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Voice of Customer (VoC)

What is Voice of Customer?

Voice of Customer, often abbreviated as VoC is a process that accounts for collecting all the important information about a customer. The kind of information focused on in VoC can be very extensive. It can account for anything a customer feels relating to the business, product or service like customer expectation, customer experience, customer suggestion for product or service or anything related to it.

Importance of Voice of Customer

Voice of customer (VoC) is a very important process that businesses can use to their benefit. It helps businesses to look and understand things from a customer’s perspective. There as some important aspects where voice of customer can help business by giving them clear path ahead:

Quality product and services

When a business knows its customers inside and out including their experience and expectations, they can focus more in that direction. A thoroughly done voice of customer program can help businesses understand the underlying issues with the product or the customers' needs and help businesses resolve the issue or innovate and serve quality product or service to the customers.

Enhanced customer experience

Apart from the monetary aspects, how a customer feels throughout their customer journey is very important. With the help of a Voice of Customer Tool, one can look deeper into the customer experience and improve when needed. Also, when a customer sees that their expectations are met and suggestions are respected, it enhances their customer experience.

Increased revenue

Having a successful voice of customer program also adds up to the company’s revenue and growth. This is so because when we keep our products or services in alignment with that of customers' needs, customers tend to stay loyal to the business. Not only this, happy customers act as a brand ambassador through word of mouth and bring in more customers.

Reduced cost

Voice of customer tool provides us a clear picture about customers’ needs and expectations. This helps businesses understand what they need to work on. This saves them the huge cost involved in the trial process where they continuously try and test products, market them, conduct surveys about them and change them accordingly.

Formation of the Voice of Customer

Now that we know what the voice of customer is and its importance, it should not be difficult to get the basic idea as to what will be needed in order to create the voice of customer. But we need to dig deeper, far more than just a basic idea to have an in-depth understanding of the same and not miss out on any small but crucial steps. So let’s move along and make ourselves an effective VoC program.

Identifying customer’s touch points

Like I mentioned earlier- small but crucial. Identifying customer’s touch points is something which does not occur in mind in the very first go. But when we dive down a little further we can see that it’s important. This is so because throughout the customer’s journey there are many things or touch points a customer comes across. When we are aware about all those touch points it will be easier to know where all we need to record customer’s experience. Understanding the customer's touch point acts as a roadmap for using the voice of customer tool.

Conducting Voice of Customer surveys

The next step in the program is to conduct voice of customer surveys. Once we know all the customer’s touch points, we need to know and understand what our customer feels about our products and services. This can happen when we conduct surveys and collect customers data which we can use at a later stage of VoC program.

Data Analysis

Now that we have the data from our customers about their experiences at various touch points, the next thing to do in the Voc program will be to analyze that data in order to make sense from it. Collected data in itself will not give us any inference about our customers. We need to organize that data and analyze them as per our needs.

Distinguish and take action

As a next step of VoC program, we will not directly jump onto taking actions as per customers’ needs. We have our insights from the data, now we need to distinguish which all are actionable insights and which all are not. This means that out of all, businesses cannot work on everything. For this, businesses will first draw a distinction between actionable and non actionable insights. After that distinction is made, businesses will work on things resulting from actionable insights.


In order to keep our business flourishing, we need to remain updated with our customers and in order to do that we need to always keep track of their thoughts about various products or services. So as part of the VoC program, our next important step will be to repeat all the mentioned steps and keep analyzing the data timely and take actions accordingly.

Tips For A Successful Voice Of Customer Program

We have been using the term ‘Voice of Customer program’ but do we know what it means? So before looking at the tips for a successful voice of customer program, let’s first understand the difference between simple surveys collected to record customer experience and VoC programs. A VoC program is when we collect consumer data at all the touch points of a customer journey. The difference can simply be understood as the survey conducted is a subset or a part of a voice of customer program. Now that we know the difference, let’s jump on to a few things to keep in mind for a successful VoC program:

First thing first

It is very crucial to follow the steps for conducting a VoC program. All will go in vain if we miss any step. This is an important highlight for the very first step of a VoC program. To many people it does not occur to understand customer journey, know all the touchpoints and strategize their voice of customer program.

Right people at right time

Once the data is collected and insights are generated, it is very important to have the right set of people working on actionable insights.

Be honest

There will be times when the actionable insights generated will take more effort to work on or will have conflict of thought but one needs to be honest and take necessary steps.

Why use Fynzo Voice of Customer tool?

Voice of Customers (VoC) can account for a lot of customer touch points with your business and to have quality data collected, Fynzo can serve as the best feedback software. Fynzo offers some very exclusive working functionalities which comes in very handy for collecting data. Let’s take a look at how Fynzo as a customer feedback software can help users collect data:

  1. Fynzo is a smart feedback tool and with VoC it can be very helpful as it has templates for all the touchpoints in customer journey  a lot which can be customized as per the requirement. 
  2. Fynzo surveys can be shared anytime and in all forms. It also has a setting of scheduling surveys as per the timings which also helps a lot of businesses. 
  3. The data collected through surveys is automatically organized and generates reports which gives understanding of data at a glance.
Voice of Customer (VoC)

Frequently Asked Questions on Voice of Customer Software

The main purpose of Voice of Customer (VoC) is to understand customer’s expectations and their insights on the existing product. Develop an understanding of the same and improve the product or service as per the customer’s expectations.

Voice of Customer is all about understanding your customer. The only way to identify the Voice of Customer is to collect as much as quality data and look thoroughly for analysis of the same to know your customer’s voice or opinion of your product or service.

The product or the service manager is responsible for the Voice of Customer.

Voice of Customer in a very intact form includes three easy steps- collecting customer data, analyzing data and rightfully acting on the results.

There are many tools for Voice of Customer but top of the list consist of Fynzo Feedback, Monkeylearn, Medallia, Sentisum, ConfirmIt and InMoment.

Voice of Customer interview is nothing but understanding about your customers by the way of conducting interviews.

There are many ways in which one can record the opinions and expectations of the customers like conducting surveys, taking interviews, focusing on customer reviews, measuring NPS and other feedback areas.

Just follow these simple steps:
1. Login to your very own Fynzo account.
2. Click on “Create New Survey” on the dashboard.
3. Enter a Form Name of your choice and press submit.
4. Click on “Add New Questions” to add a question to the survey.
5. Mix and match the type of questions like MCQ, NPS ranking, text, etc. according to your needs.
6. Flip over the “Required” button if the question is compulsory.
7. Submit your form to save the question.
8. Add more questions on the subsequent page.
9. After you are done adding questions, share your survey on social media channels, by email, SMS, or through QR codes.

You can enjoy a 14-day trial on Fynzo Voice of Customer Software free of cost, where no credit card information is required. Apart from that, its paid plans, (when billed yearly) are:
Starter plan- $21/month
Standard plan- $34/month
Premium- $79/month

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With its very affordable prices, Fynzo is the best Voice of Customer tool for small businesses.

Yes, you need to have an account for creating feedback form here. Sign up with your Gmail, Facebook or via email to enjoy the advanced customer feedback survey experience offered by Fynzo Voice of Customer software.

Many customization options are available with Fynzo Voice of Customer software. Pictures and videos can be added to the question along with text.

Yes, of course. After you finish creating your customer feedback survey, you can preview it by opening the survey URL in browser. You can make changes to your forms on the customer feedback tool if you don’t like what you are seeing.

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