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7 Best NPS Software To Track Customer Satisfaction

NPS is a metric through which you can measure how much a customer is willing to recommend your product or services to the people he knows like friends and family members. It is a measure to see how well you are doing with your business and how much your customers are satisfied. You know that you are in the right direction when your Net Promoter score is higher than that of your competitors or is higher than your previous one. The best way to create and run a Net Promoter Score survey is to use NPS software. The software will help you create, share, analyze, and calculate NPS.

The best NPS software today

Getting NPS has become crucial for all businesses to do a better job in serving the customers and to measure competition. So, a software with user friendly features to measure NPS is very important for a company. Some of the best NPS software are:

Best NPS Software
  1. Fynzo survey
  2. AskNicely
  3. Zonka feedback
  4. Survey Sparrow
  5. Survey Monkey
  6. Delighted
  1. Fynzo survey: Fynzo Survey is one of the best NPS software that you can find. It has questions in its templates that ask the respondents to rate the product or the service based on its various aspects like quality, staff behavior, and assistance and it also asks the customers to rate how likely they are to recommend their product or service to others. This helps you to get an idea of how much you need to improve with your business. Survey data can be exported to excel sheets, pdf, and CSV files. The built surveys can be shared through all media like text messages, email, social networking as well. It also provides scope for offline survey collection of data which acts as a huge lifesaver. It uses jump logic which not a lot of survey software offer.
  2. Ask nicely: With AskNicely, you get to add logic-based questions for your survey. The software makes your analysis better and easier with the help of individual divisions like channels, products, and many more. It gives scope for sharing the surveys by embedding the link in websites, email, and text messages. The surveys can be integrated with Intercom, Hubspot, Zapier, and others. It has a number of support networks as well making it a place in one of the best NPS software. If you want, you can also have a look into its alternatives here.
  3. Zonka feedback: Zonka feedback is an interactive survey option between the business and the customers. The questions are so framed that the respondents need to give a reason behind their chosen option. This feature helps you to learn about customer satisfaction in a more detailed manner. Sharing surveys is easy as it has multiple channels like QR code, embedded links, and other networking solutions. It is not free to use software though you can opt for a free trial period of 15 days.
  4. Survey Sparrow: Surveys conducted under SurveySparrow can be integrated with any Google applications. It provides scope for multiple access to the surveys. Questions framed for the survey can be divided or branched questions in this software. Data analysis is viewed in an easily understandable method to get better results and better development. Survey Sparrow is also very affordable with a number of features that are beneficial and that one of the best NPS software offers.
  5. Survey Monkey: SurveyMonkey is also amongst the best NPS software that many businesses prefer using. It has more than 100 question templates that fit your requirements in any scenario. Surveys can be integrated with Microsoft Teams, Zapier, and almost every other platform. Through its subscription price is a bit in the higher range, it has still managed to give customers what they wanted. You can choose SurveyMonkey if you want your surveys to be efficient and engaging to your customers.
  6. Delighted: Delighted comes under the list of best NPS software because it is extremely easy to use for everyone. Delighted has the feature of filtering responses and thus helps to accurately analyze the information collected whatever is necessary to the business. These surveys can also be integrated almost with every platform like Zapier, Salesforce, Intercom, and many more.
  7. Promoter.Io: As the name suggests, it is a great way for your products and services. You can use your logo in the survey and customize it as you require. Promoter.Io is also on the pricier side. Surveys can be shared through SMS, emails, and website and its integration options are favourable by many as well. Help and support are available via SMS, emails, and chat.

You can choose any of the software from this list of best NPS software as all of them are very user friendly and have great reviews. It has to be kept in mind that a low Net Promoter score like 1 to 5 in a total of 10 can hamper your reviews and sales. So, you need to be careful that your customers are not so much dissatisfied that you get more of these low ratings. Whereas scores like 8 to 10 out of 10 is a pretty impressive score and do a great deal in uplifting the business image. So, the target should always be to achieve high ratings so that your overall score is satisfactory and more than the competitors.

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