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Fynzo Online Survey app is the right choice of survey app that fulfills all your requirements relating to building efficient questionnaires, designing them, ensuring maximum outreach to the target audience, and accurate data interpretation.

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Fynzo Survey App brings you a number of features to look out for

Fynzo is the one-stop online survey app for all your surveys. Taking online surveys have made it easier to collect data from a large part of the audience at the same time. Fynzo brings you a wide range of advantages to help you with your work such as free online survey making, offline data collection, advanced data security measures, impressive design layouts of questionnaires, and many more. This coupled with a number of privileges makes the process faster and more efficient.

Offline data entry and collection

This is a very unique feature that Fynzo online survey app offers where offline data entry is possible. You can now enter any changes in the designing of layout or you can make questions even in offline mode. It gets saved offline and gets uploaded when the person comes online. So, you do not need to worry about data loss while offline input of data or unstable connectivity. It also works when respondents enter answers without a stable network. Their answers get saved to be uploaded later when the network is found.


You can use the given templates for different types of surveys. The layout of questionnaires and related questions are designed for quick use and faster creation of surveys. Layouts present in the online survey app are hotel guest feedback form, restaurant customer feedback form, hospital customer feedback, net promoter score, and many more such survey templates are given for use.

Different types of questions

You can create all types of questions which are close-ended as well as open-ended. The kinds of questions that Fynzo online survey app allows you to include in your survey are multiple-choice questions, short answer type questions, long answer type questions, statements, check box, and drop-down options.

Share surveys

Fynzo online survey app lets you distribute the surveys on multiple media platforms. You can share your surveys through WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Emails, text messages, and other platforms as well. Since social media has greater outreach, people generally prefer those sites. For people who do not use social media, the option for emails and text messages is a convenient option as well.

Integrate your data collection

Fynzo allows you to integrate all the collected data with Google Sheets, Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, Zapierand slack to ease out the process of data analysis for you. You can integrate all the responses to any of these platforms whichever you are comfortable with.

Graphs and charts

The data collected from respondents are represented in proper charts and graphs to show the accurate percentages of the responses that are given in multiple-choice questions. Those proportions can be considered and a conclusion can be drawn from them.


Free of cost privileges

Most of the unique features available in Fynzo online survey app can be accessed for free. The free of cost materials are enough to create an impressive survey that delivers your requirements. For the purpose of enhancing the survey layout further, you can purchase some add on to take it to the next level.

Notification alerts

Fynzo alerts the user in the notification bar and also through email when there are some changes made or someone responds to the survey. This helps you determine at what rate the survey links are reaching your target audience and how likely they are to enter the link and fill up the survey as the app lets you know as soon as you get a response from anyone in the form.

Download files

You can download the survey results and survey data analysis in pdf format or excel sheet format. This feature lets you keep a backup copy of your research and survey results. This might come in handy when you want to send the analysis and results to someone else in such formats.

Cherry on the top features

Privacy and data security solutions

Fynzo ensures absolute privacy of your sensitive data. It will send you notification alerts and emails to report when some other engagement with the data is detected. Such alerts let you return to your survey and change the accessibility options as required.

Help and support throughout the day

Fynzo is ready to offer any kind of help and support throughout the whole time you use the online survey app. Any problem regarding the functioning of the software and controls is quickly solved or efficient instructions are provided to the user.

Make surveys in native languages

Fynzo online survey app brings you the privilege of creating surveys in the native language of the target audience. This ensures that responses are authentic, accurate, and caters to the requirements of the user. Sometimes due to language barriers, responses cannot be taken into account as they might not contain the value which answering in native language contains.

Use pictures and business logo

Throughout the survey, you can insert pictures, videos, and gifs that depict the theme of the research. You can also use the company logo to promote your business throughout the entire survey.

Common use cases

Market Research Software

Take Customers feedback

Customer feedback forms can be built to get knowledge of what customers think about the products and services, what a customer prefers, what changes can be made to the product, and what a customer is ready to spend his money on. All these answers can be obtained if the questions are framed accordingly in the customer feedback form through the online survey app. Such feedback forms can be for products, the service provided while conducting an event, feedbacks of patients in a hospital or guests who have in a hotel.

Market Research: Acquire insights on your products

Conduct online tests and quizzes

Teachers and professors can conduct online tests and quizzes to test the ability of the students. Tests can be made to determine whether the students are well versed with their courses and on par with whatever is being taught. You can also mark the students based on their answers by using the Fynzo online survey app.

Competitor Analysis

Conduct Market Research

You can use a survey methodology for research purposes as well. It is a quicker process than the interview method. Create questionnaires and send them out to as many people as you want to get their responses. Surveying saves you a lot of time and energy. It is always an easier option to create and send out online surveys through Fynzo.

Evaluate employee satisfaction

Evaluate employee satisfaction with the online survey app. You can create surveys to know about how well maintained the workplace is, are the employees having a comfortable job environment to work in peace, and what is needed to be implemented to ensure efficient work from the employees.

online survey app use case 5

Trip Planning Survey

Business trips or recreational trips and outings can be planned with the help of the online survey app. You can ask questions about making decisions like what location of stay is required, what hotel or stay is to be booked, what tourist spot has to be visited, and so on. This makes a trip planning hassle-free and very detailed.

online survey app use case 6

Conduct Market Research

You can use a survey methodology for research purposes as well. It is a quicker process than the interview method. Create questionnaires and send them out to as many people as you want to get their responses. Surveying saves you a lot of time and energy. It is always an easier option to create and send out online surveys through Fynzo.

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