free online survey maker.

An ideal survey builder for market research
Market Research

Explore and analyze your target market for making impactful decisions. Figure out where you stand in comparison to your competitors and keep up with the ever changing needs of your customers with this free online survey maker.

An ideal survey maker for hospitality industry
Hospitality & Travels

Deliver a world class holiday experience that your customers will never forget with the help of clients satisfaction surveys and online reviews. Get to know their preferences better.

An ideal survey creator for education industry

Encourage student and teacher feedback for improved educational outcomes. Access the quality of your employees frequently and boost your student engagement rates with Fynzo survey maker.

An ideal survey creator for Event Planning
Event Planning

Ensure the success of your event by getting to know your attendees expectations before hand. Gather insightful feedback from your guests post-event and maintain your brand image.

Create surveys online using the Fynzo survey app

Easily create surveys of your own, distribute them, collect responses and analyze them in rich graphical formats, all on Fynzo online survey app.

  • Create surveys in your native language
  • Customize your survey by adding logo and background image
  • Modify surveys and collect responses even in offline mode
  • Available on both Android and iOS

Frequently Asked Questions on Survey Software

Online survey software not only collects valuable information but also gives you the benefit of organizing and interpreting the data. It also gives you ready made survey designs which saves you the time to make a new survey.

A very important purpose for using online surveys is to save time. With various survey tools and customisation options, one can save ample amounts of time and can get work done in the most efficient manner.

Using online surveys is extremely easy and time saving. You just have to create a survey as per your need then distribute it among your target audience. Once the data collection is done, you can analyse the data and interpret the result.

Fynzo is one of the most popular free online survey software and is extremely easy to use. It provides you ready to use surveys which are also customizable as per your own needs. Along with this it has some exclusive features which makes it one of the best survey software available. 

Creating online surveys with Fynzo Survey Software is very easy. You just have to follow mentioned simple steps and your survey is ready in no time.

  1. Login to your Fynzo account.
  2. On the dashboard, click on ‘Create New Survey’.
  3. Search for your survey type and press submit.
  4. You can choose from a ready to use survey or click on “Add New Questions” to add a question to the survey.
  5. Mix and match the type of questions according to your needs.
  6. Flip over the “Required” button if the question is compulsory.
  7. Submit your form to save the question.
  8. Once you finish making the survey, share it across multiple social media channels and in various format like email, SMS, or through QR codes

Fynzo Survey Tool is the best option available for any kind of research work. It saves your time by giving you ready to use survey options which you can customize as per your requirement. Not only this, for each response collected it gives you a real time analysis of the responses and gives you a report in the form of picturization which is easy to understand and interpret. You can always customize your survey format as well as the form in which you want your analysis.

You can use Fynzo survey tool free of cost during the initial 14-day trial period, post which the survey software is subject to charges, based on the plan- Starter, standard or premium, you choose.

Every survey software has its own features. Fynzo as a survey tool offers features which are exclusive and are only available with Fynzo. Some of the features offered are- 

  1. sharing surveys across multiple platforms and in multiple formats with a single click
  2. automated response to respondent on filling out survey
  3. notifies on each new survey response
  4. seamless integration across apps and operating systems
  5. Can also function in offline mode
  6. gives you the option of scheduling surveys and collaborating with your team.

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