The 10 Best Language Learning Apps For 2021

Anyone can learn a language through periodic courses that cost a lot of money. But as times have changed, so has the method of learning anything. Just like there are applications that cater to your shopping and office work needs, there are also apps that teach you a whole new language from scratch. You can learn any language from the comfort of your home using language learning apps. The learning can also be scheduled at any time you want. You can save the time of commute to the am institution as well.

10 best language learning apps

Language Learning App #1 : Duolingo

Many people use and prefer Duolingo as the best language learning app. Choose from a large number of languages from all around the world. Learning a foreign language will help you communicate with more people and also increase your credibility.

  • Learn more than one language simultaneously by adding a course. Any language is available for this add a course option.
  • Duolingo reminds you to complete lessons according to your plan. You can maintain a streak of your learning days. Keeping streaks may act as a driving force to keep learning and finish a course.
  • In case you cannot take a lesson for a day, you can freeze your streak so that it does not break. Thus, you can continue learning with a streak.
  • It also provides you with some bonus lessons to further improve your language skills.
  • Duolingo comes with pronunciation lessons as well to evaluate how you pronounce each word.
  • Upgrade the look of the teaching character or owl in the application for fun in addition to learning.

Price: Duolingo is absolutely free for everyone. But Duolingo plus costs $12.99 per month.

Language Learning App #2 : LingoDeer

Lingo deer offers interactive lessons to help you with your learning. LingoDeer is the go-to application if you want to get a fun experience as it has many processes through which you will be able to learn.

  • It consists of lessons on languages which are Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Vietnamese and Portuguese and also English in different languages.
  • You get to take quizzes and tests to evaluate how much you learn in the lessons. You also get the scope to rectify the mistakes.
  • It evaluates pronunciations precisely than other language learning applications where the learner can speak through the mic.
  • If you download some of the lessons beforehand, you can also take offline lessons. This helps if there is problems in connectivity or if there is no network.
  • Learning can be more effective if there is a competition just like in institutional learning. So, Lingodeer lets you challenge your friends and you can learn together.
  • Hear and learn the pronunciations with each lesson. You can also change the voice of the speaker to whatever you prefer.

Price: For a month it costs $9.99 and $41.99 if the subscription is for a year.

Language Learning App #3 : Memrise

Memrise is a fun way of learning a language. Along with the fun points, there are many ways to strengthen language skills too.

  • Lessons consist of memes to add a fun element to it and to help associate words and phrases with it. This helps you to remember it better.
  • One of the perks of Memrise is that it shows short videos in which you can see how the natives or locals say each word or phrase. You can get an idea as to how to express the word like the locals in casual conversation.
  • Learn in about 22 languages apart from English.
  • Each day you need to complete your daily goal so that you have a practice of the language every day.
  • Reviews test out the words that you learn in lessons to see whether you remember right or not. There are speed reviews and classical reviews.
  • Memrise also has offline lessons.

Price: In the free versions, lessons unlock daily but with Memrise pro lessons are unlocked at once. It cost $9 per month.

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Babbel is not completely free to use but it can be one of the best language learning apps. Like the others of its type, it has effective learning methods and even more.

  • Along with beginner’s classes of language learning, Babbel also offers language improving classes for anyone who knows a language. It is just to develop the skills furthermore.
  • Learn the words with the help of pictures. Pictorial representation is available so that the user finds it easier to relate and remember the meaning.
  • Learn with conversations and dialogues just like those in real life. From the initial stage itself, you can converse in basic dialogues.
  • The app displays the number of words or items that you need to review. These are the ones that you were learning earlier and need to refresh those.
  • You get lessons on idioms and tongue twisters as well. This can better improve pronunciation and usage.

Price: The first course is free for a language then costs $12.95 for a month. If taken yearly, it costs $6.95 per month.


Learning languages from Busuu can be quite handy if you want to learn it briefly maybe for traveling. It is for complete learning as well. It comes in handy and not even difficult to learn from Busuu.

  • Busuu has the method of using native speakers who know the language well. Their pronunciation is used for the learners to catch the essence faster.
  • You can get a travel course for every language as well. It contains some of the phrases and words that could be useful
  • You can get a travel course for every language as well. It contains some of the phrases and words that can be useful while on a trip to a foreign land.
  • Along with learning, Busuu app users can also contribute to teaching like correct some lessons or add their own suggestions.
  • Busuu in desktop gives you the feature to chat with native speakers of the language as well to get suggestions from them.

Price: Initially it offers free service. Then as a premium, it is $8.33 per month if taken for 3 months and $5.83 per month if subscribed for a year.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a pioneer in language learning for a long time. It is serving for longer than the other best language learning apps. It also follows the basic features for the efficient learning of the user.

  • You can choose from 24 languages from all over the world. The lessons start from the base level itself so that new learners do not struggle.
  • You can avail native tutors easily. For learning a language, native pronunciation and essence are very important.
  • There are divisions of the lessons based on core lesson, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and other exercises with time for each of them.
  • To enhance the learning, Rosetta Stone provides stories and audio or dialogues alongside lessons. If you get bored with the lessons, you can listen to these any time.
  • You can track what and how much you have learned throughout every week. You get to see whether you are improving or lagging behind.

Price: For 3 months subscription it is $36 dollars and for 1 year it is $96.


Beelinguapp takes a slightly different approach than the other best free language learning apps. It has a lot of innovative ways to teach a new language to the user. Users generally enjoy while taking their lessons in Beelinguapp.

  • Lessons are available in the form of audiobooks. While the user listens to the audiobook, the relevant text is in highlights of the language to teach the meaning and pronunciation.
  • • Songs are also playable in a similar manner with relevant places shown and acts like a karaoke. Users find it very playful and engaging.
  • Not just these, it also has the basic form of learning where the word is available in text and with its pronunciation.
  • Get stories which you are familiar with. Basically, these are children’s stories.
  • Test your ability with quizzes with multiple-choice options to get better knowledge.
  • Learn Korean, French, Spanish, Portuguese as well as English and many other languages.

Price: It is a completely free to use application. Although you can unlock some texts for $1.99 per month which is very affordable.

Mango Languages

Mango Languages is quite attractive to look at. It is the best language learning app because it has more languages to teach its users. It also has many more features to look forward to.

  • It has more language options than any other application. The number of languages is about 70. This consists of some uncommon or lesser-known languages as well.
  • It is helpful for beginner purposes as it provides basic language training. People looking for enhancing their language skills but already know it, might not find it too useful.
  • If you want to learn many languages together at the same time, this is the best application for you. This is possible as it has so many, more than 70 languages.
  • Become a conversational wiz with Mango Languages. All basic conversation phrases and words is available here.
  • Languages that have different dialects are also available. Many might want to learn a specific dialect for whom Mango languages might be beneficial.

Price: Per month you get a subscription for $14.99.


With Drops, if you spare five minutes of your everyday schedule, you can easily learn a new language. Language learning can become leisure you enjoy with Drops, the best language learning app.

  • All lessons with the foundation for basic language learning are available in different divisions. This ensures that the basic building blocks are learned properly.
  • Drops, like other apps, also uses images to identify objects and words with their proper pronunciation.
  • There are more than 40 languages from where you can choose. Thus boasts a wide array of courses for the benefit of the users with the common ones as well as some rare languages.
  • It has additional perks like travel benefits, where the user can find lessons on how to ask for directions and how to bargain.

Price: It is free if you access a five minutes lesson. But if you want more, it costs $9.99 for a monthly subscription and $159.99 for unlimited access.


Many current and previous users rate Mondly as the best language learning app. It gives great and exceptional service to its users.

  • Learn language in a conversational pattern itself. The lessons are such that the learner might feel that he is engaging in a conversation while learning at the same time.
  • Get details on how much you learn with time, number of words, and number of phrases.
  • Compete with users all over the world on a leaderboard. You can top the charts as well while learning together with so many users.
  • Vocabulary, tenses, and whole grammar is taken care of by Mondly.

Price: It costs $48 annually.


Many a time, using more than one of these best language learning apps may help in better learning. Since different apps have different techniques of teaching, a combination of some can prove to be very beneficial. So, choosing from one of these can help you a lot.

There have been arguments as to whether online language learning apps are really that effective. But people who have used them and have finished courses would like to agree that such language learning apps do really help in fluency a great deal. So, you can try out one of these best language learning apps to learn a language quick and easy.

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