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Olivia Jones

22 Best Jotform Alternatives

Typeform competitor - Jotform

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Forms have always been an essential part of web form-based user interface design. However, as forms have evolved, so has how you created and submit them. Today, you have many more options for creating and embedding forms…

17 Best SurveyMonkey Alternatives

SurveyMonkey alternatives

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Are you a regular user of SurveyMonkey online survey platform? And are you searching for potential SurveyMonkey Alternatives? Surveys are everywhere, and whenever we think of setting up a company, we need people’s constant feedback to improve ourselves.…

What Is a Good Net Promoter Score?

good Net Promoter Score

It doesn’t matter how good you think your customer service and assistance are; what matters is how your consumers perceive it and how you can improve it for the better. To achieve all this, all you need is to measure…