Graduation Exit Survey

When a student is graduating from your university/college, the next few months are very crucial for students as some may be applying for further education, some will be joining a job to gain some experience and some will have a completely different life planned ahead of them. There are many documents that students will be needing and the ease with which the college helps them will count as their graduation exit experience. To keep a track of all this one can use a graduation exit survey to know the students’ experience with their final exit from the university. One can always use graduation exit survey templates which have their own benefits and can come in very handy during such hectic times.

Benefits of using graduation exit survey templates:

  1. The graduation exit survey questions in the template contain quality questions as they are made after doing extensive student and exit research.
  2. Using the graduation exit survey questions in the template saves you ample time which you can use to look at other aspects of functioning.
  3. The graduation exit survey questions give you data that is up to the point and can make a huge difference in enhancing students’ experience with their graduation.

Touchpoints for data collection

  1. You can send emails to students’ registered email IDs with embedded graduation exit surveys.
  2. You can send a link for your graduation exit survey to students’ registered mobile numbers. 
  3. When students come to take their final documents you can ask them to fill graduation exit survey.

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