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The most indispensable tools for event planning are online event surveys which help us decipher the needs and expectations of our audience. By sending out surveys to the attendees, we can determine the topics, venues, speakers, dates, etc. which appeal to the majority of our audience. Pre-event surveys mostly deal with this but the post-event surveys are feedback surveys sent to the people who attended the event for gaining insights on what changes can be made to make their experience better. To provide a successful and fulfilling attendee-experience, we need to have the proper data for backing us up. Keep collecting crucial data about your guests by sending out surveys pre or post an event and improve the overall attendee-experience.


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What are the benefits of using these surveys?

Surveys basically take out the stress involved in event planning. You can easily obtain the information you need about the people who will be coming and arrange the event accordingly. You can collect their expectation and experience of the event, before and after they attend it and make each occasion better than the last.


Send your pre-event survey sooner and your post-event survey within a few days of the completion of the event

It is often observed that the event planning surveys fail because they are sent at the last moment to the potential attendees. This does not leave enough time for the main planning of the event. People may be busy for a few days before the event and they may not even check your survey. This can be avoided by sending them out when there is sufficient time in hand to make changes to your event according to the convenience of your attendees and also by giving them sufficient time to answer. For post-event surveys, it is necessary to send it within a few days of the completion of the event. As time passes, the details start getting hazy in the minds of the audience. You cannot attain accurate data from them if you let too much time pass by after the event. So it is better to receive their responses while the event is fresh on their minds.


Make your guests comfortable

Using Fynzo’s survey software you can send out anonymous surveys for obtaining more accurate data from the people who attended your event. Your guests can be asked to provide basic details like contact information. But you need to avoid asking for more sensitive information to make your guests more comfortable. Mention that the surveys you have sent out are anonymous and strictly confidential. Only when they are comfortable, they will be willing to praise (or criticize) your event in an honest manner.


Customize your events

Be specific in different contexts about which you want the opinions of your target audience. It is often noticed that some events end up failing because it centers on you or your organization. You need to ask your guests exactly what they want to gain from this event and verify primary details like the time, venue, date, type of food, for making the event more attendee-centric. After attending the event ask for feedback in a specific format. For example, you need to ask about specific performances instead of generalizing it under entertainment. This will help you obtain data more conveniently.


Ask the opinions of your employees

The success of your event ultimately depends on the performance of your staff. Hence it is important to ask about their opinions and outlook of the event which was organized. Send out event planning and feedback surveys to your employees as well and know about their views on the aspects which can be modified to make the experience even richer than the last one. Have them engaged in the occasion immensely through stages of conferences and events. By having them involved you will be gaining many perspectives about the merits and demerits of your event. This will help you improve and make the necessary changes.


The above guidelines can be followed for making your survey experience greater and more beneficial for event planning. For hosting an enjoyable and attendee- centric event, you need to receive the right data which will be backing you up. Hence Fynzo's surveys, which will help to analyze the needs and expectations of your audience, are the solution to this problem. Choose from the wide range of templates available on Fynzo’s app or personalize your survey according to your needs. Set a goal for your Fynzo survey, keep rating scale questions, and put your survey to test for the ideal survey experience. Fynzo's online surveys for event planning will help you to collect opinions and suggestions pre-event, at the event in progress, and post-event as well, all in a fast, affordable, and effective manner.

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