Salesforce Professional vs Salesforce Enterprise

Salesforce Professional and Salesforce Enterprise are the options for using the same software. The enterprise version has some more features and works more efficiently than the Professional one. The price of both subscriptions differs from each other.
Salesforce is indeed a great management software that a business can use. The features that it offers are:

  1. Sharing files conveniently
  2. Creates reports and analysis
  3. Automation of workflows
  4. Locating and identifying leads
  5. Tracking customer activity
  6. Provides accurate information
  7. Availability on all devices
  8. Management of contact.
Salesforce Professional

Difference between the Salesforce Professional version and the Enterprise version

1. Price

The edition with the least number of features and users is the essential one. The more advanced version is Salesforce Professional which costs $75 per month per user. The price for the Salesforce Enterprise is two times that of the Professional version. It costs $150 per month per user. If a person can do without the extra features in Enterprise then Professional is the best choice. But for large tasks to manage in business, Enterprise is the right option.

2. Automation of processes

Automation of the business works is possible only through the Salesforce Enterprise. The Salesforce Professional does not offer any feature for automating tasks. It is important for businesses to automate processes like task alerts or sending out emails or reminders to customers. In the professional version, you cannot send out emails automatically rather someone has to send them manually one by one. For large businesses which have a lot of tasks to manage, the Salesforce Enterprise version is very helpful. Process builder and flow builder are the features you might need for automation.

3. Analytics

The Salesforce Professional version does not provide the user with Analytics system. In Salesforce enterprise you can analyze sales and service. Businesses might need to analyze their performance and statistics in the rate of sales they achieve. As a customer relationship management software, it would be easier if the Analytics tool was within the same software. The business does not need to install or subscribe to another software for sales analysis. Many might not require a large amount of sales analysis or complex ones. In that case, the Professional version comes in handy.

Salesforce Professional: Salesforce Enterprise

4. Number of users or profiles in Salesforce Professional

For a single account of Salesforce, different plans offer a different number of users. The Professional account is for a small range of work and thus allows only two users in an account. So, all the members of the business will not be able to access the management software through the same account. The Enterprise account allows a lot more than just two users. It is especially useful for businesses that have a large group of people who manage the company account for customer relationship. It might not be necessary for everyone.

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5. Salesforce Professional offers APIs

API is Application Programming interface. Its main function is help you establish connection between two software when you work with it. A shopping site has a payment portal. So this is when the software establishes a connection with another. The Professional version of Salesforce has some restrictions for communicating with another software. It may suffice for some if you do not need to integrate so much. The Enterprise one gives you the liberty to connect with many more software with Salesforce. You can perform every activity with different applications or software while working with Salesforce.

Salesforce Professional: Conclusion

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Salesforce professional gives you almost similar features to that of Salesforce Enterprise. But there is additional efficiency and additional tools to enhance your working experience in Salesforce Enterprise. When you work with limited number of people and can manage workflow without having to automate, Professional version will be a more favourable option. But if you have a lot of work to take care, the Enterprise is the better option. It will help you to reduce some of the workflow. The can also focus on important tasks. So, Enterprise is basically for medium or larger companies where there is a lot of work to manage. It is also a popular choice among all the Salesforce subscription choices.
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