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Brand Positioning 101: What are the best strategies?

What is Brand Positioning?

Brand positioning is simply a space that is unique in the mind of customers for your brand and products or services. It is strategized by the organizations in such a way that their positioning in the mind of customers is in a certain manner associated with their emotions or traits or any kind of sentiment. By creating a space or positioning, marketers tend to create a bond between customers and the business organization. 

Brand positioning does not necessarily mean that customers will always remember your brand or product. Rather this creates an impact that your brand and product will subconsciously be fitted in your customers’ minds. This means that a customer will either tend to remember the name of your brand by coming across a product offered by you or they will remember the product your business offers by coming across your brand name.

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Brand Positioning Strategies

Creating an impactful image in the mind of customers is the ultimate goal for any marketing team or organization. There are many different strategies used by marketers to try and create an impactful brand position for their product or service. Let’s look at some of the widely used brand positioning strategies-

Customer service brand positioning strategy

In this type of strategy marketers try to create a brand image based on their customer support system. This means that they try to differentiate their brand from that of the others based on the after-purchase service they provide to their customers.

Convenience-based brand positioning strategy

In this type of strategy marketers try to create a brand image based on the level of convenience with which a customer can use their product or service. The convenience need not necessarily be in terms of the ease of using the product but it can be anything like wider accessibility, location, and many other factors which can make the product convenient for the customers in any manner.

Price-based brand positioning strategy

In this type of strategy marketers try to create a brand image that presents the product or service most economical in the market. This strategy is risky to use and comes with many drawbacks one of which is that it leads to a price war among different brands of the same genre.

Quality-based brand positioning strategy

In this type of strategy marketers differentiate the product based on its quality and try to create brand positioning based on product quality. The products of such brands often tend to be of premium price pertaining to the general assumption that the quality of the product or service is directly proportional to that of its price.

Social media brand positioning strategy

This type of strategy is a newly emerging strategy and is extremely unique as compared to the other brand positioning strategies. In this type of strategy, the emphasis is put on channels of brand positioning rather than a stand-alone tactic.

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Characteristics of a good brand positioning strategy

All businesses and marketing teams aim to position their brand in the market in the most effective manner. But with so many businesses, not all are able to achieve this objective. Let’s look at some of the characteristics that are persistent in good brand positioning strategies and market your brand in the most effective way.

  • A good strategy gives a clear picture of the brand in the mind of the customers. For instance, promoting a coffee brand portraying an image of coffee taste and aroma gives a very clear picture of your brand in customers’ minds. 
  • It should be designed in such a manner that is unique and does not contrast with any other brand or replicate the positioning of any old brand. 
  • The message sent with brand positioning should be deliverable. This means that the product should be as worthy as it has been portrayed while promoting the brand. 
  • Good brand positioning is done by looking at the product and brand from a customer’s point of view as they remain the ultimate judge for your product and this will not be considered successful if it is not accepted by the customers. 
  • It should be able to indicate the difference between your product and that of the other existing brands and their products. 
  • It should be able to make the brand and product look desirable in the eyes of the customers. 
  • It does not necessarily need to be complicated, rather it should be kept simple and understandable by customers across all languages.

Importance of Brand Positioning

You can think that we can simply promote and market the product. Then why bother so much time and effort on brand positioning? You might think of it as an unnecessary hassle. And if you think in that way then you might be causing huge damage to your business as brand positioning is a very critical thing to be taken care of in order to build a successful business empire. Let’s look at some of the reasons why this is important to a business:

  • With so many brands and products with their marketing and sales messages traveling across all audiences, it will be almost impossible to stand out from them in the eyes of customers. However, with brand positioning, you can break and stand out from the rest of the brands and products. 
  • It often leads to creating a connection with customers and it amplifies your brand story and its messages. 
  • It is not just about sales and marketing but is a step further from them which helps in making your sales and marketing designs more creative. 
  • Brand positioning markets your products in such a manner that it generates value for your products which can turn out to be long-lasting for your business and its brand. 
  • Having a good brand positioning can increase your sales and people with so many options do not want to spend time choosing which one is the best. Having a good positioning can present your brand as the first option to buy in their minds.

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Now that you know all about brand positioning, you are ready to go ahead and start planning and rolling out your own brand positioning strategies. Just remember that this is a long-term procedure and you should not get demotivated if at the beginning your brand positioning strategies do not seem to work out. Know that customers need to buy and use your product before developing a mindset about your brand and product. 

You got it all covered. Just have some patience, consistency, coordination, and loads of content.


What are the C's of positioning?

There are three C’s of positioning, namely, customer, channel, and competition.

What is an example of brand positioning?

Tesla, Apple, and Starbucks are a few famous examples of successful brand positioning.

What are the levels of brand positioning?

Brand positioning can be divided into three main levels – positioning the brand and product, creating differentiation from the rest of the products in the market, and segmentation.

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