Top 5 Online Image Compression Tools for Image Optimization

Nowadays, image compression tools are an integral part of posting photos on your website. Images are required to be compressed effectively before you can post them with your blog, or on your website. So do you want to know more about which tools will help you with the same?

Firstly, why are these tools required?

Optimizing images before uploading them on your blog page or website will help the visitors on your page; load the content without much trouble. Did you know that on average, a viewer waits for only 3 seconds for an image to load, and swipes away to another post or site instead of waiting some more?

This is the disadvantage of posting high-quality images that take a lot of time to load. Also, remember that faster loading leads to better search engine rankings! So if you want your websites or posts to be on top according to search engine rankings, image compressors are a must.

Now if you want to search for an ideal image compressor tool, you will find many options available in the market. To make the task of finding one, easier for you, I have listed the top 5 online image compressors. The list isn’t long, so you will not have any problem selecting one of your likings. Read on.

Image Compression Tool #1 : Optimizilla

With Optimizilla online image compressor, users can optimize the required images according to the quality of their choice. This is one of the best options if you need to compress a huge image and control your quality loss at the same time.

Key features:

  • The instant preview feature allows users to compare both the original and the compressed image and set the desired level accordingly
  • Bulk compression and bulk upload is supported
  • Users can upload up to 20 images and so it is ideal for batch processing
  • Pictures can also be resized apart from being compressed

Image Compression Tool #2 : JPEG optimizer

JPEG optimizer online image compressor will allow users to compress and resize photos before posting. It has an extremely user-friendly interface with reliable compressor functions. However, it is seen only to work on JPEG files, as its name suggests.

Key features:

  • Resizing images lower the loading time even more. So this feature is quite helpful for  increasing search engine rankings
  • It allows users to select the optimization level of their choice with the Level Bar feature
  • Any photo can be compressed using it, but the quality will be lost up to 35%
  • It also features an EXIF reader’

Image Compression Tool #3 : ImageRecycle

ImageRecycle app helps in compressing your image without compromising on its quality. It is an effective image and pdf compressor tool which has a free trial up to a 100MB limit. They even have an offer for bloggers that if they can write about their services, they can get free access of a 3GB limit for image and pdf compression.

Key features:

  • It’s compatible with different file types including PNG, JPEG, PDF, and GIF
  • Easy to use drag and drop feature which enables users to drag an image from your desktop to the optimizer.
  • Free website analysis is available. It returns a report stating which images would have to be optimized for a better loading experience.
  • It has various extensions like Joomla, Magento, Shopify app, and even a WordPress plugin

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Image Compression Tool #4 : image compressor has an extremely modern and hence, advanced UI. It is free software but you cannot upload multiple photos at the same time, so you need to compress one photo at a time. Also, there is no manual mode which may be confusing and its file size is a maximum of 10MB.

Key features:

  • It supports different file formats including JPEG, PNG, GIF, and SVG.
  • Compressed images can be exported directly to Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Users can utilize any one of the 2 techniques for image compression including Lossless or Lossy
  • It can allow regulation of optimization levels of the images you are compressing

Image Compression Tool #5 :

Users can compress multiple files together with this online image compressor. is highly recommended and is quite popular among its users. The total file size however must not exceed 100MB for compression. Its free version allows compression of file size up to 32 MB and above that, the rate is $5/month.

Key features:

  • The interface is easy to use and it is a simple drag and drop one
  • It supports JPEG, PNG, and GIF file formats
  • Download all the files you compressed into a single zip file, in one click
  • 2 compressing modes- Lossless (not compromising picture quality) and Lossy (File size is reduced by 90% and the picture quality gets worse) are available

Using the above-mentioned image compression tools, your website performance improves by a whole new level. Your website or blog-site now works faster and has an improved SEO score. So these are the few apps that are known to be the best in the image compression field. Now it depends, which app will be ideal for you, based on your requirements.

If you require high-quality photos at a high definition the lossless feature has to be utilized. This makes your website more attractive to customers. But if it isn’t mandatory, and the loading speed should be fast, I would suggest you set your mode to Lossy. So utilize the different customization options available and climb up the SEO rankings table easily!

Now if you feel there are some other apps that should be on this list, do not hesitate to comment below. Let us know what your favorite image compression tools are.

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