11 Best 360 Feedback Tools

What are 360 feedback tools?

Employees are the bedrock of your organization and to improve the drawbacks of your company, the performance of your employees needs to be thoroughly assessed. So 360 feedback tools make this assessment easier. You can gather real-time feedback on your employees’ performance effectively from peers, superiors, subordinates, etc. along with maintaining the anonymity of the feedback received.

11 Top 360 feedback tools:

Searching for the ideal online 360 feedback tool can be really difficult and so we have tried our best to help you with the same. We have kept all amazing features including a well-designed dashboard, reliable survey templates, customization, and security in consideration while formulating this list of the 11 best 360 feedback tools. Engage in these characteristics of the mentioned tools and decide which one best suits your needs!

360 Feedback Tool #1 : Fynzo Survey

Fynzo Survey is among the best 360 feedback tools. With the use of this code-free tool, you may collect objective, sincere, and in-depth responses without interfering with their experience.

You may get contextual responses from the appropriate individuals at the appropriate moment. With its assistance, surveys can be deployed on-site, in-app, and on social media for effective data collection. 

Best 360 feedback tool: Fynzo Survey

Let us explore some pros and cons of this online survey software:


  • Intuitive survey creation: You may easily create surveys using NPS, Likert scales, smileys, star ratings, and other question formats.
  • Advanced survey features: Implement advanced survey features like skip logic, Likert scale, and many more to make effective surveys
  • Share surveys: You may, for instance, utilize QR codes, your website, or a variety of social media sites to distribute surveys.
  • Analyze reports: In-depth analysis of the data received from the surveys including features like cross-tabs.
  • Collaborate: Easy collaboration with your team members while creating surveys, analyzing reports, etc.
  • Customization: Personalize your surveys by adding your organization’s logo, background, theme color, etc. It also includes CSS access for further customization to ensure the form looks exactly like you want it to.
  • Download: The data received can be downloaded in Excel, CSV, SPSS, pdf, and many other formats or exported to Google Sheets.
  • Multiple Integration Options: Popular programs like Slack, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Zapier, and more may be connected with just a few clicks.
  • Fynzo Survey App: This 360 feedback tool comes with an online survey app that supports Android, and iOS devices. You can create surveys, share them, and view/download the results with the mobile app too.


  • Young company: Since it is a young company, it is still evolving and adding new features.

Pricing: $17/month

360 Feedback Tool #2: Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback is a popular multichannel feedback tool that enables effortlessly collecting feedback using attractive and intelligent survey forms. This 360 feedback tool enables comprehensive feedback management from collecting data to analyzing it, all on a single platform. Irrespective of the type of industry, businesses can create surveys for multiple touchpoints with just a few clicks and get the most insightful data.

Top 360 feedback tool: Zonka Feedback


  • Code-free Survey Builder and Templates: This 360 feedback tool features readymade survey templates for almost all industries. You can edit templates or create a survey from scratch without any coding knowledge.
  • Survey Automation: Surveys can be set to be automatically triggered on pre-specified actions, for example, a purchase transaction, end of a customer support call, completion of a subscription, etc.
  • Multichannel Surveys: Surveys can be distributed via any platform, including SMS, email, mobile, tablet, website, app, QR code, etc. This enables capturing customers wherever they are and thus increasing the survey response rate.
  • Easy Integrations: Zonka Feedback integrates with different business software like Salesforce, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Zapier, Integrately, Slack, Teams, MailChimp, HubSpot, Twilio, etc. This enables comprehensive feedback management without the whole back and forth.
  • Branded Surveys: You can create surveys specific to your brand by changing the color palette, editing the font, adding your company logo, etc.


  • Better Integrations: A few more integrations could be added to cater to all kinds of businesses. But the company adds more integrations every few months.

Pricing: $49/month

360 Feedback Tool #3: Typeform

Typeform is a well-known web-based platform that is gaining popularity day by day. It collects useful feedback from your entire team to conduct the evaluation process of your employees efficiently. With this online 360 feedback tool, you can personalize your forms and share them via any platform of your choice.

360 Feedback software TypeForm


  • Professional surveys: The presentation of the forms is extremely neat and professional. You do not need to customize it much for making it look professional.
  • Smooth interface: It focuses on completing just one question at a time and then smoothly goes over to the next one. It is easy to navigate and gives a sense of completion to the respondent after answering each question.
  • Customization options: You can customize these forms with ease. Also, add graphics and images to make the form look more appealing to the eye.
  • Report feature: This particular feature makes the representation of the data collected easier to comprehend. Survey reports provide the visual representation of the survey results you obtain which makes it easier to present to a team.


  • Unreliable customer support: Their customer service is not available 24X7. So, if people have queries on hours apart from their regular business hours, they won’t be solved before the next workday.

So if you are an existing customer of Typeform, looking for a change you may check out this blog and select the Typeform alternatives that best suits your business needs.

Pricing: $35/month

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360 Feedback Tool #4 : SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow is an online 360 feedback tool that offers highly personalized survey experiences with the help of multi-UI platforms. You can automate and conduct 360 feedback surveys at given time intervals. Also, identify those channels which fetch you great responses easily using SurveySparrow.

360 Feedback SurveySparrow


  • Measure NPS: With Survey Sparrow’s NPS tool, you can collect NPS ratings of different areas of expertise of the employee you are assessing at present.
  • Mobile-first interface: It has an interface suitable for mobiles and similar devices. This increases survey response rates according to recent surveys. Filling out a survey seems like text messaging on a phone.
  • Conversational surveys: You can create surveys that have a conversational tone along with chat-type surveys. This makes the respondents feel at ease when they are filling up their forms.
  • Responsive customer support: They have a dedicated customer service team that is available for answering the confusion of their users and provide useful solutions


  • Features need improvement: The report and analyzing tools need to be improved as exported reports do not show answers to custom text answers. Also, you can only read them when you are online.

Pricing: $19/month

360 Feedback Tool #5:SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is one of the smartest 360 feedback tools that helps you align the departments of your company in a way that would help you achieve your organizational goals. You can receive anonymous feedback using simple surveys provided by Survey Monkey and customize them according to the needs of your employees.

360 survey Tools SurveyMonkey


  • Ease of use: An easy-to-use interface allows users to complete prolonged surveys in a short time.
  • Ready-made templates: Well-made templates and questionnaires that allow users to utilize them without having to create fresh surveys from scratch
  • Customizable branding options: Its customizable branding and reporting features make it popular among various organizations. Since it gives an overall professional look to the forms
  • Effective integrations: Social media and third-party integrations are a major advantage of SurveyMonkey.


  • Non-interactive interface: The structure of this software is not engaging. Hence it needs to upgrade to a more interactive interface for increasing survey response rates.

If you are an existing customer of the Survey Monkey platform, you can check out these best SurveyMonkey alternatives as listed after meticulous research.

Pricing: $31/month

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360 Feedback Tool #6 : WP Forms

It is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin that is trusted by over 30, 00,000 sites. WPForms Lite is its free version. With this 360 feedback tool, you can easily create surveys without having any knowledge of coding.

360 survey feedback Tools WpForms


  • Beginner-friendly: It is one of the easiest form builders in the market. It has a drag-and-drop builder in WordPress itself that helps to create surveys in a matter of a few minutes.
  • 100+ readymade templates: Customers can simply browse through the available templates and select one that best suits their needs. These ready-made templates save a lot of time.
  • Good customer support: It is renowned for its customer support as it follows a support ticketing system. Customers can simply submit a support ticket and have their queries answered within 24 hours on a weekday.
  • Interactive forms: They provide conversational forms that boost survey response rates. It helps to maintain an engaging tone of the conversation between the user and their audience while they fill up the form.


  • Limited features: The free version has very few features and the Pro version is very expensive i.e. $599 per year. So it is not cost-effective at all.

360 Feedback Tool #7: Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is a well-known online survey creator and a good 360 feedback tool. Users can create surveys, quizzes, and polls easily and distribute them among their networks. Also, these can be used from any device of the user’s choice.

360 Feedback survey Tools Microsoft Forms


  • Easy to use: With Microsoft Forms users can quickly create surveys, polls, and quizzes. It’s drag and drop option facilitates its ease of use.
  • Real-time response collection: This software can collect real-time responses. It provides charts for helping users visualize the data received.
  • Compatibility: Microsoft Forms is compatible with any web browser. Hence it helps the target audience to answer the survey from any browser they use.
  • Easy integration: Its most renowned feature is its easy integration with the tools of the Microsoft Suite like Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, etc.


  • Tools have limited features: The tools provided only allow a very limited number of features as compared to the other available online survey tools.

You may be already using MS Forms but if you are looking for a switch, explore the best Microsoft Forms alternatives and select the one which suits your organizational goals perfectly.

360 Feedback Tool #8 : Qualtrics

Qualtrics is an easy-to-use web-based survey tool. It helps to conduct extensive research, evaluation, and many more data collection activities. Also, it offers 360 feedback as an integral part of their Employee XM. Qualtrics has some security settings that allow respondents to submit anonymous forms.

360 Feedback software Qualtrics


  • Beginner-friendly interface: The point-and-click interface is user friendly and makes survey creation easier and less time consuming
  • Vast question types: It provides over 85 question types that give users a vast range to choose from
  • Exporting data: It can export data easily to common apps that are the user’s favorites. These include Word, Excel, PDF, CSV, SPSS, etc
  • Free online training: Qualtrics provides a free online training webinar for beginners to utilize this software to its full potential.


  • Faulty mobile view: It has glitches on it’s mobile version. Also it doesn’t provide a mobile compatible interface.

Already a Qualtrics user? But want to check out some more viable options? Scroll through this link and check out these top Qualtrics competitors!

Pricing: $1500/year

360 Feedback Tool #9 : Zoho Forms

Zoho Forms is a web-based online 360 feedback software, developed by Zoho Corporation, that helps to collect and manage data efficiently. Its features can be utilized both offline and online in its app version. Also, it is known for offering multiple levels of security including software, physical, and process levels.

360 Feedback tool Zoho Forms


  • No-code form builders: To use this software, users do not need to have prior knowledge of coding. They can simply select the most suited type from the 40+ available field types.
  • Collaboration on Microsoft Teams: Send updates on Microsoft Teams channels. Also, this helps teams to collaborate on form data.
  • Easy integration: Its most appreciated feature is its easy integration with some of the commonly used apps. It integrates with Google Sheets, Zapier, Salesforce, WordPress, G-Suite, etc.
  • Value for money: It is available at an affordable price. Hence this makes it an attractive option for frequent users.


  • Basic designs: Limited form designs available. Also, the available template options are not very attractive. It is suitable for users who are searching to create simple forms.

Pricing: $10/month

360 Feedback Tool #10 : Jotform

JotForm is one of the best 360-degree feedback software that helps to create surveys easily with the help of its drag and drop option. It has 7000+ form templates and over 2 million users. Also, users can generate leads, distribute surveys among their target audience, collect online payments, and a lot more using Jotform. Some of the pros and cons of this 360-degree online feedback tool are :

360 Feedback software JotForm


  • Ease of use: JotForm provides an easy to use interface which is ideal for beginners. Its drag and drop feature makes survey building easier.
  • Good customer support: They have a dedicated Customer Support team that clears queries of customers any time within the business hours.
  • Value for money: The free version contains quite many features that are sufficient for survey building. The paid version adds some great features and is quite affordable.
  • Ready-made templates: It makes the task of creating online surveys easier with its well designed available templates.


  • Difficulty in adjustment: If the user doesn’t like the default version, adjusting the alignments and spacing can be tricky.

If you are an existing JotForm customer – looking for a more suitable alternative, check out these top JotForm Alternatives listed after thorough research.

Pricing: $24/ month

360 Feedback Tool #11 : Cognito Forms

Cognito Forms provides an extremely easy to use interface with 100+ readymade templates. This 360 feedback tool is well known among clients for its free trial option. Also, it gives users the option to create contact forms, registration forms, order forms, and many more.

360 Feedback Tools Cognito Forms


  • Free trial: The free trial feature of this particular online software helps you to test it out before investing in this online survey tool.
  • Integrations: It makes the collection of data easier because of its easy integration options with MS Flow and MS Sharepoint. This feature has considerably increased its functionality.
  • Responsive customer support: The support team is highly responsive to the queries raised by the users. They even have multiple guides available on the website to help users with the possible problems they can face while using the software.
  • Highly customizable forms: Users can browse through the multiple options of form structures offered by this online survey tool. They are customizable and can be used by users to fulfill various purposes.


  • Not accessible from all mobile devices: The interface is not user friendly. Hence, it is not properly accessible from mobile devices which makes it difficult to use from multiple platforms.

Pricing: $10/month

Conclusion :

With powerful 360 feedback tools, you can collect valuable feedback about your organization and your employees. Derive insights from the collected data and act upon it accordingly. When your employees know their shortcomings and strengths they will be motivated to work better, increasing employee satisfaction considerably.

Honest feedback contributes most to the accelerated growth of any organization. 360 feedback is the future of employee feedback and valid assessment. In this way, the performance of your employees can be improved as and when required. Hence, paving the path for progress towards your organizational goals.

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