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4 Best Lead Nurturing Techniques and Advantages

Developing new leads is essential to the success of any organization. The internet economy has become more competitive as a result of technological improvements, and consumer purchasing habits have evolved over time. And these are just a few of the arguments supporting the value of lead nurturing. 

Over 90% of leads are ignored, and often just a tiny portion of the overall number of leads becomes your client.

Even if you put a lot of time, money, and resources into generating leads, if you don’t follow up with them, you’ll lose them as soon as they come in. Because of this, just generating leads is no longer sufficient; only a lead nurturing plan will move them down a sales funnel.

This article discusses the best lead nurturing strategies that can dramatically increase your conversion rates. But first, let’s define lead nurturing before we discuss techniques.

What exactly is lead nurturing?

Lead nurturing involves interacting with your target market by giving them useful information, meeting their wants, and making them feel good as you move them through a sales funnel.

Over 50% of the system’s leads are often not ready to make a purchase. Through the use of lead nurturing efforts, you can improve prospect engagement at each level of the sales process and turn them into paying clients. We must be there at every stage of the route to give any assistance that may be needed. We cannot just force them to purchase anything. 

Only 36% of marketing professionals nurture their leads, despite it being one of the most crucial steps in the process. This is due to the fact that the majority of businesses utterly ignore and stop communicating with their subscribers once they subscribe.

You will increase conversion rates, develop connections, and gain the leads’ confidence if you use lead nurturing tactics. Using lead nurturing has many more advantages; continue reading to learn more about them.

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The advantages of lead nurturing

1. Lead nurturing efforts may be timed

Unlike random email distribution, lead nurturing programs are often timed. In order to demonstrate to the prospect that you’re interested in building a connection with them, you must promptly reply to lead nurturing initiatives.

2. Lead nurturing campaigns may be automated

By doing so, you’ll not only save time by no longer having to monitor prospects by hand, but you’ll also be fast and consistent every time. Additionally, you get a thorough report that you may utilize to help them develop.

3. Establish a long-lasting connection

The primary goal of lead nurturing is to establish a trusting relationship with them so they will return to buy your goods or services in the future.

4. Curate content

By understanding their problems, you can then provide them with the remedies offered by your goods or services. You can also provide them with pertinent and tailored information in order to persuade them to take the required action.

5. Saving money

It is one of the major benefits of lead nurturing since it is more economical than sending out direct emails. It is less expensive since once you automate it, no human resources are needed to work on it.

6. Improve your click-through rates

According to several studies, lead nurturing strategies continuously enhance CTR because they weed out prospects who are hesitant to transact business and focus on leads who are most likely to do so.

7. Find chances for upselling or cross-selling

Lead nurturing will enable you to raise the value of sales in addition to the quantity. This is due to the fact that lead nurturing increases your clients’ and customers’ knowledge of the services your business provides.

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Best Lead Nurturing Techniques

1. Use a variety of marketing channels

Customers prefer to investigate any goods or services they could be interested in today’s technologically linked world. 

In fact, it’s estimated that over 90% of your consumers use search engines, social media platforms, and independent review sites to learn more about the things they are interested in. Because nurturing leads just via email is no longer sufficient, lead nurturing must be multichannel.

You must automate your emails, provide dynamic content, use sponsored retargeting, and do direct sales outreach if you want to nurture leads across multiple channels. Therefore, if you want to be a tech-savvy marketer, be sure to use social media, produce YouTube videos about your goods, produce podcasts, write blogs, schedule events, and host webinars.

By doing this, you’ll be able to connect with and establish a connection with the new audience. You should provide a wealth of information to your target audience through whatever channel they use and point them in the direction of your sales funnel. 

Your ability to retarget leads and attempt to upsell them on your current items will be aided by your presence across a variety of channels.

2. Engage in real-time conversation with chatbots

The majority of marketers today employ chatbots as one of their most productive and crucial sales tools. This is due to the fact that it enables real-time interaction with your lead! When a lead visits your website, chatbots are quick to interact with them and may also assist them in finding what they are searching for.

Since chatbots are AI-enabled, they have the added benefit of allowing you to qualify leads and reduce the sales cycle. This capability is available for free usage on chatbot platforms like Chatfuel, ManyChat, and Drift. The chatbots will do all the heavy work for you if your clients have any questions about your items.

Since timing is crucial at the start of the buyer’s journey, you will be delivering the appropriate message at the appropriate moment. As a result, chatbots have developed into a crucial component of inbound lead nurturing as a result of these factors.

3. Offer targeted content to leads

When it comes to nurturing leads, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. The target audience may have different needs, wants, problems, and motivators. 

As a result, you must segment your audience, determine the characteristics of each consumer, and provide them with content that is relevant to their needs. It seems sensible to start by selecting content based on characteristics like interests, objectives, goals, and marketing triggers.

Don’t neglect to address their concerns or provide solutions while providing them with information. How does your product or service resolve the problem that your audience is experiencing? Does it provide them with new chances, make them laugh, or save them time? Can our goods and services provide people with relief? 

You will be able to produce content that is more suitable for the target audience after you are aware of the answers to these questions.

4. Identify Lead Segments

Lead segmentation is the process of grouping prospects according to various criteria and data you have gathered into multiple clusters of groups. This method is mostly done so that you may identify certain prospects and concentrate more on turning them into paying clients. 

You can quickly produce customized content using this technique and get an understanding of the leads’ problems. Customers should be nourished in various ways since they have varied demands and you can only know what they want if you segment. 

Additionally, segmenting will help you deliver the correct message to the right kind of lead at the right time. You can also divide up your material into different categories so that each buyer journey only sees the information that applies to the stage of the sales funnel they are currently at. Your target audience will feel more valued as you provide more tailored content.

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Launching a well-thought-out lead nurturing campaign can increase sales and customer conversion rates while also allowing you to retarget prospects who still require persuasion. You must comprehend your target market and create a target persona using the information you have gathered.

Remember to use some of the lead nurturing tactics listed above to coordinate your sales and marketing teams and to track your leads as they progress through the sales funnel. 

Lead nurturing can help you fill in any gaps in your lead efforts, attract more attention, and boost conversions. Lead nurturing is not simple, but you can become better at it with time and effort for your campaigns.


1. What is the difference between lead nurturing and generation?

Finding new leads is the main goal of lead generation. Lead nurturing is the practice of establishing trusting bonds with certain consumers with the goal of converting them into devoted, paying clients.

2. Why do we need lead nurturing?

Lead nurturing may produce up to 50% more sales-ready prospects at a 33% reduced cost per lead when done correctly.

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