How to write a good survey introduction

Researchers can build surveys that have a good survey introduction or otherwise. But an introduction does a lot to define the topic. Without an introduction, people would not get an overview of the objectives. It portrays the purpose and objectives of the study on the topic. It can also help you to introduce the brand and the products that the company produces. An introduction might help you in marketing and increase brand awareness.

What to mention in a good survey introduction?

1. Name of the company and products

The survey in a way advertises your product and company. So, it important to mention the name of the company and the product as well in the introduction. This will increase brand awareness among your target audience. They will remember the brand while buying the product.

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2. Mention the objectives

Every research has objectives that aim to find out something. You should list out or mention the objectives for conducting this survey. This will help the audience to understand the matter properly. They will also be able to answer the questionnaire appropriately. Their answers will be more inclined to serve the purpose of your survey.

3. Brief information regarding good survey introduction

The audience needs to know what they are going to fill out. So, it will be helpful of you mention the basic information about the survey. What type of questions to expect- descriptive or multiple choice, what would be the time requirement for finishing the task and such things. Sometimes surveys become long and the respondent does not expect that. So, in some cases, respondents might abort the survey midway. Thus, you do not get any response.

4. Privacy policies

When filling out a survey, respondents have to enter their identification and contact information. They also need to have knowledge about what the website is going to do with the personal information and how it will be used. On the basis of that, people are going to fill out the necessary information. Inefficiency in stating the privacy policies, will cost you the trust of the audience and decrease the response rates.

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5 Tips to write a good survey introduction for your survey

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1. Give necessary company information

Everyone who attempts to fill out a survey would want to know more about the one who is conducting it. So, along with the objectives, you might want to give some information about the company. This mainly includes what the company sells, its specializations and their customer policy. These information can build trust in the audience and give more knowledge to those who got to know about you recently. You should also select wisely what information to show and what to hide. You cannot possibly disclose everything to the audience. That is what you have to take care of.

2. Brief and short introduction

Nothing is more efficient than a brief overview of anything. You have to incorporate all the necessary data within a short paragraph of introduction. You certainly do not want your audience spending too much time reading the introduction that they lose interest in filling out the questionnaire. In order to keep the interest of the respondents as well as explain all your objectives and data about the survey, it is good that you keep it short. But at the same time you should not miss out on necessary information.

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3. Add video or image descriptions

The best way to keep the introduction from becoming long and keep the interest of the audience is the use of video and images. There are many online survey-making applications that allow you to add pictures and videos. With video descriptions of the company, it appeals more to the audience. They are most likely to remember the brand. They might also be enthusiastic to fill the survey form. The video should also not be too long.

4. Clearly state the privacy policies and terms

Without a doubt privacy of data is sole concern for a person. He would not want his personal data to be used in an unfavourable manner. So, you along with the introduction, you should clearly state how the website will use the data. They can also choose not to share some information. So, the terms should state all of these concerns.

5. Make a good survey introduction conversational

People feel more welcome when the text in a survey is written like an interaction. This makes them feel that, they are actually interacting with the website. Just like the questions, the introduction also should be conversational.

good survey introduction: Conclusion

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Fynzo provides you the best experience in building effective surveys for any business or individual. Along with these tricks, your professional online survey is sure to achieve great results. To share more suggestions, share in the comments section.

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