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Top 7 Typeform Alternatives in 2020


Want to try out some Typeform alternatives? Well let’s see why we need online surveys in the first place.

Online surveys are one of the most well-known approaches to gather information. The principal reason surveys are so mainstream is on the grounds that you can use surveys at any stage of your business. Regardless of the utilization case, surveys are and will stay one of the most well-known approaches to gather information. The primary issue is that numerous instruments leave much to desire.

Typeform is one of the most popular tools that can be used to create customizable forms at any stage of your business big or small. Apparently, Typeform has been reducing its utility for the free plan, by taking out some of its most-helpful features and since they are growing so rapidly it will only get more expensive.

Are you looking for the Best TypeForm Alternatives?

So, we have compiled a list of the best online form builder software or alternatives of Typeform, you can choose from. It will help you to decide which form builder is best for you.

  1. Fynzo Survey
  2. PaperForm
  3. JotForm
  4. 123Form Builder
  5. Formstack
  6. Google Forms
  7. SoGoSurvey

Let’s have a look on the top 3 of them first:

Typeform Alternatives #1 : Fynzo Survey

Typeform Alternatives #1 : Fynzo Survey

Fynzo provides a powerful and advanced suite of software that fulfills your different business needs. Their support team is available around the clock for hearing out their customers and helping them utilize the software to the fullest.

Fynzo offers a robust online survey softwareFynzo Survey, which comes with modern features and multiple customization options. Given below are the key features of the Fynzo Survey:

  • Comes with an easy survey builder interface.
  • Create multiple question types including NPS, Likert scales, and smiley, star ratings, and many more.
  • Implement advanced survey features like jump logic, piping, and custom variables, and many more.
  • Share surveys on different social media platforms, send them via email, embed on your website, or circulate them with the help of QR codes, etc.
  • Analyze the reports received in different formats including cross-tabulation, trend report, and many more.
  • Schedule reports on multiple emails.
  • Collaborate with your team members while creating surveys, analyzing reports, etc.
  • Personalize your surveys by adding your organization’s logo, background, theme color, etc.
  • Download the data received in Excel, CSV, SPSS, pdf, and many other formats or export to Google Sheet.
  • Integrate with the apps you love including Zapier, Google Analytics, Slack, Facebook Pixel, and many more.
  • Fynzo Survey comes with an Android, iOS app. You can create surveys, share them, and view/download the results with the mobile app too.
  • With Fynzo mobile app you can collect data even when you are not connected to the internet. Your data received will be backed up once your device receives an internet connection.
  • Grab geolocation while taking the surveys in the field with mobile App.
  • On top of all these amazing features, Fynzo Survey pricing starts at only $17 a month

These advanced features of Fynzo Survey along with its pocket friendly pricing plans make it #1 Typeform Alternative.

Typeform Alternatives #2 : PaperForm

Typeform Alternatives #2 : PaperForm

Paperform is a unique tool that permits you to make landing-page-like forms, or as they call it the “Landing Form”. You can build our forms with the available 15+ field types, style them using attractive tools along with accepting payments in no time. It’s a great tool that can do essentially anything you desire from a form builder.

The reason why Paperform is such an excellent Typeform alternative in 2020, is because their pricing is much more flexible than Typeform, and as their forms are also very uniquely positioned to increase the response rate.

Typeform Alternatives #3 : JotForm

Typeform Alternatives #3 : JotForm

JotForm has been for quite a while is as yet a phenomenal tool to check out as a Typeform alternative. It is, unquestionably, one of the most feature-rich form builders out there. With their massive library of themes, form fields, and templates (they have over 30.000 of them!) getting started with JotForm as a Typeform alternative is accessible.

For what reason would you consider JotForm as a Typeform alternative in 2020? Glad you’ve asked! JotForm is an excellent tool if you’d like to create simple, yet very effective forms for a lower price than Typeform. The free plan JotForm supports is much more competitive than Typeforms’ free plan as of writing, and their paid plans are also very generous. However, if you are a current Jotform user looking for a change, you may check out these top Jotform Alternatives and select the best one for yourself.

Let’s have a look at other available alternatives that are equally good :

Typeform Alternative #4 : 123Form Builder

Typeform Alternative #4 : 123Form Builder

WIth 123formbuilder, you can create online forms within minutes with a simple drag and drop interface. Build complex workflows, and sell online, conduct surveys, in no time. 123formbuilder provides surveys that are easy to build with the help of drag and drop options. It also provides the users to track the performance of their form using in-depth analytics.

123FormBuilder has amazing team features. The platform is built around the needs of team collaboration and automation. It’s one of the best alternatives to Typeform.

Typeform Alternative #5 : Formstack

Typeform Alternative #5 : Formstack

Creating, designing and using online surveys and forms using Formstack is a relatively straightforward process. Setting up your form, designing it accordingly and sharing it is a breeze.

Formstack is a tool for you. Formstack is an excellent Typeform alternative as they have a large number of features, you’re used to seeing in Typeform. Formstack has a massive library of features, form fields, and so much more- making it a decent alternative to Typeform. However, if you are a current Formstack user looking for a change, you may check out these top Formstack Alternatives and select the best one for yourself.

Typeform Alternative #6 : Google Forms

 Typeform Alternative #6 : Google Forms

Google Forms is the holy grail of free online surveys and form builders. To those that were using the Typeform Free plan before they restricted them even further, it’s the best Typeform Alternative you can find in 2020. With unlimited restrictions and an interface that works just fine.

With Google Forms, it’s easy to make online surveys and forms entirely for free. With the necessary integrations, very basic styling, and a decent amount of form fields, you’re guaranteed to do great surveys at no cost. However, if you are a current Google Forms user looking for a change, you may check out these top Google Forms Alternatives and select the best one for yourself.

Typeform Alternative #7 : SoGoSurvey

Typeform Alternative #7 : SoGoSurvey

SoGoSurvey is a tool made explicitly to collect responses through Surveys. The tool is made to be easy to use while being an incredibly powerful tool to receive online survey responses. With all of the essentials & advanced reporting tools, SoGoSurvey is an extraordinary Typeform alternative in 2020 for those that utilized Typeform mostly for surveys.

SoGoSurvey permits you to create surveys in a more traditional format, and not in the conversational layout that Typeform uses. In spite of that, their software is convincing and straightforward to build online surveys. With their huge measures of
form fields, features, and reporting tools, it’s a good solution for those that want a package of best practices.

Now, you have some Typeform alternatives available. Decide which is best for you!

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