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7 Best SoGoSurvey Alternatives


Hey, you must have heard of SoGoSurvey? Well, have you? Umm… oh if you haven’t then here’s a small explanation of what is it. In simple terms, SoGoSurvey is an enterprise feedback management application that allows you to create and monitor customer and personal experiences. You must be thinking about why we’re discussing it? It’s because in this post you’re gonna read about best SoGoSurvey Alternatives. 

But before that, let’s read a bit about it in general. 

What is SoGoSurvey?

SoGoSurvey is a data collecting and analysis platform that allows users to construct various surveys, forums, questionnaires, and forms with customization, delivery, and reporting features.

We can say, it is a web survey solution that offers Software as a Service (SAAS). The software focuses on empowering the consumers with a flexible, configurable solution that delivers relevant analytics and insights because data genuinely can make a difference. Not only this but- 

Users of SoGoSurvey take advantage of the platform’s versatility to construct a wide range of research and data collecting projects, including surveys, polls, and forms, as well as in-depth risk evaluations, customer satisfaction management, and staff pulse check and involvement studies. 

Whoa! It’s a lot. But please don’t think that we have only a single software available like this in the market. Wait, were you thinking something like this? Gosh, not at all. 

Trust me there are a lot many top SoGoSurvey Alternatives available you can’t even imagine. But then again, it’s hard to choose the best right? Mmhmm…. Okay then as mentioned above, you’ll read here about the 7 best SoGoSurvey alternatives. 

7 Amazing SoGoSurvey Alternatives 

Discover the top SoGoSurvey alternatives for consumers who require new software features or wish to experiment with different solutions. 

You must have realized that Enterprise Feedback Management Software is popular technology, and many individuals are looking for time-saving, profitable software solutions that include device responsiveness, brand design coherence, and system monitoring. 

Other key elements to consider when looking for SoGoSurvey alternatives are features and customer service

Guys, we’ve produced a collection of solutions that reviewers deemed to be the finest overall SoGoSurvey alternatives and rivals. So, just continue reading this post.

1. Fynzo Survey

SoGoSurvey Alternatives - Fynzo Survey

Fynzo Survey is an online survey software that enables you to create surveys and quizzes fast, reach audiences on any device, and analyze real-time results. It’s one of the most effective SoGoSurvey alternatives

While using Fynzo Survey you can easily generate personalised surveys with Fynzo online survey maker. You can even explore the wide library of ready-to-use survey templates and adjust them to match your specific requirements for higher response rates. 

You can even distribute the surveys you created with this online survey creator to your target audience in a variety of ways. The software is quite similar to SoGoSurvey and is even better for some users.


  • Easy Interface

If you are choosing Fynzo Survey, then you don’t have to worry about how to use it and other stuff. It’s because this SoGoSurvey alternative is extremely easy to use. You don’t have to look here and there to learn how to create or send surveys. 

  • Customization Available

Customize your surveys by including your organization’s logo, backdrop, theme color, and so on. You can also choose one of the many available survey templates. It enables you to select the best template for your requirements and finish the survey development process in a matter of minutes.

  • Integration Possible

One of the best features of this SoGoSurvey alternative is the ease with which you can combine it with your favorite tools, such as Zapier, Google Analytics, Slack, Facebook Pixel, and many more.


Fynzo Survey has 3 different plan sorts. 

  • Starter
  • Standard
  • Premium

It starts with the starter plan charging $19 per month. Try it for free now!

2. Google Forms

SoGoSurvey Alternative - Google Forms

Google Forms is an online survey tool for people and businesses with a Google account. There are no restrictions on surveys, questions, or responses, making this one of the greatest free SoGoSurvey alternative available. Furthermore, the software features outstanding collaboration tools.


  • Secure To Use

You can keep Google forms private by modifying the sharing options for each Google form and controlling who may read and update content.

  • Work On Every Device

All Google forms are flexible, which means that they may be created, edited, and responded to using any device, such as a cellphone, tablet, or desktop pc.

  • Real-Time Collection 

Create a questionnaire, distribute it to clients, and then watch as the results are logged in real-time into a spreadsheet. Generate questions and analyze results with the team using real-time collaboration tools, and create forms faster without having to send numerous copies of the file.


Single Google users can use Google Forms for free. Forms are also accessible for commercial use as part of G Suite, which begins at $6 per user per month. 

There are no differences in the Google Forms capabilities offered based on the tier of your G Suite membership.

3. Survicate

Alternatives to SoGoSurvey - Survicate

Survicate is a software application that helps merchants and business owners determine behavior of customers, trends, and other pertinent data. This is accomplished through the use of website widgets that serve as survey tools. 

Users can use the application to manage brief surveys and collect consumer feedback about their website, as well as their services and products. 

This SoGoSurvey alternative enables businesses to launch surveys capable of precisely targeting the correct individuals to get informative lead profiles. These are then sent to users’ inboxes as well as their existing Marketing Automation platforms or CRMs. The application also aids in the identification of elements that confuse, obstruct, or motivate clients to do desired behaviors.


  • Integration Available

This SoGoSurvey alternative offers robust connectors with well-known and industry-leading marketing management platforms and business systems.

  • Effective Tools

A plethora of options enables users to correctly launch surveys to the targeted recipients. As a result, they may identify the characteristics that improve lead conversion, resulting in more profitability for their company.

  • Easy To Use In Mobile

Survicate’s widgets are designed to be fully responsive and functioning on mobile devices. This increases the system’s availability to more people.


This SoGoSurvey alternative offers 4 types of plans. 

  • Free: $0/month
  • Essential: $79/month 
  • Professional – $159/month
  • Ultimate – $349/month 

4. Alchemer

Alternative to SoGoSurvey- Alchemer

Alchemer is simple-to-use form creator that gives organizations the power, flexibility, integration, and data control they need to safely take action from their feedback. Individuals, as well as large, medium, and small businesses, can use the tool.


  • Customization Available

You can alter the surveys- at any time, including adding instructions, changing button text, error messages, and the text on your final page.

  • Easy To Use

Create surveys that complement your brand using simple theme builders. If you’re an HTML & CSS whiz, you’ll like the fact that the software allows you complete control over the layout and styling of your survey.


The pricing of this alternative to SoGoSurvey depends on the platform. 

  • Starting from: $49.00/month
  • Pricing model: Free, Subscription
  • Free Trial: Available

5. SurveyLegend

SoGoSurvey Alternatives - SurveyLegend

SurveyLegend is the future generation of online survey software: entertaining, platform-agnostic, and aesthetically pleasing. The alternative to SoGoSurvey enables large and small businesses, as well as individuals, to produce mobile-friendly, beautiful surveys; most essential, with ease and a grin on their faces. 

You can now construct visually appealing surveys on your computer or tablet wherever you are, adjust the look of your survey as you like, and show collected data with eye-catching and informative graphics. 

You don’t need to be a market research professional to utilize the platform because creating questions is as simple as dragging and dropping.


  • Easy To Use

The form maker is easy to use. So, you can create and spread surveys without any hurdles. 

  • Customization

 There are multiple templates available to help you out. So it’s easy to customize. 

  • Easy To Share

You can easily share the surveys on social media. 


The pricing of this alternative to SoGoSurvey is divided like this. 

  • Started: Free
  • Pro: $ 19
  • Business: $ 39
  • Legendary: $ 89

6. Qualaroo

SoGoSurvey Alternatives - Qualroo

Qualaroo is a full-featured form builder aimed towards SMEs and Enterprises. This is one of the SoGoSurvey alternatives that offers complete Web App development solutions. This web Survey system combines Portable Survey, Site Input Survey, Email Campaigns, Question Branching, and Offline Comment Collection.


  • Customizable

Features like quality templates, skip logic, flexible targeting, language conversions, and design options are available to help you create personalized surveys rapidly.

  • Easy To Analyze

AI-based approaches such as sentiment analysis and text analytics can be used to examine feedback data while using this alternative to SoGoSurvey. 

  • Easy To Integrate

You can easily connect Qualaroo online form builder with your existing tools by using it.


  • Starting from: $100.00/month
  • Pricing model: Subscription
  • Free Trial: Available

7. Podium

SoGoSurvey Alternatives - Podium

Podium is a text messaging-based customer interaction tool that helps firms manage customer engagement and develop an online reputation across many websites.

To help users manage online reviews, Podium’s platform merges customer relations and online reviews into a cohesive dashboard. Users can issue review invitations, react to reviews promptly, and send and get text messages with consumers and potential customers from the dashboard.


  • Get Notifications

You and your team do not have to constantly check each review website to see whether customers have posted anything new. With this alternative to SoGoSurvey, you will receive instant notifications, allowing you to save time and answer each comment as soon as possible.

  • User-friendly

This alternative to SoGoSurvey quickly verifies online reviews from many sites. It provides a mobile communication channel as well as an easy-to-use interface for gathering reviews.


Pricing model: Free and Subscription both

Free Trial: Available

Pricing is completely tailored to your company’s demands and many locations. 

Survey Tools Are Significant: A Must 

Well, you must have realized by now that a company must rely on a survey builder. Especially when you know that market research promotes corporate growth and success, companies should channel their growth strategies into a useful market research instrument. And so, a company should surely invest in a good survey tool

However, many entrepreneurs and firms completely disregard the market research process, which leads to business failure. In fact, one of the leading causes of business failure is a failure to undertake market research.

Therefore, a company should invest in market research because it leads to significant gains in terms of growth and scaling. For market research a company needs survey software.

  • Market Analysis

The most obvious purpose for doing a company survey is to learn what your market prefers or what needs it recognizes as critical. Inquiring into the decisions consumers make when interacting with items or services similar to yours will yield valuable information for your future goals.

  • To Track Performance

You can use a brief survey to keep your operations running smoothly. You can solicit consumer feedback on their interactions with your organization and use that data to assess how well you and your employees are performing. Call centers, for example, frequently track performance in this manner.

  • To Give Priority To Customers

Sending a more extensive survey shortly after a sale is typically instructive in terms of how effectively you are meeting the demands of the consumer. It is also a vital approach to demonstrate to the consumer that you appreciate their interactions and are committed to continuous improvement. 


In short, nowadays every industry area is becoming a highly competitive environment for firms to survive. As a result, organizations must adapt their services and deliveries to meet changing client wants and expectations. 

Not only this but, businesses must stay current with what is going on in the world and how their products and services are received by their customers. Based on this information, the options can be adjusted to increase sales and profitability.

An online survey builder is an important tool used by businesses to acquire useful data from various sources in order to measure customer expectations and reflect on how well their products and services are performing in the current market context. This software often comes with customer feedback software and NPS survey tool

So, if you’re looking forward to good survey maker, here are the best of them.

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