What is Customer Experience(CX)?

There is only one boss, that is the customer.

When the customer is your boss and the one on which the future of your company is dependent, it is really important to ensure none of your customers walk out of your store with a negative feeling. As a company, you need to study your customer experience(CX) around the clock and keep improving it as you grow. With this, comes the question, What is Customer Experience(CX)?

Customer Experience

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What is Customer Experience(CX)?

Customer experience (CX) is a tool through which a company communicates with its customers at various stages of the purchasing process, from production to sales to customer support and everything else. It’s an accumulation of all the customer’s interactions with your firm. 

The customer experience is more than a collection of behaviors. It also emphasizes emotions. What do your current and potential customers think about your brand? You can improve—or destroy—your customers’ perceptions of you at every customer touchpoint. As a result, crucial decisions must be made at each touchpoint, and those decisions have an impact on how successful your firm will be.

Importance of Customer Experience(CX)

The Popularity of your brand and edge over other firms cannot be achieved only with perfect products and services. The customer experience you deliver to your customers is what sets you apart from the competition.

1. A better customer experience benefits the customer and distinguishes the company from its competition. As a result, customers become loyal and spread positive word of mouth.

2. Customer churn is caused by poor customer service, not the other way around. Customers are willing to pay an extra penny for better service.

 3. Providing a good customer experience can provide a significant competitive edge. 

4. Customers are willing to pay a higher price for a company that provides exceptional customer service. As a result, sales and revenue increase.

Today’s customers have higher expectations than ever before. Knowing how easy it is for a consumer to defect to a rival if they can’t discover what they’re looking for on your site—or anywhere else along the customer journey—the stakes around customer experience are quite high. So high, in fact, that a single bad experience can turn a customer away for good and could have a ripple effect that affects other customers’ impressions as well.  Customers that have had a horrible experience are considerably more inclined to talk about it, submit a negative review, and tell their entire network about it.

As a result, providing a positive customer experience is critical not only because it is the right thing to do in general, but also because it makes sound financial sense.

74% of consumers are at least somewhat likely to buy based on experiences alone. (Forbes / Arm Treasure Data)

Components of Customer Experience

It is evident that the customer experience is critical to any company’s success. This is why every company should examine the elements listed below that have an impact on a customer’s experience.

1. Meet or exceed customer expectations

2. Ensure that clients have a favorable experience with you.

3. Determining the source of their discomfort.

4. Implementing an omnichannel strategy

5. Providing a unique experience

6. To be empathic 

7. Using technology to its full potential

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How to deliver a great customer experience(CX)?

How to deliver great customer experience

Now that you know what customer experience is and how important it is, the question that arises next is how to deliver a good experience to your customers?

1. Every business has its own missions and set of objectives. You need to keep your missions in mind while drafting your customer experience.

2. Customers will feel at ease in your store if you make eye contact and use friendly remarks.

3. Customer input is extremely important to your business’s success. Always be on the lookout for new ways to improve their experience. Think out of the box.

4. Use technology to enhance the experience rather than create it. 

5. Now that you’ve crafted your customer’s experience, maintain consistency to ensure repeat business.

Great customer experience examples

Ever been to Mcdonald’s? Let me tell you, it’s not only food that keeps bringing customers into their stores but it is their customer experience. Yes, Mcdonald’s is one of the best examples of customer experience. Let’s see how? 

When McDonald’s saw a drop in revenue, they decided to focus on the customer experience rather than adjusting their marketing strategies to turn things around.

They began by attempting to listen to their clients and offering them a more streamlined experience, similar to what they had requested. McDonald’s simplified its menu in response to customer input, improved order accuracy, and began utilizing higher-quality ingredients.

McDonald’s also spent time upgrading store interiors for a nicer aesthetic, as well as installing digital, self-order kiosks and table service, resulting in shorter customer wait times. BTIG predicted a 4.1 percent increase in revenues once these modifications were implemented. As a result, McDonald’s was able to distinguish itself from competitors by raising its total quality.

Customer Service VS Customer Experience

We often get confused between the terms “Customer Service” and “Customer Experience” as interchangeable words. They aren’t identical, but they are connected.

Customer service is different from customer experience. Customer experience consists of the entire customer journey, including customer service.

Customer service refers to the interactions that a customer has with a company or organization when seeking advice or assistance with a product or service. Crunching numbers from non-customer-facing teams that contribute to a customer’s entire experience with a product or service, on the other hand, can help you understand the customer experience.

Although service and customer experience are indeed critical components of a company’s success, it’s impossible (or unnecessary) to make clear distinctions between them. The distinction between how customers use a product and how they connect with those who support it is becoming increasingly blurred. Customers ponder about the big picture while considering your products, and you should too.

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A positive customer experience is now an integral aspect of any company’s strategy. You can understand how to improve the experience at every customer touchpoint using the lessons learned from the finest customer experience examples given above.

There are also a number of customer experience solutions that can assist you in redefining how you give support. Reach out to Fynzo to assist you in calculating your customer experience.

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