How to increase sales using surveys: A complete guide

Many companies conduct customer feedback surveys or brand awareness surveys for research and to increase sales. These surveys also affect the sales of the product. These market research surveys, help the business to grow in many ways. Have a look at the alternatives of Zoom.

Benefits of conducting surveys to increase sales

1. Build brand awareness

When you conduct a survey on your target audience as to what they prefer and things like that, it becomes a medium of advertisement. While taking the survey, the audience can know about the name of the brand. You can also advertise your product in some parts so that they remember about it later.

2. Product awareness to increase sales

If you survey your customers, you can know whether they are aware of the product. The customers can gain knowledge of the features of the service or product. They will also get to know how it is better than the other products of different brands and what improvements you make.

increase sales

3. Improvements to increase sales

Surveys can give you constructive criticisms. Criticisms can help you make further improvements to your products. Noticing that the business makes improvements on the basis of feedbacks, also gains sales. Better products can raise the amount purchasers and loyal customers. Surveys help you make those improvements.

4. Builds trust

When you give surveys to your customers, it builds a sense of trust. They will be content to know that the business values their opinions. So, they will tend to put their trust in the brand and prefer it over the others. Thus you get enough loyal customers. They may also recommend it to others.

5. Might strike a need for the product

You might survey someone who has not used your product ever before. Through the survey you are conducting, they may come across the product for the first. By taking the survey and learning more about its uses, a need may arise within him. He may also consider buying or subscribing to the product or service. Thus your sales increases.

It is evident that surveys have a significant positive impact on the sales of your business. You might consider using some ideas to effectively use surveys to increase the sales of your product or services. Have a look at the alternatives of Adobe Illustrator

Increase your sales with surveys

1. Survey all types of customers

The best trick is to send back customer feedback surveys to all types of customers. This means you should survey those who rarely purchase from you as well as the ones who are frequent. Asking them how they enjoy the product and what improvements you can make helps a great deal. It proves that their suggestions matter to you. Surveying rare customers makes them feel important and they remember to consider your product the next time. On the other hand, when you survey frequent buyers, it makes them stay loyal to you. When you take care of your customers, they are most likely to consider you.

increase sales

2. Ask salespeople and staff and survey them

It is also a great idea to survey the sales staff and the ones who sell the product. You can make them fill out a survey asking how accepting or resisting the customers are. Many times, customers may be reluctant to fill out a survey. But from the staff, you get a better insight because they are your employees. They can also express themselves better as they are the ones actively present when the customers make a purchase. You can get knowledge as to what traits of the product attract people. They can tell you what repels customers as well. Have a look at the collaboration tools.

3. Make improvements with criticism

A survey is a great method of finding out faults in your product or service. Who can evaluate the product better than the customers who use it? Their dislikes and criticisms can provide pointers for you to improve the product. Improving the product also convinces customers that you value their opinions and act on them. When you improve products you get more sales.

4. Consider surveying people other than your customers

Surveying only the people who have used your product restricts the responses. You can get more information on the market if you survey a greater audience. Surveying the target audiences makes them aware of the brand. So, they may consider your product while purchasing. You can also get information as to their preferences and understand the strategies used by the competitors as well. So, you can upgrade the strategies that in turn helps you increase sales. So, you should reach out to people who use other brands and those who are not aware of the kind of product as well. By filling out your survey, they may grow an interest in your product as well.

increase sales

5. Conduct surveys during a product launch

Conducting a survey during a product launch increases sales. It addresses the concerns that customers had with the previous products. So, when they are aware of the launch, they are keen on how the product turns out. A new interests buyers more. So, the surveys can act as an advertisement for the new product. You should also survey before the launch. This is to know whether the customers need it or are ready to use it. You will also know if solves a problem. This can help you understand how your sales can turn out. So, you can take up marketing strategies accordingly. If you are having trouble multitasking we have got you covered.


Surveys are the best way to gain more insights on the market, competitors and the characters of the customers. They can help you indirectly to gain more sales and produce better products and satisfy the audience. have a look at our best picks of video editing apps.

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