10 Tips To Increase NPS Survey Response Rates

Calculating Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an ideal way to develop a business. Since it is the ratings given by the customers, you can act on the small fixes and thus can get better NPS scores. NPS helps you shape your products/services that suit the needs of the customer better. A high NPS does more for the company to gain customers as it builds a good image in their minds and they are tempted to buy the products and services of that company for its popularity. What is the need to increase the response rates of NPS surveys?

If the response rate for your NPS survey is low, then it is harder to discover accurate insights. A greater number of responses from customers who have experienced the products/services of the business is very important to get real insights.

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Tips and tricks to increase NPS response rates :

#1: Segment your audience

Increase NPS Survey Response Rate - Segment Audience

It is advisable to divide your customers for surveying. Dividing the respondents into segments makes it easier to track who has responded and who has not. By tracking this way, you can send them a reminder mail reminding them to give their feedback and rate your product or service. Segmenting customers also makes it easier to evaluate and analyze based on different categories. The customer segments can be done on the basis of the range of products or services bought by the customers.

#2 : Personalize the NPS survey and emails

Increase NPS Survey Response Rate - Personalise

Personalizing the survey and reminder emails increase NPS response rates. Customers are more likely to answer your survey if the feedback forms are referred to them by their names. For example, instead of saying “Hello, customer”, you can input the name of the person to personalize the form or the mail. If you personalize your survey, it instills a feeling among the customers that the business has taken time to know the customer and address him with his name rather than sending the same mail or survey to everyone. Thus, it might do a great deal in pursuing the customer to take up the rating survey.

#3: Use various medium

Increase NPS Survey Response Rate - Use various medium

It is a good idea to use different platforms to promote the survey and give reminders You can use emails and texts to send reminders at the same time to the same guest. This helps them to remember to take the survey even if they miss out the reminder on some platform they get reminded on the other. This reduces the risk of missing out on the surveys and is a good way to increase NPS response rates. You also need to analyze from which medium the response rates have been more or which medium is accessed more by customers. So, feedback surveys can be distributed focusing on that medium.

#4: Give reminders

Increase NPS Survey Response Rate - Give Reminders

In case the customer is delaying the submission of the survey, you can remind him about it. A periodic reminder helps you to guarantee that you will get responses from your customers. It sometimes so happens that customers might forget to take up the survey after using the product. The reminders via email and SMS help him remember and fill out the feedback form and a response is also confirmed for the business.

#5: Short survey and feedback forms

Increase NPS Survey Response Rate - Keep surveys short

Try to make your surveys and feedback forms short and crisp to increase NPS response rates. A short survey brings more number of respondents and accurate answers from the customers than a long survey does. Short surveys keep the attention span of the respondents during the entire survey. Long surveys tend to divert the attention of the respondents. A short survey also helps a business to get crisp answers quickly and effectively. Some businesses may tend to send out long surveys but those can be divided into shorter ones to be asked at different time periods. Long surveys become monotonous and uninteresting.

#6: Offer incentives

Increase NPS Survey Response Rate - offer incentive

When you offer incentives to the customers, they are more inclined to finish your survey. There is a high possibility of getting a positive or higher Net Promoter score if a business offers incentives. Incentives also make customers happy to complete the survey thus helping you in promoting the business. Too much incentive can turn out to look like a manipulation that might turn off the customer and he might not take the survey.

#7: Act on the response

Act on responses

It is always a good idea to send responsive emails to the customers after they have finished with the survey. Increase your NPS response rates by sending a follow-up text to the customer. You can thank them for investing their time in filling out the form. You can also address their issues and assure them that you will try to solve the issues as soon as possible. This creates a better image of the company in the eyes of the customer. This helps you to gain more future customers as well.

#8: Use welcoming texts

Use welcoming text

Heartwarming and welcoming texts in the mails and survey is a great way to increase NPS response rates. Phrases like “hello”, “thank you for taking up the survey”, “your opinion matters” or “welcome to the survey” are basic courtesies but throw a great impact on people. Such texts also make the survey better and more engaging.

#9: Send survey after a specific time

Increase NPS Survey Response Rate - Send survey after a specific time

The feedback survey should be sent to the guest after they have got the time to use a product. If the survey is sent just after the customer buys it, the customer has to give his views based on no practical experience. It may so happen that the customer does not yet know how to use the product. So that kind of a review is cannot be valued. Thus, the guest or customer needs to get some time to use the product and then can they be approached for giving his feedback on the item usage and experience with the product.

#10: Do not send many surveys

Do not send many surveys

Keeping the number of surveys being sent to a customer to one to three surveys is an ideal technique to increase NPS response rates. Bombarding the customer email with numerous surveys from the same business is going to irritate your customers. You might end up getting no responses from them at all. It is to be remembered that customer time is valuable, they cannot spend their time doing so many surveys. So, if there are fewer surveys, the customers may respond to those and willingly give their opinion as well.

Conclusion :

Net Promoter score is the best way to track the development of a business. So, it is very crucial for the company to try and increase NPS response rates. Customers are the ones who help the business to run so their opinion is valuable for the company as well for them to serve better. A high NPS like on a range of 8 to 10 put of 10 attracts more customers than an average score or a low one. A low score means tremendous improvement is required and is a danger to the image of the company. A customer is willing to buy the product of the company which is popular and serves its customer best. So, the NPS should be at a higher side for people to choose your service.

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