Analyse Survey Reports

Receive insightful real time reports for all your survey types with Fynzo Survey’s advanced features for exporting, sharing and scheduling reports.


Numerous Export Formats

Fynzo Survey’s advanced reporting features allow you to compare your data with the help of multiple data analysis options. If you want more, you can download your reports in any of the formats including PDF, Excel spreadsheets, CSV, SPSS, XL, etc.


Filtered Survey Responses

Filter out your responses so that you can view only those which fulfill your needs. You can use as many filters as required for optimizing your workflow.


Easily Create a Custom Report

You can only scrutinize your responses efficiently if they are properly audited. Edit and filter the responses you have received for representing the most accurate data.


Sharing Reports

By sharing your real–time survey reports, encourage your staff or teammates to take action, no matter where they are.


Schedule reports via email

Receive your timely reports delivered via email at any given timeframe of your choice. You can send out responses as soon as the reports come in or send out a custom report by using our advanced reporting features.

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    I am quite impressed with Fynzo's commendable support services. Fynzo's best feature is that the products are easy-to-use which makes survey creation easier. I would like to say well-done to the Fynzo team.
    Kaahwa Abel
    Africa Agree Business Service Limited
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    I really enjoy this application and the dashboard. Even the free version of it gives you so much. It's really helpful for all, especially if you're a small startup wanting to receive feedback from your customers and users.
    Arvind Kumar
    CEO & Founder - TrendyDice
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    We really enjoy Fynzo Feedback Application. It is helping me understand the clients pulse faster and provide better services to my clients. We are really happy with the app and customer support of Fynzo.
    Durgarao G
    Manager - Anytime Fitness