QR codes in marketing campaigns: 5 best uses

QR codes go hand in hand with our mobile devices and are becoming omnipresent. The workforce in an organization. With the invention of more advanced technology and high-speed internet, people are on their phones more than ever. We have sufficient technology to capture things in a snap and transfer information from one person to another. One of these trending channels is the use of QR codes.

Quick Response or QR codes are easy to use and can be understood by the mobile technology. They are a versatile, environment friendly and are less time consuming. This marketing strategy provides more information about a particular product or service. Simply scan the QR code and the information appears directly on your device.

Given below are some ways in which you can use your QR code for monitoring and enhancing the performance of your marketing campaigns:

1. Direct your customers to the official landing page or website of your company using QR codes:

Scanning a QR code will redirect your users to the signup page, product catalog, menu card, campaign page, or even the landing page of your website depending on the type of business you are involved in. Build customer trust as they are deciding factor if a business succeeds or not. So the focus should always be customer-oriented not product-oriented.

This actually does away with the hassle of typing out the entire URL of your website and navigating to the required page which customers would rarely do on their own. Also, make sure that your website is mobile friendly and has a specific URL matching your QR code. Trial run the whole procedure a few times before printing it on pamphlets, your notice board, or in your shop.

QR codes

2. Let your customers avail coupons, and discounts through QR codes:

Easily provide a specific QR code available for availing discounts to your customers. Previously we had to provide printed coupons to our customers whenever we granted offers which not only were time-consuming but also caused wastage of paper. There is much additional knowledge that customers can gain as well. If you want to increase sales from surveys then the solution is right here.

Now this environment friendly alternative will help your users avail discounts by just scanning the QR code you provide. So they can generate a digital coupon in their own phone itself. They can show this for availing the discount at the counter before checkout.

Promotional QR codes are extremely versatile and they can be easily printed on flyers, sent through email, or even put up anywhere in your shop. In this way, you can use them easily in advertisements and make access to a particular discount easier than ever before.

3. Get customers to fill out online forms:

Suppose you want your customer to fill out a review form after their purchase or based on their experience in your store. QR codes are the easier option especially during the pandemic. You do not need to provide a paper form or visitor’s book out to them for letting them write in it, especially during this non-contact era.

Simply offer the QR code leading to your review form and allow them to fill out the review or survey form directly from their personal mobile devices. If you require such online forms that can be easily distributed through emails, social media, or flyers with the help of a QR code, simply start using Fynzo surveys from today. A simple share button will help you generate a QR code for easy distribution with your customers.

QR codes

4. Direct your customers directly to your social media pages:

Getting your customers to leave a review on your social media handle allows you to make the most of your current customers. It is a known fact that customers tend to check out online reviews before making a purchase. So why not utilize your existing customer’s reviews to attract new customers.

You can even offer a discount on their next visit if they follow your social media account. This will surely motivate them to do so and you will earn more followers and traffic on your page.

Try including a brief message along with your QR code. This can motivate your customers to visit your social media pages with the help of the QR code attached to the product or flyer. Incentives are the best answer, whenever you want your customers to go the extra mile for you.

5. Easily download apps with a single snap:

Make your customers download your official app by simply scanning your QR code. This technique will redirect them to the downloading page of your app. Also, you can even incentivize your customers for downloading the official app.

If you own a restaurant, give a 10% off on your first order; if your customers download the app. Allow them to earn points for every time they shop at your store. Make them scan the QR code you provide for downloading the app, availing discounts and so much more. Let your imagination go wild!

No matter how you decide to use QR codes for your marketing campaign, they are of great benefit to a lot of industries. It is an easy way to enhance engagement and promotions. If you are having trouble with poor productivity at work from home. Then, we have a method to increase the productivity of work from home.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, when most of the businesses are reopening with a no-contact rule and distancing norms, QR codes are the easiest ways to minimize contact between the store and your customers. Make bills paper-free. Allow your users to scan a simple QR code and a digital bill will be automatically generated on their device.

QR codes


Keep a QR code on each table of your restaurant. Allow your customers to scan it for viewing your menu and special offers of the day. Provide them feedback forms for leaving a review instead of providing a paper form. Using a QR code will be a less time consuming and environment-friendly option in all ways. These small steps will help you earn a name for improved safety standards and will help your marketing campaign flourish during these trying times.

Thank you for reading the entire article with utmost patience. Please do leave a comment down below and share with us your views regarding the topic. It would be great to hear from you. Feel free to offer any suggestions that you want to share with us. We will be absolutely delighted to hear your suggestions and improve our content. If the return on investment is poor for the business. The, it bad news. So, you can increase ROI using surveys.

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