What are data visualization and it’s uses

Data visualization is something that every field uses. You can find it in researches, advertising and more. Data visualization has become an important part of any task.

What is data visualization?

Data visualization is the display of data in a visual format through graphs, pictures, and maps. When information is presented visually, it becomes easier for people to understand and comprehend. Visual representation allows better insight into the data and also makes it more appealing to the human eye. It is easier to remember things and interpret them through data visualization. You can also check out SaaS

Importance of data visualization

It is evident that a person would prefer learning something through graphs and pictures rather than read long paragraphs. This is why data visualization is significant in many works.
A Human mind is better at comprehending symmetry or patterns. Visual aid is easier for the mind to understand rather than any other sense involvement. So people remember graphical representations or maps and it interests them more as well. Whereas if the same thing is displayed in words and long paragraphs, it gets harder to remember and might not arouse the interest as well.

Data visualization methods

data visualization

Bar graphs

Bar graphs mainly the amount or quantity of the objects or variables on the axis. Through a bar graph, you can compare the variables that you are examining by seeing the levels of each bar. Also, check out the Linkert scale.


Heatmaps are a type of graphs that indicates the intensity of a point through colours. The high and low numerical values of the data areas are indicated by different colours. You can easily understand the high and low intensity areas.

Pie charts

Pie charts are a colourful data visualization method. These charts can show different objects and the percentage of their presence. It represents data in a circle and divides to slices or portions from the circle to determine the value of each data. Each slice can be of different colours.


Histograms are bar figures but joint to each other. These are similar to bar graphs. It can statistically present frequency of the data in a continuous series. Whereas a bar graph can show more than just continuous series.

Line graph

Line graphs generally denote the median points of each frequency. A graph shows line charts to point increase or decrease in the serial value of data with a change in time or any other value.


Heatmaps can come under this category. Maps generally display different places and their positions in correspondence with each other. People can better understand the location of a place with maps than its description.


Dashboards are another common type of data visualization that people widely use. A dashboards displays the main and basic contents of a page. From the dashboard itself, a user can navigate through pages or tools.

Network diagram

A network diagram can display words and not just numerical values. It is a type of connectivity diagram that links each item in the chart to another and many more. Each and every item links to more than one item and the diagram represents effectively connected branches. You can understand the relationships of every item in the chart to the others.

Uses of data visualization

data visualization

1. Identification of relations in data visualization

When you can represent data in a visual format, relations between data catches your eye faster. Since the whole data is present in front of your eyes at the same time, it helps you to link each and every item quickly. For more information, check alternative to Google forms

2. Easier and better analysis

Data visualization is beneficial in every way. It is always easier to analyse any data visually. You can easily understand and grasp concepts easily when you see them visually. In data visualization, you get see the whole data in front of you clearly. Thus you analysis also becomes better. You get better insights on the data.

3. Quicker analysis

Along with easier and better analysis, data visualization also helps in quicker analysis. You can view most of the data in a single image, map or chart. So, you can interpret it much quicker than you will be able to with other forms. Displaying the work all at once, speeds up your process.

4. Detect errors

When the data is visually represented, you get to view the details clearly. So, you can spot errors easily and faster. If it is a statistical representation, you can detect it while mathematical calculations as well. Thus you can effectively see errors and your work becomes more or less flawless.

5. Understanding relations

Data visualization helps the user to understand relations between variables. In the methods of visualization, the data establishes a connection with each other. So, you can easily understand the relationship between each.

6. Reduces confusion

You can avoid confusion in data input. This is because there is less chances of overlapping or duplication of data in graphs and charts.

Data visualization can be used for market research, social research and customer feedback. In market research you can view statistical data of the business as well as the competitors. You can evaluate the positive and negative responses of the customers as well. Charts, maps and graphs are generally used in all these cases.

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