Non-Profit Mentoring Programs Survey Template

Non-profit organizations have their own goals and objectives. They focus on benefiting society by helping people out. Each NGO has its own purpose of functions and carries many non-profit mentoring programs to fulfill its objectives. Unlike other businesses, the performance of NGOs cannot be measured by the amount of profit earned. It is therefore important to conduct non-profit mentoring program surveys in order to track the effectiveness of the program and the objective of the NGO as a whole.

Benefits of using non-profit mentoring programs survey templates:

  1. The non-profit mentoring programs survey questions in the template contain quality questions as they are made after doing in-depth research on various aspects associated with non-profit mentoring programs and NGOs.
  2. Using the non-profit mentoring program survey questions in the template saves you ample time which you can use to look at other functional aspects of the NGOs or the program.
  3. The non-profit mentoring program survey questions give you data that is up to the point and can make a huge difference in achieving your objective.

Touchpoints for data collection

  1. You can send thank you emails to the volunteers and all the participants along with embedded non-profit mentoring program survey questions.
  2. You can send your non-profit mentoring program survey link to their registered number along with the thank you message.
  3. If you have an app, you can send the non-profit mentoring program survey there as and when you conduct a program.

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