Restaurant Customer Feedback

Wonder what your customers think about your food and services? Take real-time feedback, get in-depth reports, and improve your customers’ experience with Fynzo Restaurant Customer Feedback  

Customer Feedback System for Restaurants & Cafes

Why is customer feedback important for a restaurant?

  • Give Voice to your Customer 
  • Quick problem solving
  • Enhance Customer Experience
  • Increase Customer Retention
  • Increase ROI

Benefits of using Fynzo restaurant customer feedback form

  • 254% increase in customer feedback 
  • Real-time accurate feedback 
  • Instant notification for bad reviews
  • Real-time reports 
  • Schedule regular reports at your convenience

How to create restaurant customer feedback form with Fynzo?

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Touchpoints to collect feedback from customers at a restaurant?

  • Keep a Tab or QR code at the billing counter 
  • Put up  a QR code on each table
  • Bring a Tab for feedback along with bill to the table
  • Keep Tabs in Kiosk by the exit
  • Send the feedback form by SMS/email

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