Communication survey

Any communication strategy must include measuring employee engagement levels. Any organisation that wants to know exactly what its employees think of the business, their jobs, and their roles within the organisation must undertake an communications survey.

Benefits of using communication survey

  1. Check to see if the tools for internal communications are appropriate.
  2.  Identify the communication strategies that will be effective.
  3. Increase efficiency.
  4. Measure the repute of your company’s brand.
    Engage the workforce.

Touch points of collecting data

  1. You can provide the employee with a QR code of the communication survey at their desk and ask them to fill. 
  2. You might ask the employees to complete the communication survey at the guidance counter.
  3. You can text a thank-you note and the link to your survey to their listed phone number.
  4. Employees can receive thank-you emails with incorporated questions from the communication  survey. 

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