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6 Best Survey Tools: Create Awesome Surveys For Free


One of the most impressive ways to ensure customer engagement and receive feedback from them is by sending out online surveys. These online surveys can be used in multiple ways and can help you find out the topics your customers want to read about:

  • Evaluate customer satisfaction
  • Receive feedback on products and services
  • Conduct market research
  • Use it for quizzes
  • And many more applications!

Varieties of survey builder apps are available which helps you create an online survey poll easily. Among these available options, you can choose between free and paid online survey tools. For light audience research, free survey builder apps are good to go!

We took a look at most of the online survey tools available, and came up with 6 favorites:

  • Google Forms
  • SoGoSurvey
  • Fynzo Survey
  • Survey Monkey
  • Zoho Survey
  • Typeform

Let’s find out more about these tools below:

Survey Tool #1 :Google forms

This free online survey creator, allows you to collect necessary information conveniently and efficiently in a matter of a few minutes. You can create free surveys with unlimited questions in Google forms. Some attractive features of this form builder application are:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Unlimited surveys
  • 100% free
  • Highly customizable survey forms
  • Skip logic and page branching
  • The option of adding images or videos
  • Survey responses are automatically captured by Google Spreadsheets
  • Add the custom logo of your brand
  • Add collaborators

Google forms is the only online survey app apart from SoGoSurvey to provide free skip logic! This is one of the most preferred survey creators.

Survey Tool #2 : SoGoSurvey

This form builder provides a wide range of functionalities and their users would not have to use any additional applications for survey related tasks. SoGoSurvey offers a platform not only for creating and launching your surveys but also helps to shape your queries so that they would be able to attract your target audience best.

  • Unlimited surveys
  • Intuitive interface
  • Multi-lingual availability
  • Skip logic and page branching
  • 24 unique question types
  • Comprehensive analytics
  • Protected information

The best part of SoGoSurvey is that even if you are a free user, you will receive 24/7 email customer service whenever you encounter a problem.

Survey Tool #3 : Fynzo Survey

ynzo offers smart survey software for helping companies to grow their businesses by creating free online surveys having unlimited questions. Their mobile cloud technologies including flagship surveys, feedback applications, and point of sale applications help companies evaluate their products and services more efficiently.
Some key benefits of Fynzo Surveys which make the task of creating surveys online- a lot easier are:

  • Offline data collection
  • Unlimited questions
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Advanced features for handling logic including validation, branching, and looping
  • 100% secure data with real-time notifications
  • The option of creating a survey link
  • Track and analyze real-time responses anytime, anywhere
  • CSV and XL data

The best part of this software is its offline data collection and the different varieties of survey templates available, suiting your company’s needs perfectly. You can create and send free surveys having unlimited questions with Fynzo’s survey software!

Survey Tool #4 : Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is easy to use, well designed and their surveys can be embedded. This online survey tool aids you to conduct in-depth survey research about a particular market, employee, or customer feedback.
Some primary features of the free version of this online survey software are:

  • 10 questions
  • 100 respondents
  • Theme customization for surveys
  • 15 question types
  • Available templates
    Its comprehensive features, general usability, and security are the main reasons for its popularity at present.

Survey Tool #5 : Zoho Survey:

This online form builder focuses on delivering your business’ basic survey requirements and needs. Its free version provides the following benefits:

  • Unlimited surveys
  • 150 responses
  • 15 survey questions

This survey app makes the survey creation and administration quite easy. It offers multilingual support and helpful integrations. Its standard price starts at $24 a month.

Survey Tool #6 : Typeform:

Typeform is extremely famous because of its innovative methods of survey creation. It provides an extremely creative medium and does away with typical “texts and blank boxes” that are expected to be in forms. The attractive and unique features offered by Typeform makes it easier for companies to catch the attention of their target audience.
Typeform’s CORE plan which is the free version of the software provides the following benefits:

  • Unlimited questions
  • Unlimited answers
  • Basic reporting
  • Data export
  • Custom designed themes
  • Multiple templates to choose from

With its free API and attractive designs, Typeform will surely be an attractive alternative for creating online survey forms. It is totally worth checking it out.

Moreover, all the survey tools mentioned above have their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore it is best to figure out what the primary goal of your company is and choose accordingly.
Do you have any favorite online form builder or survey app which was not mentioned above? If so, do comment below and let us know!

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