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Importance of understanding employee experience

Now is the era of technology then why bother much about the employee experience? Well, the simple answer to this simple question is that technology does not run on its own. Yes, you read it right, technology does not have a brain of its own and nor it can provide man power. It can help increase efficiency and make work easy, but it cannot replace human resources. 

A happy and mindful employee will lead to a productive outcome be it in terms of manual labour or decision making. An organisation spends a lot of money on every single employee and it is therefore important to make sure that investing in an employee is beneficial for the organisation. 

An employee’s journey is a never ending process. The person gets hired by an organisation then he or she gets trained by the organisation and after some experience in the organisation gets ready to work efficiently. The more seamless the experience of an employee at every stage the more productive the person will be and higher productivity will lead to higher outcome for the organisation.

Ways to measure employee experience

Employee experience encompasses various aspects of employee journey. Each step of the journey ahead is equally important in the employee journey and plays an important role in overall employee experience. Keeping all the marks of the employee journey, employee overall experience can be recorded in the following ways:

Candidate feedback survey

This particular data is collected when a potential employee sits for the recruitment process to join the organization. It plays a role as the recruitment process reveals a lot about the culture of your organization.

Onboarding survey

It accounts for the very initial stage of the employee in an organization. This stage focuses on ease with which the employee is welcomed into the organization.

Employee engagement survey

This survey takes place timely during the time frame for which the employee is a part of the organization. It tells us about how the employee is experiencing things in and around his surroundings.

Conducting events or focused groups

Events or focused groups give employees an open and informal space to speak their mind and saves you the time for collecting data as employees themselves come forward suggesting ways that will improve the work culture and hence their productivity.

Looking at the employee overall performance

By looking at the employee work data which gives insight on how much value the employee has added to the organization also points out to the employee's well being in an organization as a productive employee indicates a healthy and tussle free working environment.

Exit Survey

This survey helps understand the reason because of which the employee chose to leave the organization. It helps point out the hidden factors about your work culture that might be important for employees.

How can Fynzo employee experience software help your organization?

For understanding the employee experience in your organization, it is very important to collect sufficient quality data which reflects all aspects and class of employee working in your organization. 

Fynzo employee experience software provides you with the best tools that helps you record your employee experience at every stage of employee journey without any hassle. Fynzo is the best employee experience platform which offers you the following services.

Ready to use survey

For each step of the employee journey, be it onboarding or exit, this employee experience software provides you with various ready to use surveys, which can directly be shared with your employees. For each step the survey is unique and focuses on the main objective of that particular stage of employee satisfaction.

Give you customization option

Along with ready to use surveys, our employee experience software gives you multiple options to customize your survey. You can either make a whole new survey or can make changes in the ready to use survey as per your requirement.

Manage float timing

Fynzo employee experience software saves you from keeping record of each employee and sending them surveys to fill at each level of employee journey. You just need to update the records with this software and it will automatically send across the survey as and when any employee experiences a change in their employee journey.

Auto Generated Analysis

Fynzo employee experience software generates reports from the data collected and gives you an insight of your company’s work culture and helps you evaluate the overall employee experience. You can generate insight from the reports and try to understand and make changes in the work culture and help improve employee experience, if needed.

KPIs that can make an impact

Human resources are not static and any change in the environment tends to affect them either in positive manner or negative manner. Keeping track of all the changes around your employee will practically be impossible. However, there are some certain key factors which shape most of your employee experience and keeping a track of those will really be helpful.

Employee experience software
  • Employee satisfaction

This factor tells us about how much an employee is satisfied with his or her job in terms of his own growth. 

  • Employee Productivity

This factor tells us how much value an employee is adding to the organization. A productive employee tends to have a good experience.

  • Employee wellness

This factor tells us about the health of an employee, majorly mental health. A healthy employee tends to have a good employee experience. 

  • Employee retention

This factor tells us the retention rate i.e., for how long an employee stays with your organization. A higher retention rate is a good indication of healthy culture and good employee experience. 

  • Employee engagement

This factor tells us how much the employee engages with the various activities running in the organization. A higher engagement rate is a healthy sign for employee experience.

  • Employee absenteeism

This factor tells us the amount of leave that an employee takes during his work. If an employee is taking many leaves this indicates his or her lesser interest in coming to work and might lead to negative employee experience.

  • Customer rating

This factor tells us the ratings of the consumer that has interacted with the employee. A satisfied and happy employee tends to keep the customer happy which leads to a higher customer rating and is a good indicator of employee experience.


Frequently Asked Questions on Employee Experience Management Software

To collect insightful feedback from your customers, employee experience management software is the best option for you. Here actionable data is collected with the help of online surveys or forms. Most employee experience management software provides a collection of readymade templates that can be used to create surveys in a short span of time.

From traditional research methods like typing out questions on a document and asking people to fill them out, the employee experience management software has evolved a lot. They are faster and take less time to create. Online questionnaires are a cheaper alternative, easy to analyze, and more accurate. It also increases your survey completion rates as it becomes easier for your customers to fill out.

Fynzo experience software is  an advanced yet simple tool which helps you build personalized surveys in minutes. This employee experience comes with powerful features like skip logic, ready-made survey templates, themes and many more. You gather actionable insights by sharing survey on every possible device. Data security is the topmost priority of Fynzo and with this employee experience software, you don’t need to think twice about data collection from customers all over the globe.

With Fynzo employee experience platform you can easily create surveys in a matter of a few minutes. This is because of the presence of many survey templates, question types, advanced features, and customization options. Create online surveys just the way you want and share them through multiple channels like social media, email, SMS, or even via QR codes. After receiving feedback you can even analyze the responses with the help of reports and download them in multiple formats.

Just follow these simple steps to create a survey on the employee experience tool:
1. Login to your very own Fynzo account.
2. Click on “Create New Survey” on the dashboard.
3. Enter a Form Name of your choice and press submit.
4. Click on “Add New Questions” to add a question to the survey.
5. Mix and match the type of questions like MCQ, NPS ranking, text, etc. according to your needs.
6. Flip over the “Required” button if the question is compulsory.
7. Submit your form to save the question.
8. Add more questions on the subsequent page.
9. After you are done adding questions, share your survey on social media channels, by email, SMS, or through QR codes.

If you want to accept payments through surveys, payment type question is available on this employee experience tool. You need to add payment type question in the survey and respondents can take your survey and make credit card or internet banking payments.

You can enjoy a 14-day trial on Fynzo employee experience program free of cost, where no credit card information is required. Apart from that, its paid plans, (when billed yearly) are:
Starter plan- $19/month
Standard plan- $32/month
Premium- $79/month

View full pricing here.

Yes, you need to have an account for creating surveys on this employee experience program. Sign up with your Gmail, Facebook or via email to enjoy the advanced survey experience offered by Fynzo online survey builder.

Many customization options are available with Fynzo employee experience program. Pictures and videos can be added to the question along with text.

Yes, of course. After you finish creating your survey, you can preview it by opening the survey url in browser. You can make changes to your surveys if you don’t like what you are seeing.

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