Multiple uses of chatbots for your business

There are multiple uses of chatbots. By extensive surveys, it was predicted that by the year 2020, 80% of all businesses will be using a chatbot for their official website. The use of this innovative technology has become a mandatory feature owing to the tough competition prevailing in the present scenario. This feature has been adopted by businesses to remove the constraints of human limitations. Chatbots have successfully revolutionized the customer service industry and are considered the future of customer service and management.  

What exactly are the uses of chatbots?

In simple terms, it is a computer program that can have real conversations, with the help of its chat interface.  This feature is extremely popular in today’s competitive world and almost every messaging app has this feature installed in them. Innovative names and personalities can be associated with these bots. They have the capacity to interpret read or written texts and responds to them. Most of the modern smartphone apps depend on chatbots to function.

uses of a chatbot

What are the uses of chatbots in our business?

Chatbots are extremely efficient depending on whether it is a command based or an AI-powered chatbot. Given below are 5 reasons why this technology will be useful in your business:

1. To provide support 24/7 to your customers:

Anyone who visits the website of your business the chatbot will greet with the help of bells, whistles, or a simple text. They will be providing an immediate response on your behalf, to any query your customer may be having. Chatbots are prone to furnish smart answers using their tailor-made messenger interface according to the requirements of your business. In this way, your company will remain open 24/7, instead of being available only during work hours. They may be fashionable in a way so that they can give details about your business and make your customer engaged with the different services you provide without having to contact them personally.

It compensates for the need of hiring an additional support team or running a call center to provide 24/7 customer services to your potential or existing clients. The top 10 tips to increase the NPS survey response rate.

2. Uses of chatbots to scale up your business:

The operations of your business will scale up immensely when a chatbot will be available to solve your customer queries instead of a human agent. A person can only handle 2-3 customers at the same time but chatbots can operate without any upper limit. On certain days you may experience an immense traffic hike and your live chat members will be insufficient for handling all your customer’s queries. This way, many messages will go unsolved and your customers will be unsatisfied with the customer service provided by your company. You can easily prevent this by employing chatbot solutions to complement your human task force. They can provide immediate responses by generating multiple modules for handling hundreds and thousands of customers at the same time.

3. To improve business branding and building trust:

Most businesses open in the sectors where other businesses are already established, making the competition extremely fierce. To survive and reach out to potential customers you need to have an impeccable customer service.

uses of a chatbot

When customers have questions related to your brand’s services and products, they would want an immediate and qualitative response. This is nearly impossible if you have a human task force. Hence using chatbots will be beneficial for your business as it can respond to thousands of queries at an instant, regardless of the day or time. You can instill frequently asked questions and their answers in the bot. People rarely have the time to go through snippets of information provided on the company’s website and so your chatbot will help in providing key information about your business. Thus by providing the right answers to your customer’s query, you will be building trust with your potential and existing customers as well. Create Google forms

4. To build new connections and strengthen old ones:

Chatbots start interacting with your customers and tend to keep them engaged on the company’s site for a longer time. By providing the right information and answering their queries, your business will be able to connect with potential customers and satisfy the existing customers too.

For the last decade, emails have been the solution for marketing and building new connections with people. Recent statistics reveal that only 34% of people open marketing emails and they mostly pass as spam. Due to the heightened risk of exposure to malware, people rarely open and seldom click on the links provided in such emails. 84% of the recipients open messages sent by chatbots. Hence for building a frictionless business, get a messenger chatbot instead of spending time and effort in email marketing. Create an online survey.

5. To target Millennials:

Nowadays millennials are the main targets of maximum businesses but appeasing them is not an easy task. They are not impulsive buyers and would often compare and inquire about the products before buying them. Also, they prefer chat channels more than other forms of customer service. This is the reason why live chat support has become the most popular trend in the past few years.

uses of a chatbot

According to a survey, millennials tend to solve their queries by themselves via chat. Instead of talking with an agent over a call. You can easily achieve this by installing chatbots for your business. Also, you will be able to connect and keep millennials engaged for a longer time.

These are some of the reasons why 55% of customers prefer conversing with businesses using a Chatbot and 63% of customers think that a chatbot must be present on the company’s official website. In this highly competitive world, customers tend to search for customized solutions and to satisfy them, you need to stand out from the crowd. Hence by employing cost-effective, fully customizable chatbots, you will be able to scale up your business. It will help you to build trust, connect with, and enhance your customer base. Alternatives of Survey Gizmo.

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