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The travel and hospitality industry is an extremely fast-growing industry and to survive in this fast-paced world new technology like surveys is one of the best options. Knowing your customers and guests better, along with getting to understand their preferences is important to ensure customer satisfaction. Fynzo provides you a wide variety of customer satisfaction surveys packed with interesting new elements that let you in on everything that is required to ensure that your customers keep coming back. Taking into account the extensive competition in these industries, it is important to stay one step ahead and surveys are a sure shot way to improve your business through the opinions you receive from your clients.


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What are the benefits of using these surveys?

Using surveys in tourism and hospitality industries helps you get an insight into the key growth factors which indicate the changing need of customers. Through this, you will be able to channel the entire process to ensure the proper growth of your business. Online surveys are a quick and efficient method of getting to know what your customers think about your company. This data will help you to make sure that you are providing the best experience possible to them.


Immediate damage control

At times you may slip, and making mistakes is common but you need to ensure your customers realize that you are working on the issues efficiently taking up minimal time. Survey tools that aid real-time interventions can be used for immediate damage control to keep your reputation intact.


Travel tour evaluations

Sometimes simple things like day tours or a trip to the safari, park or museum are areas which go unnoticed while sending out surveys. To be one step ahead of your competitors it is important to ensure you provide the best experiences for your customers. After finishing a day tour send out surveys that your clients can fill whenever they are free and ask them how they enjoyed their tour. Ask them whether the guides were friendly enough and whether they were provided sufficient time to check out the areas they had aimed to visit. In the end, ask them whether they will be recommending this tour to their families and friends and get to know your NPS.


Tourist experiences

When you are running a tourist attraction you would want to ensure that people keep coming back to this travel spot. To ensure that you can provide your visitors with an enjoyable experience, you can send out survey forms after their visit via email. Ask them what are the reasons for which they would love to visit again and what changes can be made to better their experience. Choose from the multiple templates provided on our Fynzo app and personalize your survey according to your type of establishment.


Travel agency feedback

People mostly take the help of travel agencies to minimize their work of travel planning, booking flights, tours, etc. Ask your clients whether they felt that you were able to help them sufficiently and whether taking your help really rid them of their travel planning stress. Ask them whether they prefer using your services on the phone, online, or in-person to tailor your services according to their preferences.


Attracting customers by delivering offers along with your surveys

By attaching several offers depending on the target audience you can encourage them to fill out your survey and give their feedback. When you are providing rewards you are ensuring that your customers come back again. Give them a time limit among which they can avail the offer and so it will ensure that you are building a loyal customer base. They will start counting on you for the amazing range of services you offer.


Provide surveys after your customer visits your pool, spa, or gym

If you are running a hotel, you need to make sure that every area contributes to the pleasant experience of your customers. For this, apart from taking an overall customer satisfaction survey, you can provide them an option for filling out surveys after they attend the spa, pool, gym, etc of your hotel. You can attain this feedback and resolve your customer's complaints by improving your services.


Value for money

Hospitality and travel industries are faced with huge competition and remember that your customers will only keep coming back if they find your services up to the mark. Often it is seen that clients tend to cut back their visits when they can find a place offering similar or better services at a lesser cost. Hence you need to keep taking surveys at frequent intervals to keep your customers interested in your company. Try asking whether they feel that your services are worth the money they are spending and improve your strategy according to their preferences.


Hence from the above purposes which can be served with the help of a survey, it has become clear that surveys play a central role in ensuring the improvement of these industries. Using Fynzo's survey app you can browse through a multitude of survey templates and select the one which best fits your needs. You can also personalize your surveys and make sure that you ask the correct questions and provide relevant offers to your existing and potential customers. Stay competitive by using Fynzo’s survey software and keep attracting customers by ensuring that you are providing amazing service at an affordable price!

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    I am quite impressed with Fynzo's commendable support services. Fynzo's best feature is that the products are easy-to-use which makes survey creation easier. I would like to say well-done to the Fynzo team.
    Kaahwa Abel
    Africa Agree Business Service Limited
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    I really enjoy this application and the dashboard. Even the free version of it gives you so much. It's really helpful for all, especially if you're a small startup wanting to receive feedback from your customers and users.
    Arvind Kumar
    CEO & Founder - TrendyDice
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    We really enjoy Fynzo Feedback Application. It is helping me understand the clients pulse faster and provide better services to my clients. We are really happy with the app and customer support of Fynzo.
    Durgarao G
    Manager - Anytime Fitness