Salon Customer Survey Template

Salon services can be thought of as a small service and conducting surveys for it might seem a little weird but having customer insight about your product/services is important for all levels of businesses. Conducting customer salon surveys makes your customer feel taken care of. Also, conducting customer salon surveys will give you insight about your customers on which you can reflect and improve if needed. Timely conducting customer salon surveys and working on the grey areas can work wonders in turning one time customer into a lifetime customer and in keeping existing customers happy. Using customer salon survey templates can be very useful for such a task as you need not think about what you should or shouldn’t be asking your customers. Also customer salon surveys come with added benefits which can be really useful at the time of need.

Benefits of using salon customer survey template

  1. The customer salon survey questions in the template contain quality questions as they are made after doing extensive customer research.
  2. Using the customer salon survey questions in the template saves you ample amount of time as you need not worry about what will be relevant or irrelevant for your customer salon survey.
  3. The customer salon survey questions give you on point quality data that can make a huge difference in enhancing your business.

Touchpoints for data collection:

  1. At the billing counter you can ask customers to fill out the customer salon survey questions.
  2. You can send your survey link on their registered number along with the thank you message.
  3. You can send thank you emails to customers along with embedded restaurant survey questions.
  4. If you have an app for your salon or is affiliated to any such service provider, you can share the customer salon service there once the service is finished.
  5. You can stick QR code of your customer salon survey at every service counter and if feasible can ask customers to fill it while you finish your task.

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