10 Collaboration Tools For Remote Teams

Looking for collaboration tools for remote teams?

Remote teams are the collaboration of individuals who have different specializations throughout the world to work together on a project or complete a task. Such types of teams generally are involved in projects that require a variety of talents and skills and not just a large amount of workforce.

The new normal has forced people to work remotely and online. Almost every work is now done online and with perfect accuracy. Collaboration tools for remote teams help the business to accumulate different specialists to the teams from around the world and complete a task. Remote working is very beneficial for the company. It saves a lot of resources and thus the cost to the company. Also, remote workers are considered to be more efficient.


There are four types of collaboration:

Team collaboration: It is the collaboration among people with different skills who work together to complete a task. This is the most common type of collaboration. Here, harmony and cooperation between the members are of absolute importance. It is mainly for work purposes. Teams state the functions and designations of each member and allots the work to them through collaboration tools.

Community collaboration: Community collaboration is seen when remote teams come together to learn something in a community but online. It is mainly for gaining knowledge rather than completing tasks. In this type, members seek help from others, and those who are able to help, come up with effective solutions.


Collaboration can be done through some means, which are:

Cloud collaboration: The medium of cloud collaboration refers to the storage of files. The teams can store all small and large files in cloud storage in a common place. They can also share those files however large it may be. This helps in storing data of a business and team’s works and projects.

Video collaboration: Businesses can make their employees and managers work together and discuss through video conference. Video conferencing helps to conduct presentations and discuss ideas and topics for team projects


Best collaboration tools to conduct teamwork

With the increasing need for online collaboration, there are many options for the work through different mediums.



Zoom is the most popular video-conferencing application that is gaining momentum as a place to conduct online lessons. Businesses also use it for planning and cooperation through video conferences. It is a great platform to conduct seminars and webinars.
• High display quality of video of the members present in the meet in real-time as well.
• Worriless screen share is available to share documents and presentations. It is beneficial for strategy meets to discuss ideas through presentations. You can share screen from a different device.
• You can schedule your meets at the time that you want. The meeting starts when the host joins the meeting.
• Change and customize the background picture that you want to show on your video. Thus your surroundings is not visible to others.
• You can also record all the sessions of all the meets. This proves to be helpful in case someone misses the meet. So, he can watch the whole recording to get the details.

Price: Zoom meeting is free to use as well as has a purchasable option for $ 14.99 for a month for every user. But the free version suffices for a lot of people.

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Google Drive

Google Drive is the best collaboration tool for remote teams to store and share files. The cloud storage system can prove to be a great way to collaborate with teams.
• It offers 15GB of cloud space with every Google account. You can use it to store files, videos or audios of any length also.
• Share links of the files that you save in your drive with your teammates. In this way you get to share all the tasks you perform for the team.
• The files remain safe and secure as long as you have access to your Google account.
• Integrate with other Google applications like Google Sheets, Google docs, Google slides, and Google forms.
• Google Drive can save the pictures you take as pdf which is similar to the scanning of pictures.
• Files are also accessible in offline mode in case the user has network issues.

Price: Prices are strikingly low. For 100GB a month, you need to pay $1.99 and $9.99 for 1TB storage.



Slack is one of the leading collaboration tools for remote teams. It is the ideal workspace arrangement that is available for online use. It is different from other messaging applications and makes official work easier to carry out.
• Slack lets you create chat rooms for different topics. Since users create the chat for work purposes, discussions relating to the topic is essential. So chats on the basis of topics are available.
• You can also search for previous chats for reference in case you need them. Sometimes if you forget some points simply search for the appropriate texts.
• You can distribute or share invite links for the workspace group that you create. This way, you will be able to control who joins the space.
• There are three types of methods to communicate here. Public channels, private channels, and direct messages. Public channels are for everyone in the team. Private ones are just for a small group of members and direct messages are one on one discussions.

Price: Starts from $6.67 per each user a month.



Proofhub is a great choice for project management. It is easy to manage employees and members of the team to build a successful project. Get any job done in a few simple steps and very fast.
• Make checklists or to-do lists for teams to complete different works. This schedule helps you to tick off the tasks that are complete as well. The incomplete ones are present on the checklist so that teams can notice and finish off with them.
• Visualize your work charts with Gantt charts. You will be able to see how the tasks fit together to complete the project.
• It provides you with a calendar to help you alert about project or task submission. Never miss a deadline with Proofhub.
• You can now designate different titles to the members to allow them to specific data. Entitle them as owner, who has full access, admin who has limited access and normal whose access is restricted.

Price: $89 per month if billed annually and $99 per month billed monthly.



Zapier is the collaboration tool for remote teams that you need if you want numerous integrations and seek to manage the workflow efficiently. It is a good option to control human resources in your business.
• Integrate between applications to transfer information from one to another to make your work easy.
• It connects to software which people normally use on a daily basis like mailing, cloud storage, survey and many more types of applications also.
• Automatically finish your work with a few simple instructions without any errors.
• Work with multiple applications together. You can do your work all together in many applications in the background by automatic completion method with few instructions.
• The steps are also easy to follow for anyone who does not have much experience with these type of software.

Price: The starter pack costs $19.99 per month and the plan for team costs $299 per month. Zapier is a bit on the pricier side.



Many users prefer and recommend Asana for team project management. You can manage and prioritize the tasks for each project to complete it in a proper manner.
• The user gets to see what the members of the team are doing individually. How is every work is divided and carried on is seen on the charts.
• View and prioritize each work with lists so that you understand which task needs immediate attention and which one is not so important at the time being.
• It helps you create plans by charting the progress of each work with time. Get to know how much your team is working on every project.
• You can also see when each individual is performing each task. This helps you to keep track of the work that each person completes.

Price: Accommodate 15 people with the free version. For bigger teams, pricing starts from $10.99 per month per user.



Trello is a collaboration tool for remote teams for organizational purposes. Organize all your tasks and allot them to the team members. Trello simplifies your project handling experience in a group.
• Trello cards let you give attachments and comments on works so that you can view and understand the work details. The skill for the work is understandable for everyone.
• The bots of the system can automatically finish any task that is input by the user.
• Lists and schedules that contain calendar commands and due date commands help to finish tasks fast.
• Other applications integrations are possible with Trello. So it becomes easier to transfer data present in storage or office applications.
• You can access your account through many devices. You stay up to date even if you do not access through the same device. This makes it easier to complete work anywhere anytime.

Price: $12.50 dollars per month is the starting price.



GitHub is the perfect tool to collaborate with designers and developers to create software. This is the best choice if you want to design software that reaches out and delivers to its customers. It is mainly for creating digital software.
• GitHub too consists of task lists to make a proper schedule for tasks and allotment to members.
• Helps you ensure that each work has someone assigned to someone. So, even if there is a lot of workloads, you do not miss out on any of the important pieces of work.
• You can tag issues and give labels to find out a piece of particular information faster. Rather than scrolling through the window, find out important points in a few seconds.
• There are templates as well so that you do not need to organise everything right from the beginning with a new start.
• Helps you arrange the projects according to the progress.

Price: Public projects are available for free. For personal use, it costs $7 per month. There are other plans as well.



Monday.com is a new team management application. But this collaboration tool is in no way inferior than the older ones. It has become very famous among many teams.
• View team list and their designations and status of work. This lets you understand who completes the work on time and who is in progress.
• Integrate with a truckload of applications to better complete your work as
• Also complete all the repetitive tasks automatically and work on other works simultaneously.
• If you get stuck on any function of the application, help is always at your hand. The experts are always ready to help you through any troubles.

Price: Prices start from $8 dollars for a month.



Blink is the collaboration tool for remote teams that help employees to build effective communication between them. It also has many features to manage projects.
• You get updates on every news from the business. The updates can also be personalized for an individual
• The directory can let you find anyone who is a part of your business. You can communicate with others easily.
• If you face troubles in finding messages and files, just use the search option.
• You can also create surveys or forms.

Price: $6.8 per month is the starting range.


Different collaboration tools for remote teams use different types of mediums to maintain projects and members. So, the user can best decide what suits him and his team the best.

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