Make Form with Fynzo: New and attractive style

Fynzo provides loads of exciting features that give you a great advantage. Many businesses opt for form with Fynzo because of the easy to handle interface and quick support services.

  1. Use jump logic.
  2. Readymade templates.
  3. Build forms from scratch.
  4. Design them according to what you desire.
  5. Make them creative with pictures and videos.
  6. Establish effective interaction between you and your customers or audience.

If you are a person interested in knowing the future of customer experience then, be ready to get your mind blown away.
Creating completely new surveys and forms from scratch can be very easy. You just simply need to follow some basic procedures and you get yourself an attractive questionnaire.

1. Create a new survey form with Fynzo

Once you sign in to your account in Fynzo, you get directed to the dashboard. The dashboard displays your works and all the forms that you are going to create. From there you can find a “+” sign at the bottom. You click there to get options on whether you want to make a new form or browse templates. Since we are aiming to create a new form here, we select “New survey”.

form with Fynzo

2. Title of the form with Fynzo and its type

The next step is the input of the title of the form which you do not want to keep blank. Think of a good and attractive name for the survey. Then you can find that the page gives you two options for the type of survey. One is the conversational type where the respondent gets to see only one question at a time. The other one is the Classic type where the respondent can view all the questions together just like a sheet of questionnaire.

3. Logo of the company

After choosing classic or conversational, it directs you to where you can create and make changes in your form. This is the page where you can edit every part of your form. So, at the top of the screen, you can find an option to add a logo. Adding a logo gives a professional touch to your form. The impact of Covid 19 has been massive all over the world and small businesses have had a huge impact

4. Type of questions

For the next step, you need to write your survey question and select what type of questions you want to put. Select the plus sign at the bottom of the screen. The options are multiple choice, smiley, yes or no, file upload or NPS. There are many more such options to choose from as well.

5. Compulsory or not

Then you can also get the option to choose whether the question is mandatory to fill or not. If it is then turn on the required option.

6. Use jump logic in form with Fynzo

After making the question you can give your answer and insert jump logic if you need to. If you use jump logic, you will get branched questions from its next question.

form with Fynzo

7. Finish up with creating the other questions by following the previous steps as well.

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8. Other changes

You can also create other changes like adding a background to the questionnaire. You can rearrange the order of the questions as well. All this can be done from the four square box options on the top right corner.

9. Ending the questionnaire and sending it out

By using all of the features that Fynzo provides, it is most likely that satisfies you and your audience. After you are through with the necessary changes, you can share the survey by clicking on the plane option at the top. There you get options as to how you want to send it. Whether you want to scan the QR code or send the link via WhatsApp, Facebook, and other platforms.

form with Fynzo


With only a few simple and easy steps you can create a new survey without pre-designed templates. You will face no trouble while you start with the process and the guides are always there to help you. With Fynzo you get the perfect structure for a form that you want. If you want to increase sales from surveys then the solution is right here.

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