Alternatives of SurveyGizmo

SurveyGizmo is a data management system that helps users collect information through various types of online forms, including surveys, job applications, event registrations, and payment forms.

Although, if you’re not satisfied with SurveyGizmo, and might be curious to know some of its alternatives. In this article, we’ll tell you about different SurveyGizmo alternatives so you can decide which is the best form builder for you.


SurveyGizmo Alternative #1 : Fynzo Survey

SurveyGizmo Alternative #1 : Fynzo Survey

Fynzo provides a powerful and advanced suite of software that fulfills your different business needs. Their support team is available around the clock for hearing out their customers and helping them utilize the software to the fullest.

Fynzo offers a robust online survey tool– Fynzo Survey, which comes with modern features and multiple customization options. Given below are the key features of the Fynzo Survey:

  • Comes with an easy survey builder interface where in you can easily write your survey questions.
  • Create multiple question types including NPS, Likert scales, and smiley, star ratings, and many more.
  • Implement advanced survey features like jump logic, piping, and custom variables, and many more.
  • Share surveys on different social media platforms, send them via email, embed on your website, or circulate them with the help of QR codes, etc.
  • Analyze the reports received in different formats including cross-tabulation, trend report, and many more.
  • Schedule reports on multiple emails.
  • Collaborate with your team members while creating surveys, analyzing reports, etc.
  • Personalize your surveys by adding your organization’s logo, background, theme color, etc.
  • Download the data received in Excel, CSV, SPSS, pdf, and many other formats or export to Google Sheet.
  • Integrate with the apps you love including Zapier, Google Analytics, Slack, Facebook Pixel, and many more.
  • Fynzo Survey comes with an AndroidiOS app. You can create surveys, share them, and view/download the results with the mobile app too.
  • With Fynzo mobile app you can collect data even when you are not connected to the internet. Your data received will be backed up once your device receives an internet connection.
  • Grab geolocation while taking the surveys in the field with mobile App.
  • On top of all these amazing features, Fynzo Survey pricing starts at only $17 a month

These advanced features of Fynzo Survey along with its pocket-friendly pricing plans make it the #1 SurveyGizmo Alternative.


SurveyGizmo Alternative #2: ProProfs Survey Maker





ProProfs Survey Maker is an all-in-one survey tool that offers 100+ customizable survey templates. Whether you are a small, medium, or large business, you can use this tool to create, design, and publish surveys within minutes. The best part about this SurveyGizmo alternative is that you can integrate it with popular tools like MailChimp, Zendesk, Campaign Monitor, and many others.

Let’s explore its features:

  1. 20+ question types and 1,000,000+ ready-to-use questions: The tool offers over 20 different question types and a huge library of ready-made survey questions.
  2. Customization and white labeling: You can remove ‘Powered by ProProfs’ and add your brand name and logo to the survey. The tool also offers beautiful themes. Select the one that resonates with your brand. 
  3. Advanced reporting: Track who took your survey, when was it taken, and how the audience responded. 
  4. NPS Surveys – Measure customer or employee satisfaction with a simple survey question
  5. Email Notifications: Get notified every time someone takes your survey. 
  6. Save & Resume – Allow respondents to save an incomplete survey and resume it later on. 



SurveyGizmo Alternative #3 : Qualaroo



Qualaroo is another SurveyGizmo alternative that helps you to collect data in a non-intrusive manner. Be it your customers or real-time website visitors; you can obtain their feedback using engaging questions. Interestingly, Qualaroo responses are 10x times more beneficial than email surveys.

Some of its interesting features are:

  1. Nudges: Nudge is the flagship feature of Qualaroo. Using this feature, you can ask the right questions to the right audience in a hassle-free manner.

  1. AI-powered analytics: Powered by IBM Watson, the AI feature helps in customer sentiment analysis. You can clearly understand the feelings of your customers.

  1. Branching technology: Put forth the customer questions professionally and politely.

  1. Cookie targeting: Target the right audience and collect feedback from the right people.

  1. NPS score setup: Use NPS scores to understand your customer loyalty.



SurveyGizmo Alternative #2 : SurveyMonkey

SurveyGizmo Alternative #4 : SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey being the most popular survey builder is online survey software that helps you to create and run professional online surveys. It is very powerful and a well-known online application. Some special features of this SurveyGizmo alternative are:


  1. Design Options-The basic plan allows you to have only 10 questions per survey with a maximum of 100 responses per survey (you can have unlimited questions and responses per survey in the premium plans).
  2. Collaboration Options- SurveyMonkey offers dynamic collaboration. Users who subscribe to a team plan get a number of collaboration features. You can set granular permissions to give different users the ability to view, edit, or comment on surveys.
  3. 200+ Templates- SurveyMonkey offers pre-written questions and nearly 200 survey templates. Organized by industry and purpose—for everything from market research surveys to employee exit interviews. These templates each contain questions that are vetted by SurveyMonkey’s experts, and the questions are presented in an order that maximizes response quantity and quality.

However, if you are a current SurveyMonkey user looking for an online survey tool with even better features, check out these top SurveyMonkey alternatives and select the one that best suits your business needs.


SurveyGizmo Alternative #3: Microsoft Forms

SurveyGizmo Alternative #5: Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is arguably one of the most underrated Office 365 services out there. Though it’s an excellent tool for getting users into the Microsoft cloud universe, it’s often overlooked as a simple survey tool by many.lets explore some good features of this SurveyGizmo alternative :


  1. Ease of Use — the visual drag and drop builder lets you set up forms quickly.
  2. Surveys and Polls — Includes the ability to use basic Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys.
  3. Outlook Integration — The Microsoft Office Integration Lets you do things like send your form to people via email.
  4. Excel — Using the Microsoft Office Integration, you can bring your form data over to Excel quite easily to look through it.

However, if you are an MS Forms user looking for a switch, check out these top MS Forms alternatives that will make your decision making the process a lot easier.


SurveyGizmo Alternative #4: Zoho Forms

SurveyGizmo Alternative #6: Zoho Forms

Zoho Forms is an amazing online form builder that can be integrated with the provider’s campaigns, CRM, and desktop apps as well. It offers users everything that is needed to have the perfect forms to show up on web media. This is a decent SurveyGizmo alternative. Let’s explore some of its features.


  1. Zoho CRM Compatible — an easy transition if you or your team is already using Zoho CRM.
  2. Safety — Built-in security measures for keeping data safe and assigning team roles and different settings.
  3. Zoho Survey — Connect apps within Zoho to take advantage of easy data collection with online surveys.
  4. Form Embedding — embed your forms on your own website.
  5. Analytics — Keep track of your forms’ performance and share it with easily exportable statistics and reports.
  6. Customizations — make your forms look the way you want them to.


SurveyGizmo Alternative #5 : JotForms

SurveyGizmo Alternative #7 : JotForms

JotForms lets you create fully functional forms for different niches like marketing, non-profits, enterprises, small size business, designers etc.This is a great SurveyGizmo alternative.Lets explore some of its features.


  1. Integrations – It has got 80+ integrations with various CRM, marketing, data synchronization & sharing applications and much more.

  1. Payment Option – You can integrate 18+ reliable payment gateways including PayPal & Stripe in your payment forms like product, subscription & donation forms.
  2. Configurations – It allows you to make several alterations in terms of form settings like language translations, captcha, form progress status, unique submissions, etc.
  3. Publish Platforms – Share your form link in various social posts and any 3rd party platforms for e-commerce, CMS, and more.

If you are a current JotForms user in search of an even better online survey tool, check out these JotForm alternatives.

SurveyGizmo Alternative #6 :Cognito Forms

SurveyGizmo Alternative #8 :Cognito Forms

Cognito Forms has been one of the most amazing online form builders as it provides you with an enormous features list that contains document merging, entry management, spam prevention, website embedding, form calculations, electronic signature & a lot more. This is an awesome SurveyGizmo alternative.Lets explore it.


  1. Save & Resume – You can save even the partially filled forms and allow users to continue their form completion in the future.
  2. Card on File – Store customer payment card information for future use like recurring payments, installments, subscriptions, etc. while staying PCI compliant.
  3. Multi-page Forms – Manage long forms & surveys easily by segmenting them into multiple pages, sections, progress bars, and conditional branching, etc. for ease.
  4. Quantity Limit – Use this feature when you want the user to enter a value only a specific number of times on your forms.


SurveyGizmo Alternative #7: TypeForm

SurveyGizmo Alternative #9: TypeForm

Typeform is a good answer to SurveyGizmo if you’re looking to make unique and pretty forms, and you’ve got intermediate technical skills. It’s expensive, so it’s best for marketing teams with big budgets.


  1. Surveys — Typeform’s surveys include templates like a customer satisfaction survey, employee satisfaction surveys, etc.
  2. Mobile-Friendly — Large CTA buttons work well on mobile devices.
  3. Conditional Logic — Contact forms built with Typeform can use the Logic Jumps feature.
  4. File Upload Capability — Just like WPForms, Typeform lets you accept file uploads through your forms.
  5. Conversational Marketing — Shows one question at a time to take advantage of conversational marketing.

However, if you are a Typeform user who is looking for an even better survey builder, check out these top Typeform alternatives and select the one fitting all your survey needs.

SurveyGizmo Alternative #8 : Ninja Forms

SurveyGizmo Alternative #10 : Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is a free form builder plugin for WordPress that enables you to build just about any type of form you can imagine… from simple contact forms to event registrations, file uploads, payments, and more.


  1. Beautiful Forms: Drag and drop fields. Easy row and column layouts. Multi-page forms. Conditional forms. You don’t have to be a designer to create forms that will blend beautifully with your WordPress website
  2. Payments: You can accept PayPal and credit card payments securely and easily from any of your WordPress forms. Single payments or subscriptions, fixed, variable, or user-entered amounts.
  3. Get more from signup forms and lead generation forms: Experience the difference in a fully customizable email subscription form or lead generation form will make for your business. Grow your mailing lists and bring in new leads like never before.

SurveyGizmo Alternative #9 : WPForms

SurveyGizmo Alternative #11 : WPForms

WPForms is a perfect SurveyGizmo alternative because of the simplicity of the Survey and Polls add-on and the Form Pages add-on.


  1. Ease of Use — Form creation is straightforward for beginners with a drag-n-drop visual builder that lets you make forms in real-time.
  2. Heavenly Support — Knowledgeable and cordial customer service available through an assortment of channels, plus extensive documentation.
  3. Surveys and Polls — Customizable online surveys and polls that assist you with gathering data quickly, then display it in beautiful graphs for better data visualization.
  4. Spam Prevention — Create trust with your users so they’re more likely to complete your form with reCAPTCHA, Honeypot, and custom Captcha.
  5. Landing Form Pages — the fiercely well-known Form Pages add-on is explicitly made to assist you with building an adjustable, independent form.

Explore these alternatives to SurveyGizmo.

Ultimately, for you, the best form tool depends on your team’s purpose and particular business needs.

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