Training Evaluation Survey

Surveys are made to assist you keep your training programs as effective and high-quality as possible. The value that a business is receiving from its employee training resources, training modules and programs, and other resources is thoroughly understood thanks to these post-training evaluations.

Benefits of using training evaluation survey

  1. The evaluation survey questions in the template are of a high caliber because they were developed after doing extensive customer research.
  2. The information you get from the evaluation survey questions is useful and will help you make your company’s workplace much better.
  3. By using the evaluation survey questions in the template, you may save a lot of time because you won’t have to worry about anything connected to your survey.

Touch points of collecting data

  1. You can provide the employee with a QR code of the evaluation survey at their desk and ask them to fill. 
  2. You might ask the employees to complete the evaluation survey at the guidance counter.
  3. You can text a thank-you note and the link to your survey to their listed phone number.
  4. Employees can receive thank-you emails with incorporated questions from the evaluation survey. 

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