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Fynzo Survey- the best NPS Survey Tool

Establish your business with the help of the finest customer satisfaction scores used by billions of companies all over the world. Receive feedback regularly and improve your NPS for enhanced customer loyalty.

Your goal is to transform your customers into promoters of your company!

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Receive trustworthy insights on the collected data

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Reach out to all your customers, no matter where they are based at the moment. Fynzo’s NPS solutions make it easier to collect accurate scores that help to derive actionable insights!

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Reach out to all your customers, no matter where they are based at the moment. Fynzo’s NPS solutions make it easier to collect accurate scores that help to derive actionable insights!

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So how does NPS work?

how nps works?

NPS is calculated by asking the customers one simple survey question: “How likely are you to recommend our (product/company/service) to others?” The likelihood of the respondent to recommend that company to their friends, relatives, and family can be determined in this way. The customers rate the company/product on an opinion scale ranging from 0-10, 0 being highly unlikely and 10 being extremely likely.

Types of customers based on their response:

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Depending on the score assigned, the customers are classified into three distinct categories:

→ Promoters – The respondents who submitted scores 9/10 are segregated as the enthusiastic promoters of the company. They are the ones who tend to recommend the company or its products to their friends and family fuelling the business' growth.

→ Passives – The customers who had submitted scores 7/8 are classified as the passives. These are the people who are satisfied with the company and its products but are not enthusiastic enough to promote it to their friends or family. They are susceptible to your competitor’s deals and offerings. The Passives can be converted to promoters if the business tries to improve its customer service and product quality.

→ Detractors – Those who submitted scores ranging from 0-6 are the detractors of your company. They are unhappy clients and are likely to never buy from your company again. They can thwart the growth of your company through negative word of mouth.

Having a large number of promoters in comparison to the detractors and passives - means that you are doing a good job with your company. But if the majority of respondents are passives and detractors then the company needs to raise its customer service and product quality standards. Don’t worry; we will help you in each step!

How to create an effective NPS?

NPS surveys can be drafted easily, all you need to do is signup for Fynzo Survey’s NPS Survey Platform and we will do the rest for you! The responses can be easily viewed on the form. You can include the following questions in your survey.

  • Demographics questions:

    The basic questions such as name, age, or gender of your customer can be asked for creating segmentation during the analysis of your NPS.

    Core question:

    The most essential question which is required to measure the NPS of your company: “On a scale on 0-10, how likely are you to recommend our company/service/product to your friends/family?”

    Comment box

    After the essential question, you can add a comment box with the question: "What are the primary reasons for your score?" Here the customers can write their feedback about your company and the reason for assigning the particular score.


    You can add questions like “Any suggestion on how we can improve your experience?” to know whether the customers have any idea in mind which can help in improving your service/quality.

    Permission to follow up with your customer:

    You can ask for an email ID or phone number through which you can reach your customer if they imply.

Why NPS is necessary for business growth?

NPS can measure customer satisfaction and loyalty by simply assigning a score between -100 to +100 to transform countless confusing metrics, into a simple measure of client experience success. Given below are 5 ways by which companies can benefit from using NPS to calculate their customer satisfaction:-

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1. It is simple and easily interpretable:

NPS gives the company an explicit number that is easily interpretable by the managers and all the employees of the organization. It is relevant to everyone and not just your customer service team. These surveys can be easily sent out to your customers via email, SMS, or add it to your website as a feedback form. This way you can keep track of your business growth and customer satisfaction.

2. It helps to measure customer loyalty and enhance customer retention:

This customer loyalty metric gives an insight into customer experience and satisfaction. It estimates the likelihood of new and repeat business. According to current research, 66% of consumers admitted that they tend to go back to those companies to which they are loyal. This will help to enhance customer retention if your service and product quality improve after implementing your customer’s suggestions.

3. It helps in segregating customers into different categories:

This method of categorizing your customers will allow you to deliver personalized services. By using the NPS questionnaire, your customers will be divided into 3 categories: 1.Promoter, 2. Passives, 3. Detractors

If you have a large number of promoters in your company, it is on the right track but if the number of passives and detractors are more in number, you should work on improving your service and product quality immediately.

4. It administers a benchmark against the competition:

The fundamental factor of NPS is that its standard evaluation is used by companies worldwide.

Keep track of where your biggest competitors are in comparison to your company. Send out continuous surveys and take action to upgrade it. This will make you constantly strive for improvement and will result in a more focused and enhanced outcome.

5.It gathers higher response rates:

Customers generally avoid surveys that are time-consuming and elaborate. The advantage of NPS surveys is that they are short and concise.

With higher response rates you will have a larger amount of data. The score becomes more reliable and you will be able to assess your improvement more efficiently over time.

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