Employee peer review survey

You can use this survey template to get comments or reviews from your coworkers. You will gain a lot of new skills and self-improvement from it, and you will be able to evaluate your peers so they can work on the necessary abilities that will ultimately benefit the success of the workplace.

Benefits of using employee peer review survey

  1. A closer look at the employee is evaluated through peer reviews.
  2. Reviews by peers promote employee recognition.
  3. Peer reviews enhance performance rating accuracy.
  4. Team building can benefit from peer reviews.

Touch points for collecting data

  1. You can provide the employee with a QR code of the employee peer review survey at their desk and ask them to fill. 
  2. You can text a thank-you note and the link to your survey to their listed phone number.
  3. Employees can receive thank-you emails with incorporated questions from the employee peer review survey. 

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