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Fynzo online survey builder lets you create surveys with just a few easy steps and for free. Creating surveys has been made easier with more than 500 templates to choose from.

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Exclusive features of the online survey builder

Enhance your survey building experience with Fynzo Survey's unique offerings.

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Choose from multiple templates

Fynzo online survey builder offers numerous readymade survey templates to choose from adhering to your requirements.

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Accessible on all devices

Fynzo survey builder can be accessed on iOS, Android supporting devices. You do not have to face inaccessibility problems while taking surveys.

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Offline data collection

It lets you collect data offline. The surveys can be filled offline and it gets uploaded whenever the user comes online.

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Help and assistance

Assistance is provided regarding any problem round the clock every day of the week. You can carry out your work with ease.


Sharing surveys made easy

Now you can share surveys in any social media or you can send the survey link through email.

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Extensive report analysis

It helps you get accurate data and makes analysis easier. You can also share the reports with others through mail.

Some steps to follow to make precise and effective surveys

These tricks will help you make a survey that prove to be effective and help you yield desirable results.

To get a hands on experience of the hassle free online survey builder, sign up for free and try out the array of features provided by Fynzo.

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  • build-online-surveys-free-testimonial
    I am quite impressed with Fynzo's commendable support services. Fynzo's best feature is that the products are easy-to-use which makes survey creation easier. I would like to say well-done to the Fynzo team.
    Kaahwa Abel
    Africa Agree Business Service Limited
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    I really enjoy this application and the dashboard. Even the free version of it gives you so much. It's really helpful for all, especially if you're a small startup wanting to receive feedback from your customers and users.
    Arvind Kumar
    CEO & Founder - TrendyDice
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    We really enjoy Fynzo Feedback Application. It is helping me understand the clients pulse faster and provide better services to my clients. We are really happy with the app and customer support of Fynzo.
    Durgarao G
    Manager - Anytime Fitness