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What is customer feedback?

It is basically feedback you receive from your customers about their experience with your company’s products or services. The purpose of collecting online customer feedback is to figure out their level of satisfaction and improve your product or services based on the insights received. Through them, you can understand the grey areas of your company that need improvement. However online customer feedback can be collected in a multitude of ways. This includes polling or using surveys and asking for their reviews. After collecting feedback from customers, your marketing teams can now work on the feedback received and start working towards damage control.

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What is customer feedback software?

It’s a customer feedback system or an online survey app that helps to manage the reviews you receive from your customers via different channels of communication. This customer feedback tool is generally used to record and analyze feedback from customers on a particular product or service which they have experienced from your company.

This management will help you derive actionable insights from customer feedback and develop your very own improvement strategy for enhancing customer satisfaction and the overall performance of your company. Right from collecting feedback, recording those responses to generating reports based on them, your customer feedback tool will be by your side throughout.

Benefits of customer feedback

You need to get an idea about how your products or services are treating your customers. If you are unaware of the receiving end, you can never truly improve your performance and fix your flaws.

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Give a voice to your customers:

In order to increase your customer retention rates, you need to be willing to hear them out. Collecting customer feedback helps you to really listen about their pain points and start deriving useful insights from there. You need to make your customers a part of your decision-making team and that can only be done if you allow them to voice their opinions.

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Understand your customers better:

People buy from any brand once and if they aren’t satisfied with the customer service, they shift without giving it a second thought. This is how brands lose thousands of customers everyday because they do not try to understand their customers at a deeper level. This is where collecting feedback from customers helps in digging deeper and start building actual relationships with them as they are the most important part of your brand. Demoters can spoil your reputation by word of mouth. So try converting them into promoters of your brand.

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Improve your products or services:

When you launch a new product or open up a new arena of services, it is bound to look perfect in your eyes. But you need to understand how it is received by those who matter aka your customers. If they point out flaws, you need to pay attention to them and try fixing them with an efficient customer feedback system. This will build reports for you and will make feedback analysis easier for you and your customer service team.

Importance of a customer feedback tool

If you are a business owner, then providing excellent customer service must be among your topmost priorities. But to achieve this, you need to hear out your customers and actually listen to what they have to say about your products or services. Hence you need customer feedback software to help you out throughout your journey. Few major benefits of a customer feedback tool are

  • Automate your feedback collection process:

    Feedback collection, data entry for evaluation, building reports are all extremely tedious work especially if you do them manually. But with efficient customer feedback software, you can get rid of such repetitive tasks and pay attention to the finer details of your business.

    Customized surveys for your customers

    Sending out the same feedback forms isn’t ideal if you want to receive specialized feedback on your latest launches or newest services. Sending out feedback forms can never be attained by a one-size-fits-all approach. Hence with customer feedback software, you can design surveys based on your audience’s preferences.

    Collect real-time reports of your feedback forms

    If you are sending out customer feedback forms, the journey doesn’t stop there. Analyzing the received feedback and working on them is as integral as the collection process. Customer feedback software offers instant report generation features that make working on analytics a piece of cake.

What makes Fynzo customer feedback software different?

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Real-time feedback collection

With Fynzo’s customer feedback software, you do not have to worry about any delays in receiving data. Its real-time feedback collection feature makes it stand out as it helps users receive live notifications from visitors on their web pages or mobile apps. As soon as they submit their feedback you can view them in real-time and start working on improving your products or services based on the pain points of your customers.

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100% secure data

With Fynzo’s feedback software there is one thing you never need to think twice about, which is data security. As compared to conventional paper forms, Fynzo’s online customer feedback system is more secure. If our feedback software detects any external engagement with the data you collected, we will be sending you notification alerts or emails, letting you know of the same. These alerts can help you change the accessibility options on our feedback software exactly as you require it.

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Works offline

Any feedback you have collected on Fynzo’s customer feedback software is available offline for you to view and work on. So even if your WiFi is down or you have entered a low network area, you can easily view the customer feedback questions of your survey and the answers received as well. Make changes to any part of the survey, while offline without fearing the loss of data. As soon as your phone or laptop connects to the internet again, the changes will be uploaded to the cloud of our feedback software as well.

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500+ readymade survey templates

Have you ever thought how tedious form creation would have been if not for the availability of survey templates consisting of a variety of customer feedback questions? This makes the entire job of survey creation a lot easier and much faster as well. Few layouts available on our app are restaurant customer feedback, Hotel guests feedback, hospital attendees feedback, NPS, and so many more templates for your ease of survey creation.

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Integration with the apps you love

As a modern customer feedback tool, Fynzo online survey maker has the option for integrating with multiple apps so that it becomes easier to view the feedback and share it with your team. Integrate with popular apps like Google Sheets, Slack, Zapier, Google Analytics, Facebook pixel and so many more according to your requirements. Responses collected to your customer feedback questions would automatically be sent to the apps you want making navigation a whole lot easier for you.

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Downloadable survey reports

Want to store the results collected through our feedback software in the form of a pdf file or Excel sheet? Well, Fynzo Survey’s customer feedback system offers multiple versions of downloadable reports. Some supported formats are docx, excel, pdf, etc which provide ease of access for users. These reports come in handy while you need to share them with your team or store them for viewing later and comparing with the results of the previous rounds.

In which industries Fynzo customer feedback software can be used?

Restaurant Feedback System
Feedback System for Restaurants & Cafes

Fynzo Feedback takes customer feedback at all sorts of restaurants —fine dine, fast food, cafes, food courts, cafeterias, pubs, clubs, joints, take-aways, dhabas, food corners, food chains, and delivery outlets.

Hotel Feedback System
Feedback System for Hotels & Resorts

Take guest feedback with Fynzo Feedback and capture their sentiments through check-in, check-out , at pool and overall stay at hotel.

Hospital Feedback System
Feedback System for Hospitals & Healthcare

Take feedback at all sorts of healthcare centers— hospitals, clinics, laboratories, pharmacies, gyms, fitness centers, exercise classes, sports complexes, stadiums, swimming classes, dance classes. etc.

Events Feedback System
Feedback System for Events & Others

Fynzo Feedback can be used to gather customer data at events, expos, exhibitions. Can also be used as a market research app.Can be used to gather customer data at events, expos, exhibitions etc.

How to choose the right customer feedback software?

So are you on the lookout for a competent customer feedback software that takes care of your feedback collection needs? If so, you need to search for an online customer feedback tool that needs to be compatible with your business requirements. The customer feedback software which you opt for should be able to conduct the following:

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Categorize the feedback you receive

Before starting to analyze feedback from customers, it needs to be categorized into different segments depending on the source, type of customer, category of product or service about which the customer feedback questions were, etc. An efficient online customer feedback system will allow you to filter through the received feedback with the help of tags or annotations.

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Gather feedback via multiple channels

Modern businesses have a plethora of channels to choose from while collecting feedback from customers. It can be through SMS, Email, Whatsapp, FB, Instagram, Websites, LinkedIn, etc. Moreover, the feedback you collect with the help of your customer feedback tool is invaluable no matter the source and hence you need to select a feedback software that gives you more options.

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Share with your team:

The feedback you receive needs to be evaluated and worked on by your teammates in cases of incompetencies from the company’s end. Also, if there is a certain product that is receiving more attention than the others, you need to alert your sales team about that. Hence selecting a customer feedback tool that allows you to share online customer feedback instantly is important.


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