5 Templates of Product Roadmap

A Product Roadmap is a plan or guideline of the processes that lead to the final stage of the product. It is an essential component for progressing with work. With a Product Roadmap, you get an idea about assigning responsibilities, dividing tasks, and product vision. These factors are very important growth of the business.

Components in a Product Roadmap :

There are certain things that a Product Roadmap consists of :

Product Roadmap : Components in a Product Roadmap

1. Idea about what to achieve

In order to achieve results, you need to know what you are set out to achieve. A clear idea as to what you want to end up building is important for moving forward. A Product Roadmap can help you to plan out the whole journey for building the product. It is the main steering force for the business.

2. Division of tasks

In order to reach to final product, it is important to divide the tasks that lead to results. These smaller tasks are like the stepping stones to your achievement. So, you need to decide on tasks that matter. All unnecessary issues should be avoided. The tasks can be completed within smaller time frame so that you can take up further tasks. This is how the business can plan out the smaller projects and tasks.

Product Roadmap : Division of tasks

3. Assignment of responsibilities

After you divide the smaller task, you need people are going to complete them. They are generally the ones who specialize in individual tasks. Different employees specialize in planning, managing, accounting and performing. So, on the basis of the type of work, people are assigned with individual tasks. This avoids unnecessary confusion in duties. It also equalizes the work distribution and avoids work pressure.

4. Idea of the obstacles to face

Every work has its obstacles. Thus it is crucial to visualize what obstacles the business can face while building the product. Then you need to find a solution to cope up with those obstacles. This should be in a way that it causes no harm to business or its activities. Overcoming these can strengthen the momentum of the end product.

5. Timelines of goals

There is a specific time within which you need to reach the desired outcome. So, every smaller tasks are goals need to be finished by the relevant time. It might be a week or a month. In this way, your business can catch up to the flow and finish making the product by the appropriate time. Roadmaps consist of the timeline for each product as a part of the plan.

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Product Roadmap templates

1. Roadmap for features

A features roadmap is the plan of the product and its features. You can decide on which feature to incorporate in the product within the time frame. For example, suppose your product needs to have four features. The first one can be implemented in one month, and the second in three months, and so on. So, this is how you can divide the tasks for each feature and set smaller goals for completing each feature. This way you can build the whole product by completing one feature at a time.

2. Kanban roadmap

Kanban roadmap is the one that is more prevalent. Here you assign goals and tasks to teams to complete. In a Kanban board, you will be able to which task is yet to start, in progress, or which one is complete. Through this, you can see the live updates on the status of each project and team. You can also get a list of the tasks under each category.

3. Roadmap for releases

A business produces not just one but many products over time. You can use roadmap templates to track the release time of each product. This map shows the enhancements of each new product over time. This is more of a long-term roadmap. It is not restricted to one product itself.

Product Roadmap : Roadmap for releases

4. Phase roadmaps

Phase roadmaps are the ones where you divide all your activities before releasing the product into phases. Small tasks can help reach a particular milestone. That is when a phase ends. In this way, all the tasks come under a phase and the projects proceed when a phase is over. This helps you complete one big job at a time steadily.

5. Activities roadmaps

These types of roadmaps are especially helpful when you report to top-level management. In this map, you mention the actions that you take in order to complete tasks for each phase or goal. This is more of a detailed version of the plan. This generally describes the duties of the employees and the time by which they are going to finish it.

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Conclusion :

There are many software that help businesses create product roadmaps. Each of them offers different types of templates with different names for them. Generally, you will be able to find these templates or easily make a roadmap yourself. If you have other ideas to add here, do comment.

Thanks for reading.

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