Top 5 workout apps to help you get on track

Looking for top workout apps?

Most of us dream of having the perfect figure. But how many of us are actually willing to work for it? Well, self-discipline is very important in maintaining a workout schedule. Along with that what you need is a good workout app. It’s tough to keep on visiting the gym as it adds to your monthly expenses.

Also, keeping up with the gym often becomes impossible due to your busy schedule. So what is a more sustainable alternative to it? Rely on technology for providing you an app that can act as your trainer. It will mostly monitor your daily activity and keep you motivated. Given below is a list of the best apps which are known to be quite efficient for guiding your dream workout schedule:

Workout App #1 : MyFitnessPal

If you want to step up your ab-game, MyFitnessPal will help you along the process. It does this by controlling your nutrition as well. This workout app will help you fully experience the result of your time spent working out. So, it basically pairs nutrition with workouts.

“This free app tracks your personal diet and exercise to determine the best calorie intake. It’s based on your body type and workouts,” says Jess Sander. He is a personal trainer at Chelsea Piers in New York City. “It’s very straightforward and user-friendly. It even gives you the ability to scan food barcodes. Or, you can enter them manually to get accurate calorie and nutrient counts.”

LA-based trainer Mike Donavanik, the founder of MD TV Workout App says, “That phrase ‘you can’t outrun a poor diet’ is true, and I think MyFitnessPal is great at helping people become more aware of their eating habits. It may not be the most accurate at times, but just by having people become more conscious of the foods and drinks they’re putting into their body is a huge win.”

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Workout App #2 : Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club is a family-friendly workout app that helps you channel your favorite pro-athletes. With over 200 routines, you can slowly get comfortable with cardio, yoga, and other exercises. Use them to build your strength, whichever one you require. It also consists of some additional content from a few top trainers and athletes you admire and look up to.

You won’t be required to go to the gym or use any equipment for this purpose. Browse through its advanced workout videos if you wish to become a competitive athlete, or you want to try something more challenging.

You will be able to burn a lot of fat from a simple 45 minutes workout organized by different forms of activity including running, yoga, or lifting weights.

Price: Free

Workout App #3 : 8fit Workout App


Losing weight or having a slim body isn’t just about exercise and you know it well. So controlling what you eat plays a huge role in your journey towards your dream figure. So, 8fit Workout does the job for you!

This workout app organizes meal plans with exercise programs. You are allowed to set up a customized workout and diet plan to achieve your health goals as fast as possible. Its guided programs help you maintain a healthier and balanced diet.

Lose weight, personalize your meal plans and let its content explain how different nutrients affect your body. Its weekly HIIT workouts help you burn your fat much faster along with maintaining a good diet plan.

Price: Basic workout plan free. In-app purchases for diet plans along with workouts.

Workout App #4 : Yoga for Beginners


This workout app is available both on Android and iOS. As soon as you download and open Yoga for Beginners app, you will be provided with a variety of workout plans.

You need to choose between the different yoga routines which can include beginner’s yoga, bedtime yoga, fat burner, energy booster, inner peace, yoga for building abs, etc. Generally, the duration of the class is around 7-14 minutes which helps you complete your entire workout in a very short time.

Because of its concrete yoga plans, it is much more beginner-friendly than the other workout apps. It provides 16 free yoga classes. With it, you may even track your daily weight and previous workout plans.

Price: No paid membership available

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Workout App #5 : FitOn


Initially, you need to create a free account to sign in to the app’s workout and plans. You start out by entering your age, height, weight, and main fitness goals.

After this, enter the number of workouts you will be willing to complete within a given week. Also, decide the amount of time you have to spend on those workouts. After you answer these questions, the app will be creating a customized workout plan especially for you.

If you do not want to go through this process, you can browse through the available workout plans based on the area, intensity and begin immediately. You even have the option of scheduling it for later if you do not have the time now.

Price: Pro plan comes at $69.99/year

So, the above apps were listed specifically based on the benefits you can reap from them. Now it is ultimately your decision. Choose the app which best suits your physical and monetary requirements. The choice is up to you. you can even try out a few and let us know in the comments.

If you feel there are some other apps that would serve as good home workout apps, do let us know in the comments below!

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