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Enterprise Survey Software

Importance of Enterprise Survey Software

The activities that go on in an enterprise on a daily level is far beyond one’s imagination and so are the entities involved in those activities. For any enterprise to function at an optimized level it becomes very important to have track of satisfaction of every entity involved at every touch point of the enterprise. To have all the reports and data collection in a timely and organized manner, we use Enterprise survey software. These software comes in very handy to have all enterprise data organized in a place and that too in a very secure manner.

Exclusive features offered by Fynzo Enterprise Survey Software

Along with various features offered by Fynzo survey which are generic in nature, there are some features which are exclusive to the enterprise survey software. These features can make your work with collecting enterprise data more convenient, secure and organized.

Smart Survey Creation

There are multiple surveys taken in and around an enterprise. Each survey has its own root cause and based on that root cause the time for collecting each survey differs. Fynzo survey makes work extremely easy for survey conducting teams by having already set up enterprise survey questionnaires.

One place billing

Fynzo enterprise survey software is extremely fair in its pricing policy. For each root cause of survey conducting in an enterprise, our software does not charge its user individually. Rather, it has one place billing for all of the multiple users of this software across the enterprise.

Meets all compliance standards

Data collection is an extremely sensitive topic and a slight mistake here and there can run an enterprise into a huge trouble. Fynzo enterprise survey software collects data in the most well protected manner and is compliant with all laws like CCPA, in and around data collection policy.

Provides API services

Fynzo as an enterprise understands certain concerns of an enterprise and therefore provides an API for its software which lets an enterprise conduct a survey on their own by just mentioning that the service is provided by a third party, which in this case is Fynzo survey.

Provides Single Sign-On (SSO) option

To make things easily accessible and less messy Fynzo enterprise survey software provides you the feature of Single sign on option which lets you access to all the services, data and analysis from a single set of credentials.

Smartly organized data

Fynzo smartly sorts, filters and organizes data which makes the data look more clean and easily readable by just having a glance at the same. This software also generates reports in graphical format for easy visualization which can be further shared across your enterprise.

Advanced data reports

All surveys are conducted for a reason and all the data collected will only be useful when one can infer something useful from the same. Fynzo enterprise survey software gives users the benefit of not only basic reports but advanced level reports and powerful analytics which are inferred from this software itself by digging deep into the data after collecting it.

Real time survey schedulers

In an everyday busy schedule, one can easily miss out the timeline to float a survey to the employees across the enterprise which can reduce an enterprise's performance. Fynzo enterprise survey software not only sends timely reminders when the time to float a survey is around, if given permission, this software can float the survey timely on your behalf.

Provides business solution

Fynzo enterprise survey software is built on an advanced technology which gives you the benefit of having ready made business solutions by looking and analyzing the data which is all done by this robust software itself. You can test and try the business solution inferred by the enterprise survey software or you can choose to discard the same.

Common features available on Fynzo Enterprise Survey Software

Apart from all the exclusive features offered by Fynzo enterprise survey software, there are many features which are common across all the survey software that Fynzo offers in its role as a form creator, survey maker, NPS software or a feedback tool. All these common features can also be found and used in enterprise survey software.

SurveyMonkey alternative - Fynzo Survey


This means that all the survey templates provided in enterprise survey tool can be customized as per your requirement or can be used as it is.

Full time support service

Fynzo enterprise survey tool provides customers with 24*7 customer support service for seamless conduction of surveys, collection of data and analysis.

Multiple Device Support

All survey software offered by Fynzo, including enterprise survey tool is multiple device friendly i.e., the user can fill the survey irrespective of the device they are using. Not only this, even the reports and results of the survey can be viewed across devices.

Multiple Sharing Format

Fynzo enterprise survey tool along with other survey software offered by Fynzo, gives customers the benefit of sharing surveys in multiple formats like QR code or link or any other form. For an email survey, it lets users embed the survey in the email itself.

Easy Integration

All survey services, including enterprise survey tool can be integrated across apps like google sheets, slack, SPSS and many others for further data analysis.

Schedule Reports on emails.

Receive timely data by scheduling your survey reports on multiple emails. You can schedule reports daily, weekly or monthly according to you convenience.

Fynzo enterprise survey software app for easy online survey creation

Easily create surveys of your own, distribute them, collect responses and analyze them in rich graphical formats, all on Fynzo survey app.

  • Create surveys in your native language
  • Customize your survey by adding logo and background image
  • Modify surveys and collect responses even in offline mode
  • Available on both Android and iOS

Frequently Asked Questions on Survey Creator

To collect insightful feedback from your employees, enterprise survey software is the best option for you. Here actionable data is collected with the help of online surveys or forms. Most enterprise survey software provides a collection of readymade templates that can be used to create surveys in a short span of time.

From traditional research methods like typing out questions on a document and asking people to fill them out, the enterprise survey software has evolved a lot. They are faster and take less time to create. Online questionnaires are a cheaper alternative, easy to analyze, and more accurate. It also increases your survey completion rates as it becomes easier for your customers to fill out.

Fynzo enterprise survey software is not just a survey creator but an exclusive survey experience. It’s an advanced yet simple tool which helps you build personalized surveys in minutes. This enterprise survey software comes with powerful features like skip logic, ready-made survey templates, themes and many more. You gather actionable insights by sharing survey on every possible device. Data security is the topmost priority of Fynzo and with this enterprise survey software, you don’t need to think twice about data collection from customers all over the globe.

With enterprise online survey software you can easily create surveys in a matter of a few minutes. This is because of the presence of many survey templates, question types, advanced features, and customization options. Create online surveys just the way you want and share them through multiple channels like social media, email, SMS, or even via QR codes. After receiving feedback you can even analyze the responses with the help of reports and download them in multiple formats.

Just follow these simple steps:
1. Login to your very own Fynzo account.
2. Click on “Create New Survey” on the dashboard.
3. Enter a Form Name of your choice and press submit.
4. Click on “Add New Questions” to add a question to the survey.
5. Mix and match the type of questions like MCQ, NPS ranking, text, etc. according to your needs.
6. Flip over the “Required” button if the question is compulsory.
7. Submit your form to save the question.
8. Add more questions on the subsequent page.
9. After you are done adding questions, share your survey on social media channels, by email, SMS, or through QR codes.

If you want to accept payments through surveys, payment type question is available. You need to add payment type question in the survey and respondents can take your survey and make credit card or internet banking payments.

You can enjoy a 14-day trial on Fynzo enterprise survey software free of cost, where no credit card information is required. Apart from that, its paid plans, (when billed yearly) are:
Starter plan- $19/month
Standard plan- $32/month
Premium- $79/month

View full pricing here.

With its very low starting price, Fynzo is the best survey software for small businesses 

Yes, you need to have an account for creating surveys here. Sign up with your Gmail, Facebook or via email to enjoy the advanced survey experience offered by Fynzo enterprise survey software.

Many customization options are available with Fynzo enterprise survey software. Pictures and videos can be added to the question along with text.

Yes, of course. After you finish creating your survey, you can preview it by opening the survey url in browser. You can make changes to your surveys if you don’t like what you are seeing.

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