Virtual hiring event: How to host?

When a company hires new employees, it has to take care of many factors such as virtual hiring event. Recruits or trainees work for a limited time period. But a new employee is expected to be permanent. So, the ones interviewing or arranging for the interview has important tasks to do. Many businesses even hold more than two rounds of interview to properly test the candidates.
Nowadays, hiring of people has also become virtual and is gaining momentum. Virtual hiring does not mean that extra arrangements do not need to be made. Virtual hiring takes as much preparation as face to face hiring would.

Steps for hosting a virtual hiring event

1. Select the platform for hiring

Select the virtual platform where you want to hire people for your business. You might want to do it through calls or video chats. There are various video conferencing apps to arrange virtual meetings. You can either do it in a group or individually. For carrying on group meets, platforms like Zoom, Google meet are ideal. For individual one on one interview Google duo is also a great choice.
There are many platforms that specialize in hiring or recruiting. Brazen is such a platform. It has chatbots, option of scheduling and presentations.

virtual hiring event: Advertise the virtual hiring event

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2. Advertise the virtual hiring event

After you select the platform in which you are hiring, you have to name the event. Then you can promote it under the name. You can advertise the event on digital platforms. Notice boards in college campuses can show the advertisement and give the necessary information. Promoting on college campuses will attract many candidates.
Apart from this, you can advertise by sending out emails that give details on the event. You can also use ads for the event. Social media is a great platform to advertise. Everyone uses social media today. All you need to do is advertise the event on every social media and ensure that it reaches the maximum number of the target audience. It is also important to remind them in intervals. This will ensure that more people register or attend the career event.

3. Establish a platform for keeping records

Simply conferencing and advertising will not help you successfully manage the career fest. A tedious part of such events is keeping records of everyone who is entering. There are many steps for keeping records. You need to store resumes of candidates, their contact information and other data. Any business would want to track the turn over in their event. It is also important that you do not misplace information of candidates.
For all these tasks you might want to use spreadsheets for recording or project management tools. The things that you need to track are:
Total registration,

turn over or total candidates attending
Candidates selected for interview
Total candidates selected for employment
Total offers accepted.

virtual hiring event: Storing of information

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4. Storing of information

You will also need to store the resumes and documents of the candidates for future use. Businesses also would want to store data of the ones they did not employ. This may be for future considerations. Along with this, the business has to store the data of the new employees. This is possible with the help of cloud storage options. Human resource management software can also handle this information.

5. Assess or train new employees

After the event is over, there are still some things that you need to do. You might want to test the knowledge and skills of the new ones. You can also organize a training period for them. This is generally for a specific time period. Training them helps them to get acquainted with the job in your business and helps them to perform better as well.

Benefits for conducting a virtual hiring event

There are many advantages to conducting a virtual hiring event rather than a physical one.

  1. Virtual hiring saves a lot of time and effort. For physically interviewing people you need time to arrange things and give physical efforts for setting the atmosphere.
  2. There is no need to arrange the room for interviews in virtual interviews. Businesses can simply interview from their workplace and the candidate attends it from their home or any other place.
  3. Setting and arranging things also becomes a type of expense in physical hiring. These costs can be avoided in virtual hiring. In virtual hiring, expenses are lesser.
  4. Using technology gives scope for fewer errors in management. When you entrust these management tasks to people, there might be some mistakes. A mistake can affect the life of a capable candidate as well.
  5. It easy to reach more audiences from different parts of the world. In physical hiring, the ones who stay near the place only can attend that. This is the biggest benefit.
virtual hiring event


Hosting a hiring event is itself a great task be it virtual or physical. So, you should use the best technologies for getting the work done easily. Have something to share? Don’t hesitate to comment.

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