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Searching for Photoshop alternatives?

Photoshop is a graphic designing software and is a part of Adobe. It is especially for editing and enhancing images. While editing a picture, several different types of tools should be available. The common tools for editing pictures are : shapes, zoom, color, contrast, and hundreds of others.

The benefits or features that Photoshop has to offer are:

  1. Shape tools that help the user to add shapes to the image.
  2. Retouching tools to correct any minor faults or unwanted elements in the picture.
  3. Slice and crop help to separate a part of the picture.
  4. Selecting tools selects and edits a part of the picture.
  5. Also lets the user add 3D effects on objects.
  6. Add text option to incorporate a text on the image as well.
    There are many other features as well that make Adobe Photoshop a wholesome photo editing software for professional purposes as well as for fun.

Top 10 Photoshop alternatives

People may want to opt for other options rather than Photoshop for many reasons. Some of the best Photoshop alternatives are given here.

Photoshop Alternative #1: Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo boasts of its extensive collection of tools for editing images. With this photoshop alternative user gets the experience of making minor changes as well as major and complex changes efficiently.
• A picture gets larger when you edit it heavily and also larger images mean better quality. Affinity Photo supports large pictures with high quality around 100MP.
• Retouching tools are quite efficient. Smoothen or remove blemishes with these tools.
• Adding filters does not worsen the quality. Be it a single filter or layers of filter, the picture quality remains just fine.
• Get a wide collection of brushes to draw anyway you want. There is also an option to customize brushes as you please.
• You can merge different pictures as well taken in different places. Merging them almost makes them look natural.
• Affinity Photo is compatible with devices like Windows, IPad, and Mac.
Price: It costs $19.99 for IPad and $49.99 for Mac and Windows.

Photoshop Alternative #2: Photopea

Photopea is quite similar to Adobe Photoshop. So, it can be a great Photoshop alternative. The unique design of the software helps the user to create and edit masterpieces of an image on a regular basis.
• Compatible with many types of file formats like Jpeg, jpg, Raw, PSD, and PNG. It can also work with pictures already with edits from other software.
• You get different courses on the working of each tool which effectively guides you through using it to get the best out of them.
• The best part of using Photopea is that it is completely free to use which can attract many users.
• It can work with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera browsers to make it easier for the user to access anywhere.
• Layering on images and masks are tools that help picture corrections. Apart from these, you get text layers as well.
Price: It is absolutely free to use with ads. You can upgrade it for $5 per user per month.

Photoshop Alternatives #3: Procreate

Procreate is an image editor solely for Ios users. Though it may lack some of the more advanced tools, it can be categorized under the best Photoshop alternatives as many prefer it.
• You get a good collection of brushes and pencils with Procreate. Brushes of any style or any width are available for use.
• Colour history and colour harmony are a great help to artists. Colour harmony helps you to choose colours that complement the gradient.
• Pens and brushes make changes and edit very fast and smoothly.
• Get many font styles and control them on your own. You can add texts to the images with any style that you feel goes best.
• Blur effects and focus effects are pretty smooth to control with just little strokes.
• It is also a more affordable option amongst image editing applications.
Price: You get it exclusively on App store and the price is $9.99 for each user.

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Photoshop Alternatives #4: Paint.Net

Paint.Net was like a replacement to the Microsoft Paint that comes with Windows. But it is actually an ideal Photoshop alternative for its effective set of tools. It is a package of every tool that you may need.
• There is a community of Paint.Net users through which every user can interact. He can also get solutions for any doubts or problems with its usage.
• A feature that makes it handy is that it allows working with multiple files. In a single window, you can switch between any document with just a click to manage both simultaneously.
• Selection tools such as lasso tool, rectangle, and magic wand help the user to select any part or any shape. By these selection tools, you can decide to edit or cut out any part.
• The tools that you use recently are present in the history tab. This is helpful when you need to make quick changes with the tools you generally use.
• It supports loads of formats like jpg, DDS, GIF, BMP, and many more.
Price: Works in Windows only and is absolutely free.

Photoshop Alternatives #5: Pixlr X

Pixlr X is very popular among many people who edit professionally as well as for a hobby. This is because of its availability on any platform. With availability, this photoshop alternatives also has to offer all basic editing tools.
• You can use Pixlr X on any device, be it Linux, Windows, iPad as well. This increases the reach among users.
• It works on a web browser and works with any browser. So you do not need to install additional sources.
• Pixlr, just like Photopea is free for everyone. Thus you get extraordinary and effective tools without subscribing.
• You can get all features that photo editors have. These are cropping, blurring, whitening, rotating, smoothening, selection, effects, colors, and contrast.
• An additional feature that Pixlr offers is Autofix tool. If you overdo the editing, you can autocorrect it to adjust the edits as well.
Price: There is a free version but for better features, there’s a minimal cost. $2 for a month and $15 if taken yearly.

Photoshop Alternative #6: Sketch

As the name of the software suggests, it is best in sketches and edits on images. It is very much suitable for professional use. Though it for Mac users only, still is one of the best Photoshop alternatives.
• Powerful integrations and plug-ins are available that can help you to work with numerous other files. Get better images and edits by integrating with other software.
• Sharing ideas and sending edits to others is also easier. Share your work with your friends or clients in Sketch. Thus it creates a hub for businesses.
• Smart guides actually guide you with the editing process. The distance between objects can be adjusted by Smart guides easily.
• Inserting grids is as easy as inserting tables in a document. Just input the rows and columns and width to get perfect grids.
• You can use design templates to create new pictures as well. This is if you do not want to start from scratch.
Price: Along with a free trial period, you can subscribe to $99 annually.

Photoshop Alternative #7: GIMP

GIMP is the short form for the GNU Image Manipulation Program. This photoshop alternative is an excellent option to edit an image any way you want to. It is one of the more affordable Photoshop alternatives. Paint as well as exceptional editing materials are available for use readily.
• Photoshop and GIMP has more or less similar benefits and features. Edits of pictures with lighting and precise focus on the pixels is an important feature.
• It is compatible with any computer language like Python, C, C++, and Scheme. Thus you can program your creations in any way with plug-ins.
• GIMP is also widely accessible in any operating system such as Linux, Windows, and more.
• It also has the ideal tools that can help the user in graphic designing. Bring life to pictures by editing or creating with top-notch tools from GIMP.
• Selection of colours can be in many ways. Either from the colour palette or from colour dropper from the image are the different methods.
Price: Its features and usage are absolutely free.

Photoshop Alternative #8: Rebelle

Switch to using Rebelle if you want to create images like paintings of real life. Digitally create such masterpieces without having to paint it physically.
• It provides a similar experience to what you see painted in real life. The designs are such that it looks like created on a canvas.
• You can also make the brush that you prefer or need. Even if you cannot find your type of brush in the toolset, customize one on your own.
• Mix your colours to get the perfect hue that you might want to add in physical drawings. Change colours from opaque to semi-opaque for the proper mixture.
• The blow tool helps in the natural flow of watercolour in the software. You can create attractive designs with the tool.
• Use rulers and draw lines to create the same effect that can be seen in the freehand drawing of lines.
Price: You get only a single plan for annual use that is $90.

Photoshop Alternatives #9: Pixelmator Pro

Pixelmator Pro is basically is an image editing application for Mac users only. Since it is exclusively for Mac, it can incorporate tools and features that work very efficiently with Mac. Thus, this photoshop alternative gives us the best performance.
• Pixelmator Pro has more advancements in tools and management than the previous Pixelmator.
• It uses good tools that do not destroy the picture quality. Even if you use filters and heavy edits, the picture retains almost the original quality.
• With this photo editor, you can apply split-screen while working with another software. You can also open more tabs.
• Focus greatly on details. Remove even the tiniest bit of objects that you do not desire on the photo. Create a clean and aesthetically pleasing picture.
• You get to use shapes that are already available. There is almost no shape that you would not get in the tool section.
Price: It costs $39.99 for a subscription and has no free version.

Photoshop Alternative #10: Photoworks

Photoworks is a software that is only available for Windows operating system. This photoshop alternative is well compatible with how Windows works and is an expert in designing. Edits are of professional quality and with high precision.
• The interface is easy to handle, so it is suitable for people who are new to editing. So, without a doubt, it is a piece of cake for professionals.
• Face recognition is a very important feature for photo editing. This can help you put specific effects or filters on faces as well. It can also distinguish a face from the background.
• Get an uncountable number of tutorial guides to teach you the use of each and every tool.
• Precisely fix up wrinkles, freckles and make any correction on human faces with Photoworks tools.
• With simple brush strokes and drags, you can change any colour and hue of the photo. Experimenting with contrasts of colours become easier.
Price: Choose from many plans that start from $19.25 and the most expensive being $29.20.


Different photo editing software work and are compatible with different operating systems. Some can work on all systems while some on selective ones. But each one of these tools do a great job as Photoshop alternatives. Now, it mainly depends on the person editing which he finds easy to work with. There can be many more editing applications that can do a job as good as well.

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